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PFLC is expanding all the time, so to help you (and me) find your way around, I have added this handy site-map. Under each page title is listed what you will find in that section. Hope this helps y’all.

Latest News
Pretty self-explanatory. For news that is more than one month old, check the News Archive

Loco Campaign
A long, long time ago, I can still remember...a campaign to get Loco into the UK top actually reached #5 but was still FLC's highest charting UK single ever.

The Stalker’s Guide
the basic facts to begin your career as an FLC stalker! (Pls note – the guys are so friendly and down-to-earth, even if I did endorse stalking, I really don’t think it’d be worth it.)

FLC: Online Reviews
This page still needs work to live up to the original idea. So far I only have online reviews (like I can be bothered trolling through all the back issues of whatever magazine to find all the FLC reviews? Nah.). I am intending to rectify this, at some point. Remind me.

FLC: In Print
This is not the same as the reviews. The page has a collection of articles about FLC, FLC-related things, things FLC have said etc. At the moment, it’s all printed media, but in the future, I’ll probably add online stuff too.

The latest tour dates can be found here, with links to reviews of each gig coming soon. Also, I’m going to broaden the page to include TV appearances and all that kind of thing.

One2One Mini-Tour
A few exclusive pic and a link to an interview I did witht he band. Also there's a pic of me looking like I've been possessed by the devil. I have and all my anergy is concentrated on not touchign Fast and getting kicked out by Winston. It was TBS that did it! LOL!

New Group Images, Old Group Images Fast Images, Huey Images, Mackie Images, Loco Video Captures, Loco Tour Images, 2001 Live Images etc
Again, pretty self-explanatory. These pages are large and do take time to load. One day, when I can be bothered to go into PC World (or Time – did you know I appear in one of their catalogues?! Really!), and buy a computer book and a bit of software, then I’ll make the images faster to load. At the moment, I don’t want to compromise image quality cos there's nothing more irritating than waiting 15 minutes for a picture of Fast to load and then it being indistinguishable from a picture of a llama in a snowstorm. (Think my llama knowledge leaves a bit to be desired.)

FLC Inspired Madness
A long, long time ago (March 7th 2000), when PFLC was a five-month-old babby, a mad girl named Ray emailed me. The email went something like this (OK I’m paraphrasing):

'Hi Kat,
I’m Ray and you don’t know me. I’m a bit of a Criminals fan. I thought you might appreciate my mad FLC moments...'
Then Ray told me two mad FLC stories that nearly killed me laughing, so I put them on the site for y’all. Hope you find them as funny as I did. It’s the way ya tell ‘em.

Huey’s Acting Career
Ok, he’s no Russell Crowe but Huey has been in a lot more movies than you’d think! Well, enough that they warrant their own page.

Anorak’s Corner

In association with Lucy’s Unofficial FLC Site
Useless, useless, useless. Want to know about Fast’s aftershave? His preferred brand of mineral water? Huey’s days at school? What language Huey’s dog speaks? It’s all here.

FLC: Conspiracy Theories
What’s going on with FLC and Kylie? Are FLC vampires? Get the skinny here.

Most sites have a sensible FAQ page. PFLC is not most sites. If you want to know about Huey and Britney or about Fast’s alleged wanderings around Brooklyn in an Imperial Stormtrooper outfit, then FAQ is the page you’re after. If you have a question you want me to try and answer – send it on in! Remember, the stupider it sounds, the more likely I’ll know the answer.

FLC Drinking Game This was something I invented while bored. You will end up drunk. It is, like FLC Inspired Madness and thr insane FAQ, a piece of exclusive PFLC journalism. ;-)

FLC Calendar 2001
FLC related dates for your diary.

DJ Mateo's Lair
Info on FLC's tour DJ and honorary member of the DiFontaine family, 'Mateo DiFontaine' aka Fiffle.

Cooley High
Well, this came about out of guilt! Mateo's band supported FLC on their London Loco tour dates in 2001 so I set up an info page on them on this site, then became a little distressed because the band are a band in their own right. (I imagined it would feel like when you are known as 'X's sister/brother' or 'X's daughter/son' - irritating because you are an individual.) So I set them up a web site of their own, Cooley High Online. It all seemed to spiral out of control from there...

The PFLC Poll
I moved this off the news page cos it was pissing me off. Therefore, it doesn’t get as many hits as previously, but y’know, I’m attached to it. Recent polls have suggested that FLC should cover Daphne and Celeste. Hmm, I don’t think you’re taking this seriously – just the way this site was intended!


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