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MARCH 28th, 2007

Hey Ya'll!! This is our last post until we arrive back home. We leave tomorrow morning at 6:00 for a plane to Hong Kong. We spend a couple of hours there at the airport then the LONG flight to Los Angeles. From Los Angeles we have a 5-hour layover then the flight to Atlanta. We are supposed to arrive in Atlanta at 9:55 PM on Thursday, March 29th. We will only be in the air and at airports for about, ohh 28 hours! ... so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!!!

We are excited to be coming home and settling in our own routine in a house instead of a hotel. We have had a wonderful time and have met many wonderful families in our travel group who we hope to continue to have a wonderful relationship with, and have met many wonderful Chinese people here as well.

We come home with another addition to our family - a little girl who already has our hearts in her little hands, who, for an unknown reason, was abandoned by her parents. We thank God for this gift and we thank China for allowing her to become part of the Ellison family.

Big Sister, Little Sister

As far as what we did today... We went with two other families exploring!! We are in Guangzhou, but in an area called Shamian Island. We walked across a bridge that goes into the town of Guangzhou, into a market area that sells anything and everything.

This afternoon we went to the American Consulate where we took the oath (pretty much saying that we promise to take care of our adopted child and that all the paperwork we have filled out is true). Then we went to dinner with two other couples whom we have gotten very close to. Now the girls are in bed and we are not far behind as I have to get up at 4:00 AM to get ready for the flight.

If anyone else wants to send e-mail for us while we are here in China, you have until about 4:00 PM on Wednesday. After that, we will not see it until we get to South Carolina.

Only a couple of pictures for tonight. There is one that no one will understand but the girls (PACU) where I work.

Chinese thread, too!!

I will post again on Friday to let everyone know that we are HOME.

Until then...


























































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