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Company A
Wilson, Daniel James - To his Grandsons, July 1911 - Re: his actions in the war plus photo of him

Company B

Company C
Breeden, R.C. - To: Mississippi Governor Pettus, 1862 - Re: petition for release
Summers, A.M. - To: Brookhaven, MS Newspaper, 1906 - Re: family members in war

Company D

Company E

Company F

Company G
Worthy, W.J. - To: wife, Sarah, 1863 - Re: general conditions plus photo of him

Company H

Company I
Cansler, Abel T. - From: wife, Nancy, 1863 - Re: general conditions at home and throughout Mississippi

Company K
Dunn, M.A. - To: wife, Stumpy, 1864 - Re: battle of Peachtree Creek, GA
Nielson, C. P. to Matthew Dunnís wife regarding his death
Jackson, Moses to his wife

Regimental Communications

Do you have a photo, biographical information, obituary, memoriam, anecdote or family story you would like to contribute about your 33rd Mississippi ancestor? Do you have any war letters (it doesn't matter if they do not contain any events about the war), diaries or journals --- what about letters or newspaper accounts after the war that detail events? Contact me with the details and I will post it here.

Be sure to include the following

  • name of your 33rd Mississippi ancestor and his company

  • your relationship to him

  • your full name (and also, indicate whether you want me to link your name to your e-mail address, so that you may be contacted by other readers)

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