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"We are a band of brothers, And native to the soil,
Fighting for the property we gained by honest toil;
And when our rights were threatened
the cry rose near and far:
Hurrah for the bonnie blue flag that bears a single star!"

"Hurrah! Hurrah! for Southern Rights hurrah! Hurrah! for the bonnie blue flag that bears a single star!"

---"The Bonnie Blue Flag" by Harry MaCarthy















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"Leake Rebels"
Company F — Leake County

The "Leake Rebels" of Leake County was organized at Carthage on March 3, 1862. Robert J. Hall was Captain, with an original enrollment of 95 officers and men.

Captain — Robert J. Hall
1st Lieutenant — John W. Sharkey
2nd Lieutenant — Jabez L. Drake
3rd Lieutenant — Frank L. Edwards


Agent, William J.
Alderman, Stephen J.
Allen, Andrew J. — 2nd Sergeant
Allen, B. V.
Allen, Jordan E. — 2nd Lieutenant
Allen, William
Andleton, John F.
Archey, A. L.
Archey, D. J.
Archey, Daniel T.
Archey, G. W.
Atkison, John L.
Atkison, H. W.

Bailey, David H.
Bailey, James — discharged
      by substitute (Thomas W. Bailey)
Bailey, Moses
Bailey, Thomas William
      (also listed as W. T./William T.)
      — substitute for James Bailey
Bain, Robert — Sergeant
Barker, William
Blacker (Blocker), John W.
Boon(e), G. M.
Boyd, J. R.
Boyd, W. J.

Cain, R. (or B.) M.
Campbell, Hiram
Carroll, James B.
Carroll, J. D.
Clemens (Clemmons), James L. — 4th Corporal
Cockcroft, E. Judson
Cooper, Otho Singleton — 2nd Sergeant
Cooper, Thomas Littleberry — Captain,          
      Commanding Regiment Dec. 1864
Cotton, William M.
Crabb, B. P. — Corporal
Crawford, David

Dabbs, Hiram P.
Dabbs, John S.
Dabbs, Thomas
Dabbs, W. B.
Dandy, L. M.
Daniel, John O.
Day, Nathaniel J.
Deason, Enoch
Dewey (Dooley), John R.
Dickson (Dixon), John H. — 3rd Sergeant
Dorsey, George H.
Dorsey, John A.
Douglass, Anderson
Dove, John
Draper, John H.

Edwards, William M.
Edwards, William Russell — 2nd Lieutenant
Eubanks, James Giles
Eubanks, William Bartlett

Falby (Falvey), Daniel Dewitt— Corporal
Frederick, Jefferson
Frederick, Pinkney

Gamble, Minor
Gordon, James G. — Sergeant
Groves, Joseph A. — 5th Sergeant
Groves, Press

Hammock, John W. [also listed in Co. G]
Handson, Absalom G.
Harrell (Harroll), E.
Harrell, James [James & John may be
      the same man]
Harrell, John [John & James may be
      the same man]
Harris, George M.
Harris, Joel
Harris, John
Hauson (Hanson), Hines H.
Hill, Fielding — 2nd Sergeant
Hocut, R. A.
Holden, Jonathan
Hollingsworth, George Washington
Hollis, J. J.
Holmes, D. H.
Horne, E. B.
Horne, William W.
Howell, Levi
Howell, Malakiah
Howell, Ransom
Howell, Solomon
James, William Anderson — 4th Sergeant
Jones, William — discharged
      by substitute (Allen S. Tucker)
Johnson, William
Jolley, J. I. — Corporal
Jordan, J. W.

Lockley (Lockler), F. M.
Lockley (Lockler), Wesley
Long, John H.
Lovorn, R. T.

Malone, Bailey
Masher, A. J.
Mask, James
Mayo, Hardy P.
McDuff, A. J.
McKay, Allen Cain
McKay, Jasper J.
McKay, Joseph E.
McPhail, John D.
McPherson, W. (Or H.) J.
Mooney, C. W.
Mooney, Rubin M.
Moore, Robert
Moore, Nathan
Morehead, E. B. — discharged
      by substitute ( David L. Swain)
Morrow, Eli
Murphy, M. A.

Newsom, William H. (or A.)

Owens, J. W.
Owten, Thomas

Paramore, Benjamin
Parish, Isaiah
Phillips, Benjamin F.
Phillips, F. R.
Presley, Andrew James

Renfroe, Thomas (C.?)
Reynolds, Hubert B.
Ricks, John R.
Rickles, Jeremiah A.
Riddle (Riddell), Isaac Anderson
Riddle (Riddell), J. H.
Riddle (Riddell), W. H.
Riley, H.
Roby, G. H.
Rogers, Richard J.
Russell, John P. (or T. or F.)
Russell, William R. — Corporal

Sanders, Charles Columbus
Sanders, Edgar Harris
Sanders, J. W.
Scott, J. W.
Scott, W. J.
Shearer, Frank
Shearer, William J.
Sikes, Jason
Slough, Robertson
Smith, R. Z.
Stephens, James Z.
Summers, Jesse
Summers, J. N.
Swain, David L. — substitute
      for E. B. Morehead

Terry, W. M.
Thomas, John P.
Thornton, Edwin J.
Treadwell, David — Sergeant
Triplett, George W.
Tucker, Allen S. — Corporal —
      substitute for Willis Jones
Tucker, Ellis
Tucker, William

Vaughn, T. B.

Wallace, E. G.
Walton, Charles H.
Watkins, M. P.
Watson, F. M.
Wells, Benjamin Isaac.
Wells, Green
Wells, J. M.
West, James D.
West, P. M.
White, James M.
Whitehead, J. E.
Williford, E. L.
Wooten, Marion
Wooten, Thomas J.

Word of caution: to those who might want to "lift" this roster to post on other web sites or publish in book form. This is personal research and a compilation of works and is not in the public domain, thus IT MAY BE COPYRIGHTED BY ME ... AND IT IS!

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Battle flag: Collection of the Old Capitol Museum of Mississippi History, Jackson, MS.

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