Loco Video Captures

Hey, my first ever screen captures! They're of varying quality #cough#, but they give you an idea of what's goin' on in the vid if you haven't had a chance to see it yet.

The boys are chillin' at Shine, in Fun Lovin' Criminals' Corner, when they get a call from...

...the president, (Johnny Block, FLC's manager, ably assisted by Skills), who wants the guys to go and catch a notorious drug baron
(Johnny Block again, but with eyeliner moustache).

With help from some white loafers and kung-fu Charlie's Angels stylee, FLC chase away the crim. So what's next?

PARTAY! Fast's impressed by the 'entertainment' on board. (And does his finest Scooby Doo impression!?)

The infamous blue sunnies make another appearance.

Whoah! You gotta be crazy! Huey's havin' fun!

Was this vid your idea? Nice one mate.

The white loafer reappears for the finale. Fast's gettin' into this pop star lark!

And some little mistakes I managed to capture.

Spot the cameraman's reflection.

Spot the cameraman!


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