.Raahel One of the seventy-two zodiac angels.

Raamiel ”trembling before God” Am angel with dominion over thunder. Some occult sources cite Raamiel as a fallen angel.

Ra’asiel X, Rashiel, Sui’el An angel invoked in ritual magick.

Rabacyel One of the three ruling princes of the 3rd Heaven.

Rabia One of ten uthri (angels) that accompany the sun on its daily course in Mandaean lore.

Rab-un-Naw An angel of light in Arabian lore. [See Parvardigar]

Rachab [Rahab]

Rachel ”a ewe” In the cabala, the Shekinah when ”re-organized”, as the Celestial Bride on her way to reunification with God. She is one of the four matriarchs, rulers of a province in Heaven reserved for the daughters, wives and sisters of the great Hebrew patriarchs.

Rachiel In the cabala, one of the angelic luminaries concerned with human sexuality. The Magus lists Rachiel as one of the three Friday angels. According to The Secret Grimoire of Turiel, Rachiel is one of the presiding spirits of Venus; and in Ozar Midrashim, an angel of the order of ophanim.

Rachmiah One of the seventy childbirth angels.

Rachmiel ”mercy” In rabbinic tradition, the angel of mercy. He is also one of the seventy childbirth angels and an administrating angel invoked in ceremonial magick. He is included among the guards of the gates of the East Wind by the Ozar Midrashim.

Rachsiel One of the seventy childbirth angels.

Rad’adael In hechaloth lore, a guard stationed at the 6th heavenly hall.

Radueriel, Radweriel H’ Identified with Dabriel, Vretil, Pravuil, etc., as the heavenly register and recording angel. He is included occasionally among the eight great judgment princes of the throne whose rank is superior to Metatron’s. He is the angel of poetry, master of the muses. It was said of him, ”out of every word that goeth forth from his mouth a song-uttering angel is born.” Note: since God alone is credited with the creation of angels, this power and privilege to do likewise makes him unique among his fellow hierarchs—except for Pistis Sophia, who is claimed to be, in 3 Enoch, the ”procreator of the superior angels.” Another exception is Dynamis.

Rael In occultism, a Wednesday angel residing in the 3rd Heaven and one of the intelligences of Venus. The invocant must face north when summoning him.

Raftma’il A guardian angel invoked in exorcism rites in Arabic lore.

Ragat A cherub or seraph that is summoned in cabalistic magickal rites.

Raguel, Raguil, Ragiel, Rasuil, Rufael, Suryan, Akrasiel ”friend of God” One of the seven archangels listed in the Enochian writings. He is an angel of earth, a guard of the 2nd (or 4th) Heaven. He ”takes vengeance on the world of luminaries” which is interpreted to mean that, for cause, he brings other angels to account. Great as he is, he was reprobated at a church council in Rome in 745 C.E., along with other high-ranking angels, Uriel among them. According to Hugo, Raguhel (so spelt) is a demon who ”passed himself off as a saint” whom Pope Zachary in 745 C.E. ”unearthed and turned out of the saintly calendar, along with two other demons called Oribel and Tobiel.” [See Tubuas] As cited in The Revelation of John an extract from the termination of MS. E: ”Then shall He send the angel Raguel, saying: Go and sound the trumpet for the angels of cold and snow and ice, and bring together every kind of wrath upon them that stand on the left.” This would occur after the separation of the sheep from the goats. In Gnosticism, he is equated with Thelesis, another rgreat angel. According to Enoch II, Raguel (as Raguil or Rasuil or Samuil) is the angel who transported Enoch to Heaven while Enoch was still living—an incident alluded to in Genesis 5:24. This feat is also credited to Anafiel.

Rahabiel An angel invoked in a charm along with Phaniel, Ariel, Lahabiel, and Raphael.

Rahaviel In hechaloth lore an angelic guard at the 2nd Heaven.

Rahdar Along with Phakiel, he governs the sign of Cancer.

Rahmiel, Rachmiel, Rahamael An angel of mercy and also an angel of love. The other angels of love are Zadkiel, Zehanpuryu, Theliel, and Anael (Haniel). He may be invoked as an amulet against evil. As Rahmiel, he is St. Francis Assisi who, like Enoch and Elijah, was transformed into an angel upon his arrival in Paradise.

Rahtiel, Rahatiel ”to run” In Jewish legendary lore, he is the angel of constellations, like Kakabel. He is the angel who, after Metatron names the stars to Rabbi Ishmael, ”enters them in counted order,” as related in 3 Enoch.

Rahziel An angel in Mandaean theosophy.

Rakhaniel An angel whose name is on the 5th pentacle of Saturn. When conjuring him, the invocant should recite Deuteronomy 10:17.

Ramal One of the seventy childbirth angels.

Ramamel One of the many guards of the gates of the east Wind.

Ram Avatar, Rama, Ramachandra The 7th of the ten avatars in Vedic lore.

Ramiel, Ramiel, Phanuel, Uriel, Yerahmeel, Jeremiel, etc. In the Syriac Apocalypse of Bauch (3rd section) he is the angel who, as presider over true visions, provides Baruch with an interpretation of the vision Baruch saw and speaks of. In this vision, Ramiel appears as the angel who destroys Sennacherib’s hosts—a feat credited also to Uriel, Michael, Gabriel, and other redoubtable hierarchs. Ramiel is chief of thunder (as is Uriel); has charge of the souls that come up for judgment on the last day (as has Zehanpuryu). In Enochian writings, Ramiel or Remiel is both a holy angel and a fallen one. In verse 6, he is leader of the apostates; in verse 20, he is one of the seven archangels standing before God’s throne. Ram Izad In ancient Persian lore, an angel to whom services were paid.

Ram Khastra< Ram Khvastra The Parsi equivalent of the Mandaean uthri Ayar Ziwa, who ”brings the sounds’ or ”stirs the air.”

Rampel An angel with dominion over deep waters and mountain ranges. In The Alphabet of Rabbi Akiba the angel of mountain is included among the ”splendid, terrible, and mighty angel chiefs” who passed before God to rejoice in the 1st Sabbath.

Raphael ”God has healed” Of Chaldean origin, originally called Labbiel. Raphael is one of the three great angels in post-Biblical lore. He first appears in The Book of Tobit ( a work external to the Hebrew canon, apocryphal in Protestant Scripture, canonical in Catholic). In it, Raphael acts as companion and guide to Tobit’s son Tobias who journeys to Media from Nineveh. It is only at the end of the journey that Raphael reveals himself by name as ”one of the seven holy angels” that attend the throne of God. In Enoch I, Raphael is declared to be ”one of the watchers”. And later on, he is a guide in sheol (the underworld). Enoch I also puts him as one of the four presences, set over all the diseases and all the wounds of the children of men.” In The Zohar: “Raphael is charged to heal the earth, and through him…the earth furnishes an abode for man, whom also he heals of his maladies.” According to gematria (cabala) and Yoma, Raphael is one of the three angels that visited Abraham (Genesis 18), the other two identified usually as Gabriel and Michael. Raphael is credited also with healing Abraham of the pain of circumcision, the patriarch having neglected to observe this rite earlier in life. In the Legend of the Jews, he is the angel sent by God to cure Jacob of the injury to his thigh when Jacob wrestled with his dark adversary at Peniel. Another legend in the Sefer Noah claims it was Raphael who handed Noah, after the flood, a ”medical book”, which may have been the famous Sefer Raziel. Among other high offices, Raphael is the regent of the sun, chief of the order of virtues, governor of the south, guardian of the west, ruling prince of the 2nd Heaven, overseer of the evening winds, guardian of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, one of the six angels of repentance, angel of prayer, love, joy, and light. Above all, he is, as his name denotes, the angel of healing (Cf. Aslepios, ancient Greek god of healing). He is also the angel of science and knowledge, and the preceptor angel of Isaac. He belongs to at least four of the celestial orders: seraphim, cherubim, dominions (dominations), and powers. According to Trithenius of Spanheim, the 15th-century occultist, he is one of the seven angels of the Apocalypse. He is also numbered among the ten holy sefiroth. And while he is not specifically named as the angel who troubled the waters at the pool in ancient Bethesda (John 5), he is generally so credited. An ophite diagram represents Raphael as a terrestrial daemon with a beastlike form and associated with three other angels; Michael, Suriel, and Gabriel in the same guise. This may be because of his having been called a guide in Hell. The information on Raphael is inexhaustible, but on additional interesting legend is from The Testament of Solomon: When Solomon prayed to God for help in the Building of the Temple, God answered with the gift of a magic ring brought to him by Raphael. The ring engraved with the Pentalpha (5-pointed star), had the power to subdue all demons. It was with the ”slave labor” of demons that Solomon was able to complete the building of the Temple.

Raquiel One of the many guards at the gates of the West Wind.

Rasamasa With Vocabiel, he governs the sign of Pisces.

Rasesiyah One of the many names of Metatron.

Rash, Rashin Rast The angel minister of justice in the service of Mithra.

Rashiel, Zavael An angel with dominion over whirlwinds and earthquakes.

Rathanael An angel ”who sits in the 3rd Heaven.” The Testament of Solomon cites him as the only angel who is able to frustrate the plotting of the female demon Enepsigos.

Ratsitsiel In hechaloth lore, a guard at the 1st heavenly hall.

Ratzuziel A guard of the 3rd Heaven.

Ravadlediel In hechaloth lore, a guard of the 5th Heaven.

Raziel, Ratziel. Akrasiel, Gallizur, Saraqael, Suriel, etc. ”secret of God” “angel of mysteries” “angel of the secret regions and chief of the Supreme Mysteries” In the cabala he is the personification of Cochma (divine wisdom), 2nd of the ten holy sefiroth. In rabbinic lore, he is the legendary author of The Book of the Angel Raziel (Sefer Raziel), “wherein all celestial and earthly knowledge is set down.” Legend has it that the angel handed this book to Adam, and that the other angels, out of envy, purloined the precious grimoire and cast it into the sea, whereat God ordered Rahab, primordial angel/demon of the deep, to retrieve it and return it to Adam—which Rahab obediently did. The book finally came into possession of, first, Enoch (who, it is said, gave it out as his own work; The Book of Enoch); then of Noah; then of Solomon, the latter deriving from it, according to demonographers, his great knowledge and power in magick. From a midrash, it develops that Noah learned how to go about building the Ark by pouring over the Raziel tome. The Zohar reports that in the middle of the book there occurs a secret writing ”explaining the 1,500 keys [to the mystery of the world] which were not revealed even to the holy angels.” (Many feel that the true author is unknown, but he has been commonly identified as Eleazer of Worms or Isaac the Blind, both medieval writers. The noted 13th-century cabalist Abraham ben Samuel Abulafia wrote under the name Raziel and the name Zechariah.) In Targum Ecclesiastes 10, 20, it is reported that ”each day the angel Raziel, standing on Mount Horeb, proclaims the secrets of men to all mankind.” Searching further in the cabala, one learns that Raziel is one of the ten (actually nine) archangels in the Briatic world, which is the 2nd of the four worlds of Creation. In this world, each sefira is allotted an archangel to govern it, the chief being Metatron, the others being, apart from Raziel, Tzaphkiel, Tzadquiel, Kamael, Michael, Haniel, Raphael, Gabriel, and Sandalphon. According to the Mishma Thora, Raziel is chief of the order of Erelim; also the herald of deity and preceptor angel of Adam.

Razvan In Arabic lore, the ”treasurer of Paradise”, and the ”porter of Heaven.”

Razziel An angel of the 7th hour of the night serving under Mendrion.

Recabustira A prayer addressed to him (for providing a magick carpet) is made by gradually reducing the name thus: Cabustira, Bustira, Stira, Ira, etc.

Rectacon An angel invoked in the benediction of the Salt.

Region An angel invoked specifically in the conjuration of the Sword.

Rehael An angel of the order of powers. He rules over health and longevity, and inspires respect for one’s parents. Rehael is one of the seventy-two angels bearing the name God Shemhamphorae. His corresponding angel is Ptechout.

Rehauel One of the seventy-two angels of the Zodiac.

Rehel An angel who battles against the enemies of religion. His corresponding angel is Phupe.

Reiiel An angel of the order of dominations. He is also one of the seventy-two angels bearing the name God Shemhamphorae.

Reivtip, Rirvtip In Mosaic incantation rites, an angel who serves the angel-prince Alimon.

Rekhodial An angel of the 2nd pentacle of Sol.

Relail In Arabic lore, governor of the 5th Heaven.

Remiel, Ramiel, Rumael One of the seven archangels who attend the throne of God. He is called Jeremiel or Uriel in various translations and described as ”one of the holy angels whom God has set over those who rise” (from the dead). He is the same angel (given as Ramiel) who, in The Apocalypse of Baruch, destroys the army of Sennacherib.

Rempha In Egyptian theology, chief of the order of thrones and genius of time. In hermetics, Rempha is one of the seven planetary genii and the archangel of Saturn.

Reno The corresponding angel for the angel Vehuel.

Requel In The Sixth and Seventh Book s of Moses, a ruling prince of the order of principalities.

Requiel One of the twenty-eight angels ruling the twenty-eight mansions of the moon.

Reschith Hajalalim, Rashith ha-Galgalim In Jewish cabala, a ministering angel through whom ”the essence of divinity flows.” He guides the primum mobile, a task usually linked with Metatron.

Resh, Rash? An Indo-Persian angel mentioned in Historia Religiouis Veterum Persarum.

Retsutsiel, Rezoziel An angel guarding the 3rd Heaven in hechaloth lore.

Rhamiel, Rahmiel The angelic name of St. Francis of Assisi as the angel of mercy. He has also been referred to as the angel of the apocalypse. As such he warns the winds not to complete the destruction of the world ”until the elect should be gathered.”

Rhaumel A Friday angel residing in the 5th Heaven and invoked from the north.

Richol An angel of the order of powers that may be invoked.

Riddia, Ridya, Ridjah, Mathariel ”the irrigator” Prince of rain in command of the element of water. He is said to reside between two abysses. In Hebrew lore, he is described as an angel who, when invoked, shows himself in the form of a 3-year-old heifer with cleft lips.

Ridwan In Islamic tradition an angel placed at the entrance to the earthly paradise.

Riehol Along with Saissaiel, they govern the sign of Scorpio.

Rifion In hechaloth lore, an angel guarding the 5th Heaven.

Rigal One of the seventy childbirth angels.

Rigziel In Isaac ha-Cohen’s text, Emanations of the Left Side, he if 8th of the ten holy sefiroth.

Rikbiel YHWH An angel appointed over the divine chariot (Merkabah) or wheels; also chief of the order of galgallim, of which there are six other ruling angels. In Enochian lore he ranks higher than Metatron, which makes him one of the great crown princes of heavenly judgment.

Rimezin An angel of the 4th hour of the night serving under Jefischa

Risnuch Genius of agriculture, according to Transcendental Magic. In The Nuctemeron he is one of the genii of the 9th hour.

Riswan, Rusvon In the Odes of Hafiz, he is the gatekeeper of Heaven. The reference is to ”dread Riswan’s throne”.

Riyiel In the cabala one of the seventy-two zodiac angels.

Rochel An angel who finds lost objects. His corresponding angel is Chontaré. He is also among the seventy-two angels bearing the name God Shemhamphorae.

Roelhaiphar An angel of the 5th pentacle of Saturn. Deuteronomy 10:17 should be recited when invoking him.

Rogziel Listed in Maseket Gan Edem and Gehinnom as one of the seven angels of punishment.

Rombomare Corresponding angel for Lauviah

Romiel In geonic (Middle Ages) lore, an angel assigned to rulership over one of the months of the year.

Rorex In The Testament of Solomon an angel invoked ot counteract the power of the demon of disease, Alath.

Rosabis Genius of metals and one of the genii of the 11th hour.

Roupa’il An angel in Mandaean lore.

Rsassiel One of the seventy childbirth angels.

Ruah Piskonit One of the many names of Metatron.

Ruha’il In Islamic lore, an angel of the 7th Heaven in charge of a group of angels (in the guise of men) engaged in worshipping Allah.

Rubiel An angel (along with Uriel and Barachiel) invoked in games of chance. For good results, his name, when prayed to, must be inscribed on virgin parchment.

Ruchiel An angel appointed over the wind.

Rudiel In hechaloth lore, an angel guarding the 3rd heavenly hall.

Rudosor An angel of the 6th hour of the night serving under Zaazonash.

Rufael Another form of Raphael or a corruption of Raguel.

Rugziel, Dalkiel An angel who operates in the 7th compartment of Hell in the ”punishment of ten nations.”

Ruhiel In Jewish lore, the angel governing the wind. He is mentioned as one of the great luminaries in Heaven who, ”when they encounter Metatron, tremble before him and prostrate themselves.”

Ruman In Islamic lore, a special angel of the lower regions who requires of all the deceased that come before him to write down the evil deeds they performed on earth for which they were consigned to Hell. Ruman then delivers the deceased to the angels Munkar and Nakir for punishment.

Rumiel An angelic guard of the 6th Heaven and one of the seventy childbirth amulet angels.

Rusvon, Riswan An angel who holds the keys to the Muslim earthly paradise.

Ruwano A ministering angel invoked in conjuring rites.

Ruya’il In Arabic lore, a guardian angel invoked in rites of exorcism.


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