. Jabniel “Jehovah causes to be built” One of the ruling angels of the 3rd Heaven.

Jabriel [Jibril]

Jachniel One of numerous angelic guards of the gates of the South Wind.

Jacob [Israel]

Jael, Joel One of the twin cherubim on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant, the other cherub being Zarall. In occult lore, Jael is an angel governing the zodiacal sign of Libra.

Jahoel [Jehoel]

Jaluha In the Gnostic work Texts of the Savior, Jaluha is the “receiver of Sabaoth Adamas.” To sinners who are being judged or purged, Jaluha bears the cup of oblivion so that the soul “may drink therein and forget all the places which it has passed through.”

Janax A Monday angel of the 1st Heaven invoked from the east.

Janiel Angel of the 5th Heaven ruling on Tuesday and subject to the East Wind.

Jareahel [Jevanael]

Jareriel [Jazeriel]

Jariel An angel of the divine face or presence. A variant form of Suriel, Sariel, Raziel.

Javan, Yavan Greek, for Greece A guardian angel whose special sovereignty is Greece. In Jewish legend, Javan exercises dominion also over Israel, although, traditionally, it is Michael who serves as tutelary guardian of the chosen people.

Jazar A genius that “compels love.” Jazar is one of the genii of the 7th hour, according to The Nuctemeron of Apollonius of Tyana.

Jazeriel, Jareriel One of the 28 angels ruling over the 28 mansions of the moon.

Jeduthun “praising” or ”judgment” In the cabala, lord of the evening choirs in Heaven. As “Master of Howling” he leads myriads of angels in chanting hymns of praise to God at the close of each day. Psalms 39, 62, 77 are inscribed “To the chief Musician, even Jeduthun.” Here, clearly, Jeduthun is a mortal (a Levite), one of the directors of music at the temple; but in the early Middle Ages the Zoharists transformed Jeduthun into an angel and assigned him in Heaven a post similar to the one he invested on earth.

Jehoel, Jehuel, Jaoel, Yahoel, Shemuel, Kemuel, Metatron Mediator of the ineffable name and one of the princes of the presence. In Jewish legend, Jehoel is “the angel who holds the Leviathan in check.” He is chief of the order of seraphim (although it is Seraphiel who is commonly invested with this rank). According to The Apocalypse of Abraham, Jehoel (otherwise Metatron-Yahoel) is the heavenly choirmaster, “singer of the eternal” and “heavenly Son of Man” who accompanied Abraham on his visit to Paradise and revealed to him the course of human history. In his Jewish Gnosticism, Merkabah Mysticism, and Talmudic Tradition, Scholem suggests that Jehoel is an earlier name of Metatron. In the cabalistic Berith Menuha, Jaoel (Jehoel) is the principal angel over fire. King, The Gnostics and Their Remains, lists seven subordinates of Jehuel—Seraphiel, Gabriel, Nuriel, Temmael, Shimshael, Hadarniel, and Sarmiel.

Jehovah-Angel The angel in Genesis 48:16 is so termed (angel of the Lord) by Gregory Thaumaturgus in his “Panegyric Addressed to Origen ".

Jehudiam In The Zohar, Jehudiam is an angel “who keeps the accounts of the righteous.” In addition, he “carries the 70 keys of all the treasures of the Lord.”

Jehudiel Ruler of the movements of the celestial spheres. Jehudiel is sometimes included in the list of the seven archangels. [See Salatheel.]

Jehuel [Jehoel]

Jekusiel In Pirke Hechaloth, Jekusiel is an angelic guard stationed in one of the halls of the 1st Heaven.

Jekut(h)iel An amulet spirit, invoked by women at childbirth. Moses was christened Jekuthiel, says Pirke Rabbi Eliezer, because “his form was like that of an angel.”

Jeliel A seraph whose name is inscribed on the Tree of Life in the world of Yetzirah (Formation). In the cabala, Jeliel is the heavenly prince—ruler of Turkey. He controls the destiny of kings and other high dignitaries and gives the palm of victory to of the elohim. He inspires passion between the sexes and insures marital fidelity.

Jeou In Gnostic lore, a great heavenly power who shackles the god Ialdabaoth to a sphere of fate. Jeou deprives the god of his rank and elevates in his place Ialdabaoth’s son, Ibraoth (Sabaoth).

Jerazol An angel of power mentioned in cabalistic works. He is invoked in conjuring rites.

Jeremiel “mercy of God” or “whom God sets up” In Enoch and II Esdras, Jeremiel is equated with Remiel; also with Uriel. He is one of the seven archangels in the original or earliest listings. He has been described as the “lord of souls awaiting resurrection.” In II Esdras, Jeremiel is referred to as an archangel.

Jerescue, Jeruscue A Wednesday angel, residing in the 3rd Heaven and invoked from the west according to de Abano, The Heptameron. But, according to Barrett, The Magus II, Jerescue is a resident of the 2nd Heaven (which may make a difference as to the direction from which he is to be invoked).

Jesodoth In rabbinic tradition, an angel who receives wisdom and knowledge direct from God for transmission to man. He is 10th in the hierarchy.

Jesubilin According to the Grimorium Verum, a “holy angel of God” invoked in Gnostic rites. The name is a variant form of Serabiin.

Jesus Regarded by Philo, Justin Martyr, and early Christian writers as “a leading angel” or archangel; also identified as the Logos or Word, and as such is said to have been one of the three angels that visited Abraham under the oak of Mamre.

Jeu In Gnostic lore, specifically in Pistis Sophia, Jeu is a great angel, “overseer of light, arranger of the Cosmos.” He is one of the three great powers on high, occupying the place on God’s right, with Propator on God’s left.

Jevanael, Jareahe In Mosaic lore, one of the seven princes that stand continually before God and to whom are given the spirit-names of the planets.

Jibril, Jabriel, Jabril, Jibra’il, Jabriyel, Abruel The name of Gabriel in Koranic Scripture. As Jibra’il in Arabic rites of exorcism, he is regarded as a guardian angel. In Persian lore, Jibril is Bahram, “the mightiest of all the angels”; also “Serosh, the message-bringer.”

Jinn In Moslem theology, the jinn were created 2,000 years before Adam. They were originally of a high estate, equal to the angels, with Eblis chief among them. When, on the creation of Adam, Eblis refused to worship the earthling, Eblis was degraded and cast out of Heaven along with the jinn, who thenceforth became demons. Five sons of Eblis were among the evil jinn. In Hughes, A Dictionary of Islam, “Genii,” we find the following quotation: “The most noble and honorable among the angels are called the Ginn, because they are veiled from the eyes of the other angels on account of their superiority.”

Jinniyeh Feminine for jinn.

Joel, Jael, Jehoel, Yahoel, Jah-el, etc. In The Book of Adam and Eve, a pseudepigraphic work, Joel is the archangel who allotted our first parents a 7th part of the earthly paradise. Joel is also credited with being the angel who bade Adam name all things, an incident related in Genesis 2:19—20 (where it is God Himself who appoints Adam to the task). Joel (Yahoel) is the 1st of Metatron’s names. In Conybeare, The Testament of Solomon, the female demon Onoskelis, on being interrogated by Solomon, declared she was subject to Joel.

Jofiel [Iofiel]

Johiel Angel of Paradise, although Shamshiel, Zephon, Zotiel, Michael, and Gabriel, among others, have been called angels of Paradise. There are actually two paradises, the one heavenly, the other, earthly (Eden).

John the Baptist The “forerunner angel,” as in Exodus 23:20; Malachi 3:1; Matthew 11:10. “Behold, I send an angel before thee, to keep thee in the way and to bring thee into the place I have prepared.” In The Zohar Rabbi Judah declared: “This angel, this deliverer of the world, is sometimes male, sometimes female. When he procures blessings for the world, he is male, resembling the male who provides blessings for the female. But when he comes to bring chastisement on the world, he is female, being, as it were, pregnant with the judgment.” [See Metatron; Shekinah; Helias the Prophet]. In the Coptic Book of John the Evangelist, Jesus speaks of “Helias the prophet” (meaning John the Baptist) and refers to the latter as an angel sent by Satan to baptize with water. “In the icons of the Eastern Church he (John the Baptist) is always depicted with wings, to indicate his office as messenger (angel) sent before the face of Christ”—from Gales, “The Christian Lore of Angels.”

Jophiel [Iofiel]

Jorkemo [Yurkemi]

Josata, Josta An angel invoked in Solomonic magic rites in the Uriel conjuration. Josata is one of the four magical words or names spoken by God “with his mouth, to his servant Moses”, the other three names being Ablati, Abla, and Caila.

Josephel [Asfa’el]

Joth A secret name of God, which “Jacob learned from the angel in the night of his wrestling, and by which he was delivered from the hands of his brother Esau.”

Joustriel In The Lemegeton, an angel of the 6th hour of the day, serving under Samil.

Jukar ”a prince over all the angels and all the Caesars,” according The Greater Key of Solomon.

Jusguarin A ruling angel of the 10th hour of the night. Jusguarin has ten chief angelic officers under him, as well as one hundred lesser officers.


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