Bert I. Gordon presents

Empire Of The Ants by H.G. Wells

It sounds like a cheesy low-budget 1950s movie, but in fact, it’s a cheesy low-budget 1977 movie – written, produced and directed by Bert I. Gordon, who also takes credit for the special effects. In the original H.G. Wells story, army ants from Southeast Asia take over the continent in 1905, leaving the narrator feeling like the last man on earth.
In Bert I. Gordon’s version, a few giant mutant ants (from radioactive waste) take over a resort and shopping malls in Florida. People are powerless because the ants exude powerful pheromones that sap the necessary will-power to leave the theater and demand a refund.

The film ends with a hero holding his breath (the only defense against powerful mutant ant pheromones) and running toward a gasoline truck with a book of matches.
Joan Collins, Robert Lansing, John David Carson, Albert Salmi, Robert Pine (that’s two Star Trek guest stars, a co-star of CHiPs, and a James Bond villain). The movie poster shows Robert Pine on his back screaming in pain as a giant mutant ant bites his crotch.
87 minutes, rated PG. Most recently seen on AMC (American Movie Classics)
Not to be confused with “The Naked Jungle,” in which Charlton Heston on a remote jungle plantation fights thousands of killer ants. Heston also starred in The Omega Man a remake of “Last Man On Earth.”

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