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MARCH 16th, 2007

Hi All!! It is 4:30 PM here in Hong Kong on Friday. I woke up at 3:30 this AM and could not go back to sleep. Catie woke up at 4:30 and Roger got up around 6:00, so hopefully tonight will be better for us all. But, we have been busy since we all got up.

After a wonderful breakfast here at the hotel, we went to catch the subway for Disneyland. We actually had a choice to take hotel shuttle bus, taxi or subway. Wanted to try something different and Roger has never taken a subway before, so off we went!! It took us about 45 minutes and we had to change trains 3 times, but we made it and didn't get lost.

We got to Disney just as the doors opened...

Hong Kong Disneyland

... I am sooo glad we went because Catie had such a wonderful time. The biggest thing for her was seeing the characters.

Catie and Mickey

Catie and Minnie

We were there for only about 5 hours and more or less went through the entire park. It is very small, but was probably the best money we have spent so far while here in Hong Kong.

Catie and Sleeping Beauty

Catie and Snow White

Cinderella's Castle

All of our group arrives here today, so I guess we will start meeting people in a little while when we go out for dinner. The only pictures we have today are from Disney.

Until tomorrow... Denise











































































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