An apology. I am sorry for the months this site goes without updates but to be honest I have not had the time and when I have there's been no news that hasn't already appeared on the messageboard (link above). Over summer I worked two jobs - 8.30am - 5pm then 6pn-10.30pm to make some money to pay for uni and pay off some of my debts and now I have full time uni and a hell of a lot of work to do. So while I appreciate that it's frustrating to keep checking the site to find nothing's changed, there's not much I can do. I will try my best to put up short updates when I get time, but at the moment I have so much uni work it is untrue! All I can say is CHECK THE MESSAGEBOARD! It is usually first with all the FLC news. Once again, I'm sorry.
Ok two second update. FLC are about to embark on their Northern European Winter Tour - expect a mix of the old stuff as well as new tracks and the usual FLC banter.
FLC decided to release a Greatest Hits when they did because they had one more album while they were under contract with EMI and they did not want to leave the company with new material - and EMI keep getting paid for it. They have written tracks for a new album (showcased on the tour mentioned above), but as yet they have not got a release date, or as far as I am aware, a new worldwide deal.
That's all I can remember off hand and all I have time for at the minute. Check the MB!

FLC's Greatest Hits album. 'Bag of Hits' came out on Monday. I don't know about you but I was wondering if it was a piss take!? 'Fifteen Interglobal Chartstoppers'?! Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Bump didn't even make the UK Top 40! God bless FLC! The album doesn't feature either 'Running for Cover' or 'Party Dress', both of which have featured in the recent shows in Liverpool and Nottingham.
FLC are at present on a mini tour of the UK, playing at Bradford tomorrow night. Gigs have been well received so far. The support for the tour is provided by Baby Genius. 'Huey and Fast were producing their second album in New York earlier this year it would seem. Channel 4 may be showing a documentary on the album production later in the year. David Gray has apparently asked them to support him on his forthcoming tour.' Thanks to Steve for that! SO what are Baby Genius like? 'Support not bad, but the novelty wore off after a few tracks.' (Thanks Slug)
I promised you an Astoria review right?! And that was over a month ago! Sorry! I will locate/write one for yous when I get chance (things have been so so busy round here). Until then I'll try and put up some of the huge backlog of pics I've collected on my hard-drive.

Ok. Pics from the Astoria gig. Thanks to Kelly. Sorry abou the shitty layout. I haven't the time to sort it at the moment. Someone keep emailing me to do it though then I'll try and get it sorted early next week. Ta!

FLC were supposed to play a Grad ball at one of Cambridge's colleges last night. However, the gig was cancelled at the last minute, due to 'unforeseen circumstances'. More when I find out...

Wonderful gig on Thursday, details wil follow later this week with pics kindly provided by the lovely Kelly.
Another tour date for your diaries, thanks to Gavin (Sorry can't reply with email but the ******* at hotmail have disabled my account cos it got too large), 25th July at Penningtons in Bradford! I'll try and get a full list of tour dates up soon - they've been coming in so randomly! I do feel ashamed of my lack of organisation though!
Thanks also to Steve for the email. If I'm late for work I'll blame you! I'll reply to y'all when I get my account back.

Fabulous link for y'all, I put it up on the MB a few weeks ago but just in case you missed it, The FLC Times.

Hello my puddings! All the news that's been made while I've been away has been posted on the Messageboard so i hope you caught up with all that! Er.... that's it really.

17/04/02: Second Update Today!
Thanks to Dave for this.
FLC are confirmed at the UK 'Guilfest'; formerly the Guildford Live Festival. The festival takes place from the 19th-21st July 2002 and FLC are set to headline on Saturday 20th July. Also confirmed for that day is Rolf Harris. No, really...
Thanks to Lucy for this.
FLC have announced another gig, in Norwich on 12th June. Tickets are available from Wayahead.
More when I get it.

Looks like we now have a reason for the London gig. FLC are set to release a 'Best Of' album on 24th June 2002 (available now to pre-order on HMV.co.uk), priced at an absolutely ridiculous 16.99. HMV can bugger off if they think I'm paying that!
Thanks to Herb for pointing me in the direction of this.
Also I found an amusing interview which I hadn't seen before here. Hope the link works. :-)
And while we're on the topic of interviews, here's one I particularly like, from Hotpress - an Irish music mag. Mwahahahahaha!

Big thanks to Steve for this news. FLC have announced a gig at the Astoria in London on Thursday 13th June 2002. I checked Ticketmaster and tickets go on sale on the net tomorrow, 14/04/02, at 10a.m. No prices available as yet. Could this mean a tour or just a festivals warm-up..?!

Thanks again to Kelly for this.
DiFontaine's Pizzeria DOES have an 'e' in it - Showbiz Ireland apparently spelt it wrong. Apparently the pizzas are huge and very tasty. At the moment the place is a takeaway, but they are looking at putting some tables in upstairs at a later date.

More news, this time thanks to Kelly for pointing me in the direction of this one.
It seems that FLC are about to make their literary debut. Paul Mathur has written what appears to be their biography - authorised/official I don't know. It's set to hit the shelves on 27th September, 2002, published by Sanctuary, priced 12.99 (ISBN: 1860743773). The book, 'Fun Lovin' Criminals' (heck, it must have taken them seconds to come up with that title!) is available for pre-order in paperback, at Amazon.co.uk.
In the past, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Oasis and Pete Waterman have had the Mathur treatment. Hmmm.
What, if anything, does this mean for the future of Fun Lovin' Criminals? Will their fifth album be their last? Is the publication of their story a signal of the end? Discuss your view on the messageboard.

Righty-ho chaps. Mega-update follows (it does appear that I'm trapped in the 80s... how worrying!)
Firstly, as I posted on the messageboard a couple of weeks ago, DiFontaine's Restaurant is now open in Dublin's 'trendy Temple Bar area' - except it's actually called 'DiFontain's' - with no 'e' (there's an obvious joke there, I'll avoid it). DiFontain's is open 'til 4 a.m., abviously aiming to capitalise on the late night munchies of those leaving Eamonn Doran's. Ash T has visited the pizza joint and said, 'It's great, it's next door to Eamonn Doran's and sells pizza and flc stuff. The staff are SO nice. All the pizzas are named after songs and friends and stuff -it rocks!' Massive thanks to Ash T for this.
Pictures of the aforementioned DiFontain's Grand Opening, held on St. Patrick's Day, are available as an exclusive on ShowBizIreland.com and feature Huey stuffing his newly de-moustached face with a particularly tasting look pepperoni pizza.
Huey and Fast were doing their bit for the community when they visited Govan High School to launch a project aimed at keeping kids off the streets and away from crime by involving them in music. Govan is a notoriously 'rough' area of Glasgow, and it is hoped that the 'Coca Cola Sound Project', will greatly benefit the local area. Students at the school will help organise an FLC gig at Glasgow Barrowlands, set for October, giving them [almost] first-hand experience of the music industry. Huey spent time talking to members of the school band as well as other pupils and signing autographs. Thanks to Jacqui and Lizardbutt for this.
The news report on BBC News Online did say that the gig in Glasgow was 'one of the group's Autumn gigs'. Sounds like we got a tour on our hands!
'Huey's Acting Career™' seems to be progressing steadily. Huey has said that he will appear in a new Irish movie (I just typed film and it sounded all wrong - flippin' Americanisation! ;-)). He told ShowBizIreland.com, "I am also planning to work on my first movie. It is a story about two kids who try and import some drugs from Holland to Ireland. I play the role of the drug dealer just like Gary Oldman in the movie True Romance. I think it starts filming in Ireland in June and I have signed up for it and everything." Filming will also take place in Amsterdam. (Hmmm wonder why he signed up for that then!)
Huey also appeared on BBC 1's new documentary series, 'Booze' on 11th March. I just happened to switch it on and there he was! As far as I could gather, the series concentrates on the impact of alcohol in everyday life - alcohol related illness etc etc, as well as the glamorisation of alcohol and getting drunk by the media. I'm not sure if it was intentional but Huey spoke about his favourite cocktail - tequila, lime and sugar, (I think it was called the Cowboy Killer, but I'm not sure), which I have tasted as mixed by Fast, and is delicious. He then went on to say something to the effect 'If you wanna get drunk, do it... life's too short...'. Interspersed with Larry Hagman talking about alcohol ruined his life and his liver transplant, Huey didn't come off too well.
Anyways.. more updates soon.