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Just came back for a stroll down memory lane... wonder if any of you guys are still out there?! Post on the Messageboard if you are - it'd be great to hear from you! And to hear what they boys are up to!!!
Do you realise that when this site was started, mobile phones weren't essential and blogs didn't exist?!

Ah yes, an update, due to...well nothing. FLC are doing something in the woods this summer. Not sure what, but I hope they cover it up to keep the bears off their scent.

Check the messageboard!

I know the site keeps going down - apparently cos it's too popular and is using too much bandwidth. I am very impressed with my 3000 hits a month... but it means that I have to pay for the site now (but Angelfire 'aren't penalising me for my popularity' - bollocks they're not!).
I think I just signed up for the upgraded service, but the computer crashed just as the confirmation page was loading so who knows what's happened!
UPDATE: Apparently I did but it'll take a few hours to upgrade itself. (Hey, now I'm paying for the damn thing and getting an internet connection at uni, maybe the site will return to the glorious times of 3 updates a day!)

Right, news. The first single off 'Welcome to Poppy's', 'Too Hot' was released yesterday, supported by FLC appearances on Radio 5 Live, Gonzo on MTV2, Fame Academy on BBC3... but not much airplay of the single on radio or the cable music channels or a listing on the Radio 1 site as one of this week's releases. We'll just have to wait and see how it goes for the boys!
The Frank vs Mark debate.. current tallys show he's being referred to as Frank way more than he is Mark. We should give him a nickname instead - suggestions to the messageboard.

Just saw the latter half of the FLC vid for Too Hot on the Amp. Video's OK but flips about a lot between the street, a warehouse/garage kinda thing, a living room/club and an 'this is our video' performance (somewhat reminiscent of every other band's performance against a white background). Maybe cos I missed the first bit, I found it hard to follow, but I think there was some reference to FLC leaving EMI (Jon Block tears up a contract).
Frank/Mark does appear to be the drummer from Baby Genius, Fast has got rid of the basin cut and now has a tousled 'cool Hollyoaks kid' do. Huey.. shades on indoors again.. but I suppose he was right about velour.
The FLC sense of humour is in evidence with a mini monologue (say that after a coupla shandies) from Huey at the end of the video, (like an out-take)and the use of Sugar (dog, not baking ingredient) in visual, almost slapstick humour.
Notice I haven't mentioned the track yet... it kinda faded into the background... can't remember hearing it at any of the gigs, although I probably did. It was very repetitive and first response is that i don't really like it. Having said that, FLC tunes tend grow on me.
Chart prediction...(bearing in mind I was convinced I'd win the lottery last night and only got one number out of 12 I'd picked!) 28

The video for the new FLC single, 'Too Hot' has not only been shot, it's been released! Keep your eye out for it on the music channels soon. Thanks to MLH, who says:

'Press Red on your sky digital remote...for the new Fun Lovin' Criminals video "Too Hot" only on the Amp (and others probably!) and it was well worth the 50p it cost me!! It's set in NYC and sees Huey getting up to no good, Mateo appears, albeit briefly! Fast, mmmmmm! King is in it, not to mention the star of the show Sugar, who's seen stealing Huey's dinner and biting his leg, all in the comfort of what I assume to be Huey's living room!'

I'm quite excited.

Updated the links page with a re-branding of World of Schmoove (now Looks VERY good! All this fancy stuff is making me realise how antiquated PFLC is looking these days... but it's all HTML guys, no drag and drop! (Not jealous, not jealous...)

Hello! The docs have tried to turn off the life support to PFLC but like a pensioner on laxatives, it just keeps going! (Ooh I like that one!)
What have I got to tell you? Quite a lot, but you probably heard it on the messageboard already.
Mackie has left the band after 4 years to focus on new projects. There were no hard feelings, and as we all know he was on contract rather than whatever Fast and Huey are... I'm sure he'll remember his time with FLC fondly, and I'll certainly remember him squinting at me across a crowded bar with a smile on my fuzz!! All the best El Mackeroon!
The new drummer is called Mank. Or was it Fark? Actually, depending on who you believe, he's either called Mark or Frank and hails from Leicester, UK. He toured with FLC as a drum tech for two years prior to his promo to 'actual drummer'. Good luck to him on the upcoming...
Tour. Yes there's another tour taking place. It's a biggie as well. To coincide with the release of the new FLC album, Welcome to Poppies, the band are on the road for about two years across the UK, Mainland Europe and the U.S. Here are the UK dates I can remember:

The new album.. oh yes, back to that. The track listing is alleged to be:
  1. Too Hot
  2. Stray Bullit [sic -Amazon]
  3. Living On the Streets
  4. Lost It All
  5. Friday Night
  6. You Got a Problem (aka I Got a Problem)
  7. Runnin' for Cover
  8. Take Me Back
  9. What Had Happened?
  10. Got Our Love
  11. This Sick World
  12. Steak Knife
  13. Beautiful
  14. Baby (Known as Party Dress at one point?)
  15. You Just Can't Have It All

The album is due out September time, but we all know better than to believe the hype right?! It'll be released in time for Christmas!! Welcome to Poppies apparently means Welcome to the Party. Which again, I would presume to be some reference to drugs... (Has there been an album yet that hasn't been sex, drink or drug related?! Not that I'm complaining - those are my three favourite things after shoes, in that order! Ooh.. Nurofen..)
That's all I can be arsed with right now. I do have one final thing though... couple of links added to the links page. (Sorry it took so long guys!)
This news bullitin (he he!) was brought to you thanks to Charlie, Bex and the messageboard crew (yes, it's still alive and kicking, feel free to post, Johnny No-Stars or otherwise!!). And also by a man dressed as a jam donut. I thank you (please). To the beer...

FLC are scheduled to release an as yet untitled album on June 16th on the Sanctuary label. Thanks to the MB crew for this.
Cooley High are apparently alive and kicking and up to something.. More when I get it, on Cooley High Online.


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