. Kabchiel A Mandaean angel.

Kabniel An angel invoked to cure stupidity.

Kabriel [Cabriel]

Kabshiel An angel who when conjured and he is agreeable to the invocant, confers grace and power. He is also engraved on amulets.

Kadal One of the seventy childbirth amulet angels.

Kadashiel One of the many angel guards at the gates of the South Wind.

Kadi(el) A Friday angel serving in the 3rd Heaven and may be invoked from the west.

Kadir-Rahman ”power of mercy” One of the seven archangels in Yezidic devil-worship, invoked in prayer.

Kadkadael In hechaloth lore a guard stationed at the 6th heavenly hall.

Kadmiel ”before God” One of the seventy childbirth angels that may be invoked.

Kafziel, Cassiel, Qaphsiel ”speed of God” The angel governing the death of kings. In geonitc tradition one of the seven archangels with charge over Saturn. As Qaphsiel, he is controller of the moon. In The Zohar he serves with Hizkiel as chief aide to Gabriel when he bears his standard in battle.

Kahaviel [Dahaviel]

Kakabel, Kochbiel, Kokbiel, Kabaiel, Kochab ”star of God” A great angelic prince who exercises dominion over the stars and constellations. In The Book of the Angel Raziel, he is a high, holy angel; but in apocryphal lore, such as Enoch I, he is evil (a fallen angel) and a resident of the nether realms. Whether in Heaven or Hell he commands 365,000 spirits who do his bidding. Among other duties he instructs his fellows in astrology.

Kal The guardian angel of Nebuchadnezzar.

Kalka’il In Islam, a guardian angel invoked in rites of exorcism. Also an angel of the 5th Heaven with charge of a group of angels in the guise of houris (black-eyed celestial nymphs) engaged in worshipping Allah.

Kalkelmiyah One of the many names of Metatron.

Kalmiya One of the seven angelic princes of power, guards of the veil of the 7th Heaven. The other six are usually listed as Boel, Asimor, Psachar (Paschar), Gabriel, Sandalphon, and Uzziel.

Kandile One of the nine holy angels invoked according to The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses.

Kaniel One of the seventy childbirth amulet angels.

Kaphkaphiel An angel inscribed on a kamea for warding off evil.

Karliel One of the seventy childbirth amulet angels.

Karmiel One of the many guards of the gates of the East Wind.

Karniel One of the many guards of the gates of the West Wind.

Kartion In hechaloth lore an angel stationed at the 7th Heaven.

Kasbak, Baskabas A secret name of the angel Metatron.

Kashiel One of the many guards of the gates of the South Wind.

Kashriel, Tophnar One of the seven guards of the 1st Heaven identified with Zevudiel.

Katchiel One of the seventy childbirth amulet angels.

Katzfiel An angelic prince of the Sword, and guard of the 6th Heaven. It is said that his sword emits lightning.

Katzmiel One of the guards of the 6th Heaven.

Kautel [Ketuel]

Kavzakiel One of the angel-princes of the Sword.

Kawkabel [Kakabel]

Kazviel An angel who is stationed as a guard in the 4th Heaven.

Kedemel The angel of Venus in talismanic magick.

Keel ”like God” An angel of a season, one of the ”leaders of heads of thousands.”

Kelail The governor of the 5th Heaven according to Islamic traditional lore.

Keliel One of the seventy-two angels of the quinaries of the degrees of the zodiac.

Kelkhea and Kelkheak Two mysterious angels to whom the secrets of Creation were revealed.

Kemos [Kimos]

Kemuel, Shemuel, Camael, Seraphiel ”helper” or ”assembly of God” The great archon who stands at the windows of Heaven as mediator between prayers of Israel and the princes of the 7th Heaven. He is chief of seraphim and one of the ten holy sefiroth. Legend tells of Moses destroying Camael when this great angel tried to prevent Moses from receiving the Torah at the hand of God. According to the Revelation of Moses is (or was) leader of 12,00 angels of destruction.

Kenunit One of the seventy childbirth amulet angels.

Kered An angel of the Seal.

Kerkoutha An angel with dominion over the south.

Kerubiel Eponymous head of the order of cherubim. 3 Enoch describes him thusly: ”full of burning coals…there is a crown of holiness on his head… and the bow of the Shekinah is between his shoulders.”

Ketheriel ”crown of God” A sefiroth invoked in cabalistic rites.

Ketuel, Kautel One of the three angels making up the Triune God, the other two are Meachuel and Lebatei.

Keveqel One of the seventy-two angels of the zodiac.

Kezef In Jewish tradition, an angel of death and one of the five angels of destruction (along with Af, Hemah, Mashhit, and Haron-Peor). He fought against Moses in Horeb; and he was the angel of death whom Aaron seized and imprisoned in the Holy Tabernacle. He is the angel of wrath.

Kfial One of the sixty-four wardens of the seven celestial halls.

Khabiel One of the supervising guards of the 1st Heaven named in the Pirke Hechaloth.

Kharael An angel who, when his name is pronounced is able to exorcise the demon Belbel, as Belbel concedes in The Testament of Solomon.

Kharura’il A guardian angel invoked in rites of exorcism in Arabic lore.

Khasdiel The name of an angel inscribed on a Hebrew amulet. It appears along with the names of the angels Senoi, Sansenoi, and Samangeloph, as well as the names of Adam, Eve, and Lilith.

Khurdad In ancient Persian lore, the angel of May and governor of the 6th day of the month. He is one of the Amesha Spentas, and is prayed to at the 56th gate of Paradise as an intercessor.

Kidumiel One of the seventy childbirth amulet angels.

Kimos, Kemos A secret name for Michael or Metatron.

Kinor One of three angels stationed at the upper gates of Hell.

Kipod An angel like Kinor. The other two angels are Nagrasagiel (or Nasragiel) and Nairyo Sangha (messenger of Ahura Mazda). It was Kipod who lead Rabbi Joshua to the gates of Hell and showed him the compartments into which the Underworld is divided.

Kiramu ‘l-katibin One of two recording angels in Arabic lore.

Kirtabus Angel of languages and one of the angels of the 9th hour.

Kisael In hechaloth lore an angel stationed at the 5th Heaven.

Kitreal, Kitriel A form of Akatriel.

Klaha One of the many guards of the gates of the South Wind.

Kmiel In Jewish Mysticism an angel of the Summer Equinox and effective as an amulet against evil.

Kokabiel [Kakabel]

Kokaviel An angel inscribed on the 3rd pentacle of Mercury.

Kokhabriel [Kakabel]

Kolazonta ”the chastiser” Greek The destroying angel who is cited in the Aaron incident related by Reider in The Book of Wisdom, 18:22. He is the ”personification of the destroying spirit” who is in IV Maccabees 7:11 is called an angel.

Komm The angel who refused to give a description of Hell to Rabbi Joshua.

Korniel One of the many guards of the gates of the South Wind.

Korshid A Mandaean and also a Mazdean archspirit comparable to Metatron.

Kotecha An angel of the Seal.

Krishna [Krisn Avatar]

Krisn Avatar, Krishna 8th of the ten avatars in Vedic lore. [See Avatar]

Kshathra Vairya One of the six Amesha Spentas.

Kshiel [Kushiel]

Kso’ppghiel A leader of the angel of fury, one of the Nomina Barbara.

Kuriel [Kyriel]

Kurmavatar ”tortoise avatar” One of the ten avatars.

Kurzi [Angel of the Footstool]

Kushiel ”rigid one of God” One of the seven angels of punishment and a ”presiding angel of Hell.” He ”punishes the nations with a whip of fire.”

Kutiel An angel invoked in connection with the use of divining rods.

Kyniel An angel serving in the 3rd Heaven.

Kyriel, Kuriel One of the twenty-eight angels governing the twenty-eight mansions of the moon. As Kuriel he guard the gates of the West Wind.

Kzuial An angelic guard of the 4th Heaven.


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