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MARCH 26th, 2007

Hey Everyone!! It is around 10:00 PM here in Guangzhou on Monday. We started out today by having Carlie's medical exam.

Carlie getting ready
for her medical exam

When you adopt a child they have to have a medical exam for their visa to enter the USA. So, I got an official weight -she is 26 lbs. I was thinking it was closer to about 30 lbs, but 26 is great!! Carlie did wonderful through the exam. The MD said she was a very strong baby because she was pushing his hand away (quite a few times) when he was trying to listen to her heart and lungs. Carlie is literally flourishing every day.

My 4 teeth with 3
more trying to come!!

We were all given pictures of the girls on the first day we received them, and we (all the parents) were all talking about how much they have all changed physically in the week we have had them. Some, you could barely recognize from those first pictures. Physically, for Carlie, the ezcema looks 100% better. The areas on her scalp are almost completely better. Her face does not have those dark pink areas. She is standing, but only with assistance, but she will scoot all over the place. Emotionally, she is attached to us, including Catie. When we are out in public, if someone else trys to "get her" out of our arms, she will turn back toward us and say "ma-ma" or "da-da."

We asked Catie what she wants Carlie to call her and she says "sissy", so we have been pointing to Catie and saying "sissy" - she isn't saying that yet, but she will look for Catie when we say sissy. So... to make a long story short, things are going great with Carlie and we just cannot wait to get back home now!!

Carlie loves the stroller

As far as what else we did today... After the girls' medical exam, we went to the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees in Guangzhou.

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

It is a world famous ancient temple that has beautiful gardens with monks taking care of the area. Then we went to the Guangdong Folk Arts Museum, also in Guangzhou.

Guangdong Folk Arts Museum

This museum if full of wood carvings, lime sculptures, iron castings, paintings, ceramics, embroidery and carvings which are of high value. Most of the items are from this province and are very rich in history.

After this, Roger, the girls and I went to dinner at a place called "Lucy's" and we had hamburgers and French fries. They were very good, and we were craving some American food!!

Chinese Belly Dancing

Lauren, Kael and Catie

So after a long and busy day we are calling it a night... enjoy the pictures.










































































































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