. Iabiel An evil angel (yes, some angels are considered evil without being a demon) invoked in ceremonial magick for separating a husband from his wife.

Iachadiel An angel whose name is on the 5th pentacle of the moon. He ”serveth unto destruction and loss…thou mayest call upon him against all Phantoms of the night and to summon the souls of the departed from Hades.”

Iadara In association with another angel named Schaltiel, he governs the sign of Virgo.

Iadiel ”hand of God” An angel listed in the Vocabulaire de l’Angélologie.”

Iaeo An angel invoked to exorcise demons. With the aide of other angels, he is able to frustrate the maneuverings of Saphathorael.

Iahhel In the cabala an archangel who has charge over philosophers and those who wish to withdraw from worldly trepidations. He is also one of the seventy-two angels who bear the name God Shemhamphorae.

Iahmel An angel of the element of air.

Ialcoajul An angel of the 11th hour of the night under Dardariel.

Iamariel An angel of the 9th hour of the night under Nacoriel.

Iameth An angel cited in occult and apocryphal writings. He is the only beneficent angel who is able to overcome the demon of the sea, Kunospaston.

Iaoth One of the seven archangels in The Testament of Solomon. Kurteel, the demon that causes bowel pains may be overcome by the power of his name.

Iaqwiel An angel of the moon.

Iax An angel who is able to thwart the demons Roeled and Envy.

Iboriel In hechaloth lore, a guard at the 7th heavenly hall.

Iciriel One of the twenty-eight angels ruling the twenty-eight mansions of the moon.

Idrael In hechaloth lore, a guard at the 5th heavenly hall.

Iealo An angel invoked to exorcise demons. Most likely a variant of Iaeo.

Iedidiel An angel invoked during ritual.

Iehuiah An angel of the order of thrones or of powers; a protector of princes and one of the angels bearing the name God Shemhamphorae.

Ieiaiel Angel of the future. He is one of the angels bearing the name God Shemhamphorae.

Ieilael One of the angels bearing the name God Shemhamphorae.

Ielahiah Formerly an angel of the order of virtues, he protects magistrates, and renders legal decisions in legal suits. He is one of the angels bearing the name God Shemhamphorae.

Ieliel One of the angels bearing the name God Shemhamphorae.

Ierahlem An angel invoked in ceremonial magick. BR>
Ierathel, Terather An angel of the order of dominions.

Ierimiel, Hierimiel A form of Jeremiel.

Iesaia One of the many names of Metatron.

Ietuqiel An angel invoked by women at childbirth. It is said to be the primitive name of Moses.

’Ifafi In hechaloth lore a guard of the 7th heavenly hall.

Iggereth bath Mahalath A variant spelling for Agrat bat Mahlat.

Ihiazel One of the seventy-two angels bearing the name God Shemhamphorae.

Iibamiah One of the seventy-two angels bearing the name God Shemhamphorae.

Ijasusael In Enochian lore one of the leaders of the angels of the seasons.

Ikkar Sof Angelic ruler of the month Schebat (January-February).

Ilaniel According to Jewish tradition, an angel with charge over fruit-bearing trees.

Ili-Abrat, Ilabrat, Papukkal A winged angel, Babylonian chief messenger of the god Anu. He carries a staff/wand in his right hand.

Imachedel An angel invoked by the Master of the Art.

’Immiel In hechaloth lore, an angel that assists Metatron in reciting the Shema.

Imriaf The angelic ruler of the month Tamouz (June-July).

Imriel ”eloquence of God” The angelic ruler of the month Siwan (May-June).

Ingethal or Ingethel [Gethel]

In Hii In Mandaean lore one of the four malki or uthri (angels) of the North Star.

Inias One of the seven angels reprobated at the church council in Rome (745 C.E.). The other reprobated angels were Uriel, Raguel, Simiel (Semibel), Tubuel, Tubuas, and Saboac.

Innon The holy name of an angel by which demons are commanded to appear in Solomonic conjuration rites.

Ioelet An angel invoked to exorcise demons. With the help of other angels he is able to frustrate the aims of Saphathorael.

Iofiel, Iophiel, Zophiel, Jofiel, Jophiel ”beauty of God” A companion of Metatron; a prince of the Torah (Law), usually included among the seven archangels and equated with Yefefiah. He is ruler of Saturn, alternating with Zaphchiel (Zaphkiel). Paracelsus has cited him as the intelligence of Jupiter. Some view him as the angel that drove Adam out of Eden. In Angels in Art he is cited as the preceptor angel of the sons of Noah (Shem Ham, and Japhet).

Ioniel In Solomonic lore one of the two princes ruling the universe, the other being Sefoniel. He may be invoked using the proper procedures.

Irel An Tuesday angel residing in the 5th Heaven and invoked from the west.

Isda An angel who provides sustenance to humans.

Isfandarmend, Isphan Darmaz In Persian mythology the angel of February and ruler of the 5th day of each month.

Ishliah One of the angels governing the east. [See Gauriil Ishliha]

Isiael One of the Tuesday angels residing in the 5th Heaven.

Ismoli The ministering angel to the ruler of the angels of the air, Samax.

Isphan Darmaz, Isphendarmoz, Spendarmoz According to Persian lore, the tutelary spirit of the earth and the presiding angel over February. He was also the angel for virtuous women.

Israel ”striver of God” An angel of the order of hayyoth, a distinguished order of angels surrounding God’s throne and to be compared with the cherubim and seraphim. He is ranked 6th of the throne angels. In the Prayer of Joseph, an Alexandrian Gnostic apocryphon there occurs this passage: ”He who speaks to you, I, Jacob and Israel, am an angel of God and a principal (archikon) spirit.” Elsewhere in the same text: I am Israel the archangel of the power of the Lord and the chief tribune among the sons of God.” Further, Jacob-Israel identifies himself as the angel Uriel. In this apocryphon, the patriarch Jacob is an archangel (Israel) who has entered earthly life from a pre-existent state. The mystics of the geonic period (7th-11th centuries) speak of a heavenly being named Israel; the duty of this angel is to ”call the hosts of angels to chant God’s praise.” He addresses them with these words: ”Bless ye the Lord who is to be blessed.” Philo identifies Israel with the Logos. In the Legends of the Jews, Israel is designated ”Jacob’s countenance in the throne of Glory.”

Israfel, Israfil, Isrephel, Sarafiel In Arabic folklore ”the burning one”, the angel of resurrection and song, who will blow the trumpet on Judgment Day. He is described as four-winged and ”while his feet are under the 7th earth, his head reaches to the pillars of the divine throne.” Also “3 times a day and 3 times during the night he looks down into Hell and is so convulsed with grief that his tears would inundate the earth if Allah did not stop their flow.” It is further ”revealed” that for three years he served as companion to Mohammed, whom he initiated in the work of a prophet, then Gabriel came and took over. Another tradition in Islam speaks of Israfel, Gabriel, Michael, and Azrael being sent by Allah to the four corners of the earth to fetch seven handfuls of dust for the creation of Adam—a variant of the Genesis account in which God creates Adam out of the dust on the ground; or the Jewish account of ”from a spoonful of dust taken from the spot where, in time, the altar of atonement would stand in Jerusalem.” On this mission, only Azrael, the angel of death, was successful. Israfel is one of the four angels to be destroyed in the universal conflagration at the end of the world, of which the Koran speaks and will occur at the sounding of the 3rd and final blast. There is a strong feeling that God or Allah will revive them, just he did Rahab. However, attention must be given to the fact that the Koran does not mention Israfel by name and so it would be incorrect to identify him as a Koranic angel (which Poe does in a footnote to his poem “And the angel Israfel, whose heart strings are a lute, and who has the sweetest voice of all God’s creatures—Koran”) His source had to be other than the Koran for nothing can be found in it.

Itatiyah One of the many names of Metatron.

Ithoth An angel who can subvert the designs of Saphathoreal, with the help of others.

Itmon One of the many names of Metatron.

Itqal An angel of affection. Invoke when there is dissension.

Itra’il In Arabic lore a guardian angel invoked during rites of exorcism.

Iurabatres, Eurabatres An angel with charge over Venus.

Iyar A Talmudic angel thought to have been derived from Babylonian sources just as Gabriel and Michael were.

Iyasusael [Ijasusael]

Izachel An angel invoked in ritual magic, specifically in prayer by the Master of the Art.

Iz’iel In hechaloth lore an guard of the 6th heavenly hall.

Izrael One of the four angels who will be exempt from the terrifying blast of the 1st Trumpet on Judgment Day (the other three being Gabriel, Michael, and Israfel). According to Islamic lore, there will be three blasts in all, the final one the blast of the Resurrection. There will be either a 40-year or 40-day interval between each blast. At the very end, at Allah’s command, ”the dry and rotten bones and dispersed parts of the bodies of all human creatures, even to the very hairs, will be called to judgment.”

Izrafel [Israfel]


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