DJ Mateo's Lair

Something about this picture, makes you want to rip off that suit. I think it's in the eyebrows...

It appears that DJ Mateo DiFontaine does not have a web page devoted to him and his DJ-ing deeds. Well he does now. Welcome to DJ Mateo’s Lair. Why Lair? Don’t know. Just in that kinda mood. Plus I think it kinda suits him. Any better ideas, please mail me.

Mateo now has another page on COOLEY HIGH ONLINE with even more info.

DJ Mateo – The Stalker’s Guide

Aka… Mateo DiFontaine, DJ Matteo, DJ Doublemilk, Fiffle, (FAQ), Potato
Age: 25 (at 14-3-01)
Height: Averageish
Weight: = mass x g.f.s.
Hair: Dark brown, short
Eyes: Two, brown
Little Bro: Kevin ‘The Kid’ DiFontaine as seen in Scooby Snacks vid - 'Go Fish' version. If anyone knows where I can buy a 'Kevin The Kid' (gotta be wearing that too big anorak) then please mail me.
Hidden Talents: Mateo is an accredited chef (His Shark Linguine comes highly recommended by Fast of Fun Lovin' Criminals). He also has a talent for word coinage: deuce = doublemilk, Troy = Tron.
Ok. He's not just a chef, DJ, bass player in a band... besides that HF NY accent name one other thing that would make him the perfect man. Oh yeah - that's it. He's also a part time massage therapist. No shit.
Where have I seen him?: Mateo is the support act on FLC’s tours. Or perhaps you saw him at a U2 gig. He also plays Shine’s Thursday night party ‘2a.m.SHAG@Shine’ [it doesn’t mean that in the US!].
Alternatively, you could have caught him playing with his band Cooley High when they supported FLC on the London leg of the Loco Tour 2001.

What people are saying about his DJ-ing...

"2:00amSHAG@ Shine
At Shine's "Shag" party, silk ties get loosened, leather bags get tossed on red velvet couches, and the uptowners make it worth their cab ride by taking full advantage of the dance floor -- and one another. To the tune of D.J. Greg Poole's eighties hits, the young, moneyed crowd drops hundreds of dollars on bottles of Ketel One, dances atop the banquettes, and tries to lick Armani his and hers cologne off each other's necks. But that's only until 2 a.m.; then the uptown girls and guys climb back into cabs, and the turntables are turned over to D.J. Mateo DiFontaine of the Fun Lovin' Criminals and JUS-SKE from the Danücht crew for hard-core hip-hop. One week, Demi Moore and D.J. Muggs and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill were even dancing together. "It's a last-destination spot for the downtown crowd on Thursday night," said co-promoter Jason Strauss. "It's a great way to prepare for the weekend." 285 West Broadway (212-741-1700)

More Mateo Pics...

Mateo on TFI, before tennis ball incident

Scarface FLC-Style at the Bulldog Bash

Mateo foresees his 'death'


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