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MARCH 23rd, 2007

Hello Everyone!! It is around 9:30 here in Nanchang. It is our last night here, before we travel to Guangzhou.

Today we got Carlie's Chinese passport, then we went to a big porcelain market. Nanchang is very famous for its porcelain, so we wanted to buy at least one thing from this area. We bought a really unique teapot with cups to bring back home. While we were strolling from store to store, a young girl, named Andrea, and her girlfriend stopped us and started talking to us in English.

The girl in yellow, Andrea,
was practicing her English
and asking how old Carlie was...

She said she had been going to the university for a month and had only been taking English for a month, but she spoke very well for just beginning. She was asking how old Carlie was, and then a little older lady came up and started talking to Andrea, and Andrea was translating for us. This little lady (with the blue shirt on) was sooo funny and cute.

The lady in blue was making
a big circle with her hand and motioning how big Carlie's wrists were...

She could not get over how big Carlie was to just be a year old. First she was checking out the roll in her wrists, then she started talking about her thighs. She said her thighs were as big as my arms!!... which is actually almost true . Then, she said Carlie was a beautiful baby with pretty fair skin. I have posted some pics to kinda give you an idea.

The lady in blue just said that
Carlie's thighs were as big as
my arms, but she was a beautiful
baby with very fair skin...

Our pretty baby girl

After this, we had a "last night in Nanchang" group dinner. I will truly miss this place. We have had a wonderful and once in a lifetime experience.

Catie and Carlie at dinner.
Last night in Nanchang

As far as Carlie goes, it just gets better every day!! Last night she said, "da-da" and today it has been "ma-ma" numerous times!! I think she actually knows who we are when she says it, too. She still laughs more and will smile more easily with Roger, but I am slowly getting there with her.

Catie is continuing to do wonderful. Has had a few meltdowns, but nothing major. She is doing great being a big sister. She has really taken up with Susan and Evelyn (2 of our 3 guides here).

Catie playing with Evelyn's
(our CCAI guide in Nanchang) hair

Catie giving James a picture
she drew for him

Not sure if I will be able to post anything tomorrow since the majority of our day we will be traveling. If I am able to it will be short and sweet, so until Sunday... ya'll have a GREAT weekend!!!

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