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MARCH 15th, 2007

Denise writing... We lost a day during the flight - we arrived here, Hong Kong, this morning around 8:00.

Hong Kong Airport

By the time we went through customs, got our shuttle to the hotel and got in our room, it was around 11:30 AM.

View from our hotel in Hong Kong

View from our hotel - across the bay

Anyway, we decided to just go and explore a little on our own and then tomorrow take Catie to Disneyland!!! By the way, she did great on the flight - slept and watched movies just about the entire time.

We walked around this area of Hong Kong (the island is called Kowloon) and we went from one end of the island to the other trying to stay awake and wear ourselves out so we would sleep tonight and hopefully be on China time.

Building with bamboo scaffolding

Where we ate our first night in Hong Kong

So now it's around 7:00 PM here in Hong Kong. Roger and Catie are passed out in the bed - the jet lag has caught up with both of them!!

We finally got our laptop working. The Internet access in our room was not working correctly, but hopefully now everything is ok. By the way, the pictures did not turn out real good, it was very hazy here today, so it is hard to get a pretty picture of everything.

Hope all is well with everyone back home...

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