The ORIGINAL Fun Lovin' Criminals Drinking Game

DISCLAIMER: PFLC does not advocate under-age drinking or alcohol induced coma. Do as I say, not as I do.
I cannot be held responsible for anything stupid that you do as a result of getting ratted by playing this game. Alcohol can be very dangerous. Play at your own risk…
This game is not endorsed by FLC. Yet.

Rules of the game:
  1. Get a few mates round to yours, (or you go to theirs if you think it’s gonna be a rough one!) and settle down either in front of the stereo, or ideally in front of a video of FLC interviews. Hey, maybe one day you can play along with the DVD!
  2. Choose your poison. Sort out a few bottles of your favourite tipple (preferably alcoholic, but if not, doesn’t really matter…you could use chocolate or ‘something’ instead), and some nibblies if you wish.
  3. Are you sitting / lounging comfortably? Then we’ll begin.
    You may NOT take a drink unless an event listed below occurs. When one does occur, drink the required amount. No more, no less. Repeat until you can’t remember what you are doing anymore or until you run out of FLC vids. Easy! And muchus funnus! Last one standing / conscious wins!
Take a sip of drink if: Take a huge mouthful of drink if: Take 2 huge mouthfuls of drink if: Take 3 huge mouthfuls of drink if: Down the drink if: Down your drink and everyone else’s, then leg it down to the offy for more supplies if: Collapse in shock if:

Thanks to Jen

Any additions to this list? Send ‘em on in! This is still under construction.


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