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MARCH 17th, 2007

Hello Everyone!!

Today is Saturday and it is around 3:00 PM in Hong Kong. Tonight will be our last night here. We leave at 6:00 AM to take a bus to Shenzhen (a city near Hong Kong, but on mainland China). From Shenzhen we fly to Nanchang, which is where Carlie is, and where we will be until March 24th, 2007.

We met up with the rest of our group today and did some touring as a group. Everyone seems really nice. We met a really neat couple from Savannah, GA. We are the only ones with southern accents, so everyone loves to hear us talk!

For our touring today, the first place we went was called Fisherman's Village. To get to the Aberdeen Fishing Village you can go on a ferry or go through one of the tunnels that essentially goes under the South China Sea. We went through the tunnel on a tour bus. Fisherman's Village is an area where everyone lives on a boat. Each family actually has 2 boats - one for just fishing and one for actual living. Their living boat has everything that a house here would have.

Fisherman at Aberdeen

Second stop was Stanley Market. It is a big outdoor/indoor market where you can buy anything and everything. Lots of name brand clothing, but also a lot of knock-off items, too.

Outside of Stanley Market

Denise and Catie at Stanley Market

We then went to a local jewelry factory and learned a little bit about jade and pearls.

Last stop was Victoria Peak. This is the highest point in Hong Kong and has some great views of the city, but... our pictures are not real good.

Victoria Peak

It was rainy here today and very hazy. Matthew (our local rep with CCAI), said March/April was a real foggy/hazy time, and it has been since we have been here.

So, enjoy the pictures... if you can make them out. I wil try and post tomorrow after we get to Nanchang. We get Carlie some time tomorrow evening, so tomorrow's post might just be photos.

Love to all!!






































































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