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APRIL 21st, 2007

Hello Everyone!! We have been home now for a little over 3 weeks and I am just getting a chance to post. I took 2 weeks off work when we came back home and it took just about all of the 2 weeks for us to get our time clock adjusted back to USA time. For the first week and a half, Carlie would go to sleep by 8:00 PM, but would wake up at 1:00 AM and stay awake until 4:00 or 5:00 - she was ready to play! For Roger, Catie and I, we couldn't go to sleep until about midnight or 1:00 AM - we were all screwed up to say the least!! But, all is well now. I started back to work this week, so we are all on a good schedule.

Carlie is doing very well. She is pretty much off her bottle and on a sippy cup. She is off formula and on whole milk and she is walking everywhere as long as someone is holding her hands to give her some balance. I think anyday now she will take off by herself.

She is already very stubborn and hard-headed (just like Roger!!). Loves to be held, loves to eat and gets very excited when she sees food!! She has 8 teeth, 4 upper and 4 lower, but, pretty much eats anything that we eat. Catie and Carlie are doing well together. They have both already figured out how to aggravate each other.

We had a welcome home/belated birthday party for Carlie on April 13th (her birthday was actually March 9th). I have posted some pictures from her birthday, and as you can see, she really enjoyed her little cake!!

I am not sure how much longer this site will be up, but I will post again and let everyone know.

Thanks to everyone who followed our journey to adopt Carlie!!



























































































































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