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MARCH 24th, 2007

This is Roger speaking... Today is Saturday the 24th. We flew from Nanchang to Guangzhou and Catie and Carlie did real well on the flight. I hope Carlie does as well on the long flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles! She's a real handful!!

We arrived at the White Swan hotel and checked in about 5:30 PM.

Atrium Waterfall at the
White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou

The differences between Nanchang and Guangzhou are like night and day. Guangzhou is more tourist oriented; more westernized, I guess you'd say. There are more gift shops, more western-style food available, and a lot more of the people here speak English. It is not as crowded here and the traffic is virtually nothing compared to Nanchang. Our guide in Nanchang, James, stated that Nanchang is the "REAL" China and I have to agree with him. Maybe that's why I think I prefer Nanchang...

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