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Other FLC Sites

PFLC Messageboard As requested. All welcome.

The Official FLC UK Site Showed early promise, faded faster than invisible ink. Now a pile of shite.

The Official FLC America Site Dead I think

Cooley High Online Cooley High yo, Cooley High! Check this band out, or I'll kick you. (Snigger...)

Delancey's FLC MB Check it out! A German FLC site. Very good; content and layout. Formerly World of Schmoove

FLC Times NEW! A Dublin based FLC site, with funky design which... well to be frank, I'm an incy bit jealous of! You MUST visit this site, especially if y'all are on your way to Dublin for the Irish FLC experience!

Herb's FLC Site Updated FLASH version of the old site. Herb 'made it himself outta HTML'!

Joosen's Unofficial FLC Site Long-established site with members' section and messageboard.

Locoweb the home of the Partners in Crime webring and a cool site too. It has FLC mp3s.

Lucy's Unofficial FLC Website Re-vamped site with the coolest FLC pic ever!

NCoyote's Russian FLC Page

Ollie's FLC Page A WIP I think.

Prophet Omega OK so it's not an FLC site but it's got Fisty's DVD reviews on it. Check out those and the rants page. The arguments are pretty good, and it tells you loadsa stuff you probably didn't know.

Scum1's FLC Site The oldest FLC site around but still gets the odd exclusive The homepage of the Crim's ex-favourite hangout.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em FLC Club Another FLC club and message board service, to exchange news and views on the latest FLC happenings.

Steve's Ultimate FLC Discography Comprehensive FLC discography - with all versions of all releases. See what you need to complete your collection. (This'll be bigger then Pokemon!)

FLC Merchandise

TCB FLC 'merchandise brethren in the UK'

BlueCat Buy FLC and other band and movie merchandise from this British based online store. Reasonable prices for the goods and the p&p. Great site for posters. Prompt delivery and posters you won't find elsewhere.

General Music Sites

Click here for dotmusic

French music site, I submitted PFLC to them, and I think I'm supposed to put this somewhere on the site. I think it is a search kinda thing?! : toute la musique du Net