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MARCH 27th, 2007

This is Roger speaking... We don't have much to report today. Denise got sick this morning about 3:00 AM. Last night we ate dinner at Lucy's which is a hamburger joint. We both had cheeseburgers (which were very good), and a side order of steamed broccoli. Denise thinks it was the broccoli that got her. Anyway, we relaxed most of the day and did some shopping this evening after Denise got to feeling better. Catie and Carlie are doing great.

Catie and Carlie playing

We have one more full day here in Guangzhou and will be leaving early Thursday morning.

When we were here in 2003 we became friends with one of the local shop owners, Jordan. On Monday we were out walking around and ran into him. He was so excited! He remembered me! We had a great time visiting with him.

Jordan and Catie

Today we did some shopping in his store. That man loves to talk! He is a good man and I feel fortunate to call him my friend. Well, that's all for now. See ya'll in a few days!

Hey! It's me now... It is around 9:30 and I am feeling much better now. I and one other person got sick last night and we have narrowed it down to the broccoli. But, anyway... Roger told you about everything for today, actually a pretty boring day - we just pretty much rested.



There are just a few pics for today.





























































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