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"We are a band of brothers, And native to the soil,
Fighting for the property we gained by honest toil;
And when our rights were threatened
the cry rose near and far:
Hurrah for the bonnie blue flag that bears a single star!"

"Hurrah! Hurrah! for Southern Rights hurrah! Hurrah! for the bonnie blue flag that bears a single star!"

---"The Bonnie Blue Flag" by Harry MaCarthy











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"Davis Guards"
Co. G - Choctaw County

The "Davis Guards" of Choctaw County was organized at Oakley on April 1, 1862. James M. Tinnon was Captain, with an original enrollment of 84 officers and men. (According to the "officer election affidavits," they were named the "Sons of Liberty" and assigned to the 31st Mississippi Regiment. Another source refers to them as "Jeff Davis Browns.")

Captain James M. Tinnon
1st Lieutenant John Harrod
2nd Lieutenant Samuel E. Parker
3rd Lieutenant Marshall J. Rose


Bailey, James T.
Banks, John R.
Bingham, John W.
Bingham, Thomas M.
Black, John E.
Bowen, James A.

Caffey, John P.
Callahan, William J.
Cannon, Robert C.
Carver (Carder), Mason (or Marion)
Childress, Alfred Thomas
Clemens (Clements), Jacob B.
Clemens (Clements), Jackson
Colvin, A. J.
Crouch, Toliver W.

Dishazo, John W. 3rd Sergeant
Dixon (Dickson), Hardin E. 3rd Sergeant
Dowdy, William B.
Duskins, Isaac G.

Easley, J. J.
Easley, M. 3rd Corporal
Elliott, Jasper
Elliott, Jeptha A.
Embry, Brittain E.
Evans, William J.

Fields, James A.
Frank, Felix G.
Frank, Samuel
Frazier (Freshour), George A.

Golding (Golden), Ira F.
Golding (Golden), John R. Jr.
Gregory, George M. exchanged
      (from Co. E 15th MS) for Robert F. O'Neal
Gregory, William B. exchanged
      (from Co. E 15th MS) for Andrew Richmond

Hammock, John W.
Hancock, Francis M. brigade butcher
Hannah, Samuel H.
Harrison, G. W. H.
Harrod, William L.
Hazelwood, David G. exchanged
      (to Co. E 15th MS) for William H. Ringer
Hazzard, John H.
Helms, William J.
High, John M. 4th Corporal
Hill, George W. 2nd Sergeant
Hill, Golding F.
Hill, James G.
Hill, James J.
Hill, Jesse G.
Hill, Lawson H. 1st Corporal
Hill, Thomas F. (transferred from
      Co. K 15th MS) brigade teamster
Holliman, William H.
Hughes, William P.

Jones, Patrick H.

King, Thomas J.

Lewis, George M.
Lewis, Thomas S.
Longshore, Cary

Macon, William W. substitute
      for Thomas C. Patterson
Martin, Benjamin F.
Martin, Thomas E.
McBeasley, A. (probably not a member)
McCrary, J. W. Lieutenant
McDonald, John
McGarrah (McGuire?), Leroy H.
McGuire, Byron
McGuire (might be McGiven), Paschal P.
      5th Sergeant
McGuire, Thomas A.
Middleton, William B.
Moore, Albert Woodard
Morman, James C.
Morman, William

Nash, James

Obannion, William C.
Oliver, George P. regimental teamster
O' Neal, Robert F. exchanged
      for George M. Gregory (Co. E 15th MS)
Owens, James H.

Patterson, Francis M.
Patterson, Thomas C. discharged
      by substitute (William W. Macon)
Perry, Andrew M.
Phelps, David F.
Phelps, William A.
Phillip(s), John W.
Pittman, Mather E. 1st Sergeant
Poe, Benjamin S.
Poe, Henry 1st Sergeant
Poe, John P.
Poe, William

Railey, John S.
Ransom, Joseph B. brigade teamster
Richards, William
Richmond, Andrew brigade teamster ---           
      discharged by substitute (William B. Gregory)
Ringer, William H. exchanged
      from Co E 15th MS for David Hazelwood
Roberts, Green B.
Rogers, Arthur Cunningham
Rogers, Obadiah L.

Shaw, John R. 2nd Corporal
Shumake (Shoemake), Jesse
Shumake (Shoemake), Robert C.
Slaughter, John
Smith, James
Smith, Jesse S.
Smith, Sterling R.
Stewart, James J. (or L.)
Strickland, Ferney G.
Sullivan, John J.
Sullivan, William P.
Synnott, Oliver Towles

Terrs (Teer), Alan
Tharp, John H.
Tharp, Riley N.
Towles, William R.

Walker, Andrew J.
Warsham (Worsham), John
Warsham (Worsham), Jonah (Josiah)
Warsham (Worsham), William
West, Andrew G. 2nd Lieutenant
West, Joseph P. 4th Sergeant
Wiggins, John Elijah
Williams, Nathaniel F.
Wilson, William J.
Wilson, Horatio G.
Wilson, Robert G.
Wood, Furney F.
Wood, James B.
Wood, Young M.
Worthy, Joseph James Corporal
Worthy, William Jefferson

Word of caution: to those who might want to "lift" this roster to post on other web sites or publish in book form. This is personal research and a compilation of works and is not in the public domain, thus IT MAY BE COPYRIGHTED BY ME ... AND IT IS!

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