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MARCH 25th, 2007

Roger here again... It is now Sunday March 25th. Sunday morning was spent getting Carlie's visa photograph and filling out more paperwork. Afterwards, Denise and Catie went out for a little "mom and daughter" time and did a little shopping. I then went out for a little exploring. We are staying on Shamian Island - a small island, and you can walk almost anywhere you need to go. There is a very nice park area right in the center where you can see people playing badminton, doing tai chi, ballroom dancing and exercising.

There are little shops all over the island and nearly all of them have a person's name: Sherry's, Jordan's, Susan's, etc... The restaurants on the island are a mixture of local and Western-style. The one that caught my eye was the one where they had a live alligator in a cage on the sidewalk out front and right above it was a platter of alligator cut into steaks!! I can't wait!!!

Alligator steaks, anyone?

Well, gotta go. We have to get some group photos made and then we'll go out to dinner (maybe alligator??). Hope all of you back home are doing okay. We miss you and love you all!! We love getting the e-mails so keep them coming!

Catie in traditional Chinese outfit

Carlie in traditional Chinese outfit

Trying to get group photo of babies
on famous Red Couch at
the White Swan Hotel

Carlie and Catie on the Red Couch

CCAI "Group 1143" photo
at White Swan Hotel

Hey ya'll... it is around 10:00 PM and I was just able to sit down to download pictures and write for a few minutes. The biggest thing I have to add is that we are on an island called Shamian Island that is part of Guangzhou. Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province and has more than 10 million people. I am not sure exactly how big Shamian Island is, but it was once owned by the British and most things are very colonial style looking. Well, I have included a few pictures, mostly of the girls.

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