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Bride Of Chucky (Child's Play 4)

"The murderous demon-doll from "Child's Play" is back in this lighthearted fourth film in the popular series and he's got an equally psychotic mate! Chucky and bride Tiffany hook up with a couple of unsuspecting teens out to elope, turning their road trip into a murder spree. Brad Dourif (David Lynch's "Dune", Wormtongue in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers) returns to provide the voice of Chucky, while Oscar-nominee Jennifer Tilly ("Bullets Over Broadway", "Stuart Little", "Bound") plays his living doll.
The cast includes John Ritter ("Stay Tuned", "Three's Company", and Stephen King's "It") and Roswell star Katherine Heigl."
Airs occasionally on the SYFY Channel or Starz #2 (Starz Edge)

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