One2One Minitour, Manchester, December 2000

Schmoover than the average band

For a limited time only {Ok, I admit it's been nearly 8 months now, so I'll leave it up!), you can see me (possessed by the devil) and my twin, Gill (right) with Fast and Mateo.
I 'interviewed' the guys at the one2one gig in Manchester on 11-12-00. Hmmm...

Featuring the much-celebrated Black Shirt and the equally delicious 'Petrol' Shirt

Latest News at the Time

It occurred to me that my little bit about the gig was an incy bit messed up and it didn’t really tell you wtf went on. So here is what I can remember:

Opened on ‘a song to get drunk to’ – Mini Bar Blues, then Huey explained that the first half would be the schmoover stuff then there would be a short break for the band to go get ‘ a little fucked up, get high’. So the first half featured Scooby Snacks (schmoove), Up on the Hill, The Biz, Little Song, Loco, Run Daddy Run and I still can’t remember what else.

The second half, as promised was more up-tempo and a hell of a lot heavier, with Korean Bodega, Southside, Scooby Snacks, King of New York, Where the Bums go, Dickholder and Big Night Out (My D version). The band then schmooved out a little more with Smoke'em (and pretty much everyone was, except me who wasn't even drinking much because I wanted to be sharp for the interview) before finishing of course, with We Have All the Time in the World, which actually we didn't cos the band had already over-run, security was getting edgy, the bar had shut 20 minutes previously... But as Huey said, they played till everyone had run out of alcohol, then it was only polite to stop!

More if and when I remember!?!?! Typical hey – I can remember loadsa stuff that I’d rather forget, but I go to a stormin’ gig and meet half the band and then look what happens….!

So anyways, I've a little bit lazy recently so I decided to get up off of my ass and do a little site updating by way of an apology. I got the skinny on the FLC-Five thing and on the Birmingham gig here. (Check out the FAQ page for engineered pics and the new FLC-Five collab coming soon.)
Against my better judgement, here's the interview I did with Fast and Mateo. I do sound terrible, but it gets less cringe-worthy as it progresses. I actually disagree with Fast about Celebrity Deathmatch although I do agree that it's best to TCB in the flesh.

For a limited time only, you can see me and my friend Gill with Fast and Matteo at the Life Cafe in Manchester. Click here!
NOTE ADDED: Check out Fast and Mateo's eyes......yeah! We saw them smokin' em beforehand - so worried the interview was gonna consist of me asking inane questions, to which the response would be high-pitched laughter!

14-12-00: Second Update Today
T' first like, I were agate 'ormywerd!' but now I jus' reckun t'I shud b' proud of me Northern roots. Ay. I am that. So ah don't cair what t'rest of yuh think. Well, y'shud appreciate t'comedy value like enyways.
My career as a journalist is over - there is a reason for the 'gan down t'pub' thing. It didn't sound right when I said 'going down to the pub'. In hindsight I think I should have added the words. It's terrible. But Fast and Mateo sound good. And they look good on the pictures. I really don't. I will say no more about it. Virgin Radio
Added a new page: Anorak's Corner

I updated the FLC: In Print Page with details of the Huey-Damon spat.

11-12-00: Third Update Today

BIG NEWS: I heard an as yet unconfirmed rumour from a seemingly reliable source that 'Loco' the single will be out on 29th January and 'Loco' the album will follow in February. You heard it on PFLC first!

Well, the interview was a lot shorter than expected, but I did manage to fit six questions into my four minute chit-chat, with Mateo and Fast, (both of whom were looking #insert expletive here# gorgeous). Huey and Mackie were AWOL. The gig was absolutely smokin'. And so were the band (in the literal sense!). Here's a useless fact. Fast has really cold hands. Told you it was useless! Here's a related useless fact: it's good for a brass player to have cold hands, because sweat rubs tha lacquer off the 'gold' instruments. So if you were wondering why Fast has a piece of leather wrapped aroung the valve casing of his trumpet and flugel, then there you go (must point out that it also adds grip - yep - v.useless, v. anorakish!).
There were several of the new songs from Loco played, and some 'new' new songs which I have added to the Stalker's Guide. They were:

The latter three were the ones played on TFI in that order.
The gig was separated into two halves - one schmoove and one heavier - by a question and answer session led by support act DJ Matteo (who should really release some CDs!). I'm not going to ruin it for those going by saying too much. But just one other thing: free tequila and Miller GD until closing time. Get there early to get the alcohol and the best places. I was never further than two metres from Fast. (Until I got scared and pegged it in the heavy set.)
Anyways, the little chat went well, and rather endearingly Fast appeared to be more nervous than me (which is saying something!). I managed to get the FLC dolls in and the bit about the critics saying that FLC have sold out, to which Mateo came up with a masterpiece of a response which will be up on the Virgin Radio website in the near future. Please ignore any pictures that are there. They will be terrible.
Also, hi to the guys me and my friend met at the gig who have visited this site!
And the Virgin radio rep did mention this site to Fast, but if he ever visited I would quite literally die of shock which would terrible because it's only 91 days till my next FLC gig!
Oh. I know I'm not usually this girly-whoo-Fast-ish but. He wore The Black Shirt. (Semi-unbuttoned). Unfortunately I think he saw the look on my face when he appeared to the interview in The Shirt. He should wear that more often.
And I did yell George of the Jungle when Huey asked Fast about his favourite movie but all I got in response were weird looks from everyone at the gig and drunken laughter. Oh well. And I didn't get a chance to ask about the whereabouts of Fast's StarWars toothbrush. :-(
I also forgot to mention earlier that FLC's dressing room was right next to the Ladies. And the door was left UNLOCKED (security nowhere to be seen!)!!! It took all my will power, I am telling you now!!! What else...I was stood next to a photographer from The Sun, so look out for pics in the next few days. (Can you imagine, me with my mate's little Canon jobby, takin' pics next to a pro. I was wetting myself. Speaking of which, go to the toilet before 8.20pm otherwise you'll never get back to the front - some practical advice from PFLC!). I will put the pics up as soon as my friend gets them developed. Me being the Brain that day, forgot my camera. Just don't ask what other daft stuff I did! Well, you can, but you'll have to mail me with a question for the FAQ page and be sworn to secrecy. I don't want everyone to know how dizzy I am!

I added a new Site-map to help y'all navigate but it's still under construction so be patient please! I also updated the FAQ


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