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We need YOUR help for The Loco Campaign

Loco means crazy. Yes, we are crazy, but the campaign isn’t. Here’s the deal.
Fun Lovin’ Criminals new single, Loco hits the shelves of record stores all over the UK on February 5th, 2001. We want to make it their biggest single ever. We want to make it Top Three. Why? Here’s why:

We know from the recent Virgin Radio interview with Fast and Matteo, that FLC want to make it big. Fast compared the road to commercial success to a long, steep road. Well, after eight years, a bus has come along and it’s gonna take FLC to where they deserve to be.

We must admit that our motives are not entirely selfless. The higher the Crims chart, the more publicity they get and that means more airplay, more pictures in magazines and more plays of that wonderful video.

Why Loco?

Fun Lovin’ Criminals have not released a single since Korean Bodega, way back in April 1999. Since then, they’ve released Mimosa, made an advert for Miller, accepted corporate sponsorship... Now is the time for some payback.

Loco is a great record - a strong, catchy track. Perhaps not the strongest on the album but it’s acknowledged that in general, the first release from an album sells best. We’re all ‘FLC-starved’ – we need a hit, and we’ll get them one in the process.
So you’re thinking, “You gotta be crazy! There’s no a chance. The record buying ‘teeny-public’ doesn’t recognise the talent that the Fun Lovin’ Criminals undoubtedly possess. ” They don’t have to. The band and the record company have set up some pretty good promotion themselves by way of using the track on the Miller GD ad and January and February are notorious for the lack of singles needing to be sold to chart high.
We already have the single being played on Virgin Radio, and London's XFM – we’re on our way.

So what do we need you to do to get FLC the hit they deserve and the exposure we need. Easy. Request it on Q, on MTV, on The Box, on VH1, on anything and everything you can think of. Call your local radio station. Bombard Radio One with emails, telling them to put Loco on their playlist. You got a website? Mail us for the Loco Campaign logo for your site. And then, buy the single in its first week of release. We CAN do it, but only with YOUR help.

The Loco Campaign HQ.

Check out this EXTRA SCHMOOVE Loco Campaign page
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