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MARCH 18th, 2007

We officially have a family of 4!!! Today has been a long day of traveling from Hong Kong to Nanchang. We arrived at our hotel (which is just awesome, by the way!) around 1:30 PM. Unpacked, and then attended a 2 hour group meeting. The meeting ended at 5:00 and we were all supposed to come back at 5:30 to all receive our daughters.

As we left the meeting room, we started hearing some babies cry, and all the girls were already downstairs. We all ran up to our rooms to grab cameras, came back to the meeting room and we were about family #4 or #5 to receive our daughter.

Sneak peek of the babies!

13 families, anxiously
awaiting their babies!

And 3 becomes a family of 4!!!

A little bit about Carlie - she is every bit of at least 25 lbs... probably more!! Her nickname at the orphanage was RouRou. She has 4 teeth - 2 upper, 2 lower. She has a pretty bad rash on her face and some on her scalp. The orphanage has obviously been treating it because her hair is trimmed real close to her scalp where the rashy places are. We are going to have the MD look at her tomorrow and see what they think about it.

Roger and Carlie

First family picture!

We gave her a bath tonight and even just after putting some lotion all over her and some ointment on her face, it looked better after just a few hours. But anyway... she is doing great, so far. She has cried a few times but has taken a little bit of a bottle and has eaten quite a bit of Cheerios. She finally crashed about 8:30 and will hopefully sleep well through the night.

First night

Sleeping peacefully

Catie has done well being a new "Big Sister." She helped me give Carlie a bath, give her bottle and has helped Carlie with the Cheerios. So far, so good.

Until tomorrow...


























































































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