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MARCH 22nd, 2007

Hey ya'll!! It is Thursday evening around 9:00 PM. Today was just another relaxing kinda day. Once again, Carlie is getting more and more used to us and every day she is smiling and laughing more. Last night she pulled herself up and stood up in the crib and would just look at Roger and me and laugh out loud, then plop herself back down and do it again. She slept again all night long and woke up a happy baby!!

Carlie pulling herself up in the crib

Today we went to the Nanchang Zoo...

Catie getting ready for the
bus ride to Nanchang Zoo

... Quite interesting. It is a very old zoo and very small, but James, our CCAI guide, said there are plans to move it to another location and make it more modern and bigger, but we got to see a panda! As most of you probably know, pandas are the big thing here in China and the one we saw today was up and moving all around so it was exciting, especially for the kids.

Catie and Lauren feeding
the koi at the zoo, with
Carlie watching very intently

This is how the Chinese ride deer

After our trip to the zoo, we all went to McDonald's!!! It was the BEST McDonald's I have ever had. We are all a little tired of eating Chinese food, so someone in our group suggested Mickey D's. Most of the food was the same, except their Quarter Pounder had a big slice of cucumber on it, go figure!?!

Visit to Nanchang Zoo wiped Carlie out!

After coming back to the hotel and the girls taking a nap, Catie and I needed some one-on-one time, so we took a taxi and went to a mall. James wrote down in Chinese where we wanted to go and off we went. This was probably one of the most exciting things I have done here. I cannot even begin to explain the taxi ride to and from the hotel. I told Roger when I got back that he HAD to go somewhere to take a taxi and take the video camera to film.

Anyway, Catie and I had lots of fun and bought a few things. Of course Catie got lots of attention from people and she also had a blast on the taxi ride and wanted to go again... and asked me why I had such a big smile on my face .

Catie in front of the fountain at
Jin Feng Hotel in Nanchang

So now, the girls are down and we are about to call it a night. Tomorrow, we get the girls' passports and do a little bit more paperwork, and then we leave Saturday for Guangzhou to do the American side of the adoption. I think it is about a 2 hour flight, so we will see how Carlie does on this "short flight."

For the PACU girls... what are the two things I always have in my pocket? (KB, I know you know this one)... a Sharpie and scissors. Well... what are the two things I DIDN'T pack and have needed! I have even had one of the other adoptive parents ask if I had a Sharpie. I will know better next time - if there is a next time!!

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