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A few of the best episodes:

The Doctor needs help
#1 - Shadow of the Hawke (Part 1 & 2)
In this two part premiere episode, Michael Archangel, project director for the CIA, enlists Vietnam Vet Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic Santini (best friend of Hawke's departed father who raised Hawke from his youth) to recover "Airwolf." Airwolf, a completely state-of-the-art helicopter that has become an effective tool in the Mid-Eastern struggle, is now in Khaddafi's hands in Libya. Hawke retrieves it by the end of the episode, though not without personal loss. He refuses to turn it over to the government, however, till he receives information about his brother who is missing in action in Vietnam
#3 - Daddy's Gone A Hunting
Stringfellow Hawke goes undercover as an exchange pilot to prevent an old friend from turning Airwolf over to the Russians, and prevents an act of treason as well as saves a friend from what could only be a fatal mission.
#6 - One Way Express
Hawke and Dominic are set up to take the fall in a robbery of gold bullion from a train -- they are hired as stunt men for a movie about a "great train robbery" that turns out to be real
#7 - Echos From The Past
Hawke awakens from heavy sedation to be told that Dominic is dead and that his long-lost brother has been rescued from Vietnam -- all of which turns out to be a ruse to uncover the location of Airwolf. The plot is foiled by the combined skills of Dominic and Archangel
#13, Sweet Britches
The premiere of the second season of Airwolf introduces a new series regular, the feisty helicopter pilot, Caitlin O' Shannessy, who is known as "Sweet Britches." During the course of the episode Hawke becomes hunted prey in an African Hunt Club reserve while in search of a friend who escaped from the county jail. The episode ends with Caitlin going in search of the elusive Hawke
#14, Firestorm
Hawke teams up with an alcoholic ex-flier with a fear of flying, after Dominic is injured, to prevent an extremist, ex-General from launching a personal nuclear missile towards Moscow and starting WW3
#15, Moffet's Ghost
The "ghost" in the title refers to the spirit of the brilliant yet disturbed Charles Moffet, the developer of Airwolf, which manifests itself after his death through a programmed timer that sets off attacks by Airwolf on any aircraft in its range. With a secret mission pending, Hawke and Santini must exorcise this ghost
#16, The Truth About Holly
Hawke helps Dominic rescue his niece Holly from the dangerous drug kingpin, Ed Aarons. However, Dominic later finds out that Holly is actually suffering from mental illness and needs to be hospitalized for her own safety. After a faulty landing during a dangerous stunt and then dodging missiles in mid-air, copter flyer Caitlin O'Shannessy acquires a well deserved spot on the Santini Air team
#17 - The Hunted
An offer Dominic can't refuse has the Santini Air team up in arms. While Dominic is considering the offer, Hawke and the others are busy uncovering the truth of the matter. Hawke's investigation discovers the true motive of the business men. They want to take over the Airwolf
#18 - Sins Of the Past
Home sweet home, isn't the case, when Dominic returns to the Virgin Islands, a place he once called home. Upon his arrival, Dominic learns of his daughter Lylah's murder and is taken into custody as a prime suspect. Despite specific orders from Archangel not to get involved, Hawke flys back to the island to help clear his friend's name and find the real murderer. After an extensive investigation, Hawke discovers the connection between Lylah's murder and the island's new casino facility. The murderer (casino owner) is brought to the forefront and exposed before the local people and authorities. Dominic is released from jail and once again there is sunshine in paradise
#19 - Fallen Angel
Airwolf flies abroad to free the Archangel from East Germany/KGB captivity. Early in the episode Hawke and Dominic once again survive a stunt crash, but this time Dominic isn't so lucky. Although Dominic is lying powerless in his hospital bed, he manages to support the rescue team by providing Hawke and Caitlin with the perfect rescue plan. Archangel is freed and everyone gets away safely

Episode titles

1  Shadow of the Hawke (part 1 of 2) original airdate: 1/22/1984
2  Shadow of the Hawke (part2) 1/22/1984      
3  Daddy's Gone a Hunt'n  1/28/1984    
4  Bite of the Jackal  2/4/1984    
5  Proof Through the Night  2/11/1984    
6  One Way Express  2/18/1984    
7  Echos From the Past  3/3/1984    
8  Fight Like a Dove  3/10/1984    
9  Mad Over Miami  3/24/1984   
10  And They Are Us  3/31/1984    
11  Mind of the Machine  4/7/1984    
12  To Snare a Wolf  4/14/1984  
13  Sweet Britches  9/22/1984    
14  Firestorm  9/29/1984    
15  Moffett's Ghost  10/6/1984    
16  The Truth About Holly  10/13/1984    
17  The Hunted  10/20/1984    
18  Sins of the Past  10/27/1984    
19  Fallen Angel  11/3/1984    
20  HX 1  11/10/1984    
21  Flight #093 Is Missing  11/17/1984    
22  Once a Hero  11/24/1984    
23  Random Target  12/8/1984    
24  Condemned  1/5/1985    
25  The American Dream  1/12/1985    
26  Inn at the End of the Road  1/26/1985    
27  Santini's Millions  2/2/1985   
28  Prisoner of Yesterday  2/9/1985    
29  Natural Born  2/23/1985    
30  Out of the Sky  3/2/1985    
31  Dambreakers  3/16/1985    
32  Severance Pay  3/23/1985    
33  Eruption  4/6/1985    
34  Short Walk to Freedom  4/13/1985    
35  The Horn of Plenty  9/28/1985    
36  Airwolf II  10/5/1985    
37  And a Child Shall Lead  10/12/1985    
38  Fortune Teller  10/19/1985    
39  Crossover  10/26/1985    
40  Kingdom Come  11/2/1985    
41  Eagles  11/9/1985    
42  Annie Oakley  11/16/1985    
43  Jennie  11/23/1985    
44  The Deadly Circle  11/30/1985    
45  Where Have All the Children Gone?  12/14/1985    
46  Half-Pint  12/21/1985    
47  Wildfire  1/11/1986    
48  Discovery  1/18/1986   
49  Day of Jeopardy  1/25/1986    
50  Little Wolf  2/1/1986    
51  Desperate Monday  2/8/1986    
52  Hawke's Run  2/15/1986    
53  Break-In at Santa Paula  2/22/1986    
54  The Girl Who Fell from the Sky  3/15/1986    
55  Tracks  3/22/1986   
56  Birds of Paradise  3/29/1986 (final ep on CBS, 3 seasons)   
57  Blackjack  1/23/1987 (1st ep of 4th season, on USA Network)   
58  Escape  1/30/1987    
59  A Town for Hire  2/6/1987    
60  Salvage  2/13/1987    
61  Windows  2/20/1987    
62  A Piece of Cake  2/27/1987    
63  Deathtrain  3/6/1987    
64  Code of Silence  3/13/1987    
65  Stavograd (1) (a.k.a. The Stavograd Incident, part 1)  3/20/1987    
66  Stavograd (2) (a.k.a. The Stavograd Incident, 2)  3/27/1987   
67  Mime Troupe  4/3/1987    
68  X-Virus  4/10/1987   
69  Rogue Warrior  4/24/1987    
70  Ground Zero  5/1/1987  
71  Flowers of the Mountains  5/8/1987    
72  The Key  5/15/1987    
73  On the Double  5/22/1987    
74  Storm Warning  5/29/1987    
75  The Golden One  7/3/1987    
76  The Puppet Master  7/10/1987    
77  Malduke  7/17/1987    
78  Poppy Chain  7/24/1987    
79  Flying Home  7/31/1987    
80  Welcome to Paradise  8/7/1987  
(note: after this episode, the cast was completely changed & series moved to USA Network)
Knightrider, on another network, did an episode facing off against a super-helicopter, 
and naturally won. The real Airwolf was later used by a Sheriff, and crashed in 1991
Airwolf series description
Most recent broadcasts on the SCIFI channel:
05/23/2007  AIRWOLF marathon:
           08:00 AM  THE HORN OF PLENTY    
           09:00 AM  AIRWOLF II    
           10:00 AM  AND A CHILD SHALL LEAD    
           11:00 AM  FORTUNE TELLER    
           12:00 PM  ANNIE OAKLEY    
           01:00 PM  JENNIE    
           02:00 PM  THE DEADLY CIRCLE    
           03:00 PM  WHERE HAVE ALL THE CHILDREN GONE?     
05/24/2007  AIRWOLF marathon:
           08:00 AM  HALF-PINT    
           09:00 AM  WILDFIRE    
           10:00 AM  DISCOVERY    
           11:00 AM  DAY OF JEOPARDY    
           12:00 PM  BREAK-IN AT SANTA PAULA    
           01:00 PM  GIRL WHO FELL FROM THE SKY    
           02:00 PM  TRACKS    
           03:00 PM  BIRDS OF PARADISE 
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