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Welcome To The Campbell Family Home Page

Tom Campbell: I attended school at Western Washington University, (WWU) where a family member worked as the school secretary. My grandfather Victor Hugo Hoppe was drama coach there and taught Shakespeare for 45 years. One of my grandfather's drama students, Angus Bomer, started the Ashland Oregon Shakespearean Festival, many years ago, which is still going strong.

My Dad was a business executive who transfered from Pacific American Fisheries in Bellingham where he was vice-president in charge of sales, to Seattle to work for a Peter Pan, a Seattle-based seafood company. My family purchased a home in Edmonds, Wa. where I attended highschool at Meadowdale Highschool, and after graduating from high school, I enrolled in college at Western Washington University.


My wife Alana Campbell was born in Los Angeles. Her Dad, Galen Hunt graduated from the Chicago School of Law, and opened his law practice on a top floor of the Chicago Temple Building. His law practice spanned the states of Illinois, Alaska and Hawaii. He brought his family to Seattle when my wife was very young. Her earliest years, were spent in a rural community. She later attended private school, where focus was placed on the arts. Alana excelled academically. She took dance and china painting, but struggled with watercolor painting. She has since found oil painting to be her forte. Our grown children enjoy painting, writing and working with stone.

My wife considers herself blessed to have a family background that includes excellent parents and grandparents, and a marvellous extended family who believed that children should have an excellent foundation in life. (Acts 2:38, Acts 8:16, Acts 10:46-48, Acts 19:5) Her extended family were from European immigrant stock, with many skills they passed on to their loved ones. Alana is a graduate of the Christian Writer's Guild; a published author with numerous articles she has written for various publications. Later went on to obtain her thb and Master's degree in theology. She also studied hair design at Renon's Cosmetology School.


Our Home At Lowell Village

My wife recounts the following testimony of the visitation of angels to the rented duplex in which they lived. Two of the boys were struggling in school, and she was feeling somewhat discouraged, having been to the school for a conference with their teachers. She was awakened in the night by an angel who stood at her shoulder and pointed toward the open door of her sons room. There above their beds was a ladder that reached through the roof into the heavenlies. The angels of God were ascending and descending, and the angel showed her that God's angels watched over her children and ministered to her children even when they were asleep.

Here are photos of one of our daughters, at Birdsong Cottage with her mom, in Chemainus. and the other in Scotland. We have 6 children. Three sons names Anthony, Robbie and Gabe and 3 daughters, Lisa, Amber Nicole and Zani. Here's some photos of one of the places that we like to go and have fun. latest photos!

As far as their vocations, our children have received training and developed their talents in various ways.

My wife and I love the cooking ethnic dishes such as Israeli, east Indian, Russian, Asian, French, Spanish or Mexican, Italian, Moroccan and Scandinavian dishes. Alana has been trained in graphic design, fiber arts and costume design. She decorates, makes colorful quilts, paints wood furniture, and makes rag or hooked wool rugs, from old wool and fabric scraps for art projects. Alana is an artist in watercolour and mixed media.

Breakthrough Intl 5214 South 2nd Avenue, Everett, Washington 98203-4113

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