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Are the NASA missions real?

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         Evidence on Apollo 11        

         Evidence on Apollo 12        

         Evidence on Apollo 14        

         Evidence on Apollo 15        

         New original finds on Apollo 15        

         Evidence on Apollo 16        

         Evidence on Apollo 17        

         New Evidence on Apollo 17        

         New original finds on Apollo 17        

         Videos on Apollo moon        

         Videos in Apollo space        

         Weird maneuvers of Apollo spaceships        

         The strange abort fix of Apollo 14        

         The strange descent of Apollo11        

         The strange descent of Apollo17        

         The weird ascent of the lunar module        

         Space navigation according to NASA        

         The strange adventure of Apollo11        

         The strange adventure of Apollo        

         The transmission delay        

         The strange sun of Apollo        

         Earth too small in Apollo's sky        

         Problems with the blue marble of Apollo 17        

         anomalies in the docking maneuver        

         The strange Lunar Rendezvous        

         Jodrell Bank confirms...the moon hoax        

         Mysteries of the LRO pictures        

         The improbable crash of the S-IVB of Apollo 16        

         The big comedy of Apollo 9        

         The weird anomalies of Apollo 11        

         Anomalies in Apollo 12 Anomalies        

         The big comedy of Apollo 13        

         Gems in the mission reports of Apollo        

         The weird crew equipment of Apollo        

         The fantasy lander of the lunar module        

         The so called moon rocks        

         The Apollo retroreflectors        

         The weird AGC        

         The weird interfaces of Apollo        

         The strange propulsion system of the lunar module        

         The special electrical power system of the lunar module        

         The strange explosive system of the lunar module        

         The weird ALSEP        

         The lunatic rover of Apollo        

         The strange television of Apollo        

         A very special progress report        

         The weird guidance program of the lunar module        

         The AGC could not be emulated        

         The improbable travel to the moon        

         Tales from the Apollo guidance computer        

         The myth of the Apollo Fly-By-Wire        

         Incoherent declarations of Apollo astronauts        

         Kennedy did it!        

         Apollo: How they did it        

         An insane moon landing procedure        

         Poor management of the Apollo project        


         There is no robot on Mars!        

         NASA did not visit Pluto!        

         The sequence of the moon passing before the earth is a fake