. Baabiel An angel serving in the 1st Heaven.

Babel, Babiel One of the messengers of the planet Jupiter. He is sited as an angel of Wednesday or Friday and invoked from the south or east. He is resident in the 3rd Heaven.

Babhne’a A mighty angel who is invoked for protection. His name has been found inscribed, in Hebrew, on Babylonian terracotta devil traps.

Bachanoe, Bachanael Ruler of Monday and resides in the 1st Heaven.

Bachiel, Baciel An angel of the air that is invoked from the east. Also one of the intelligences of Saturn. He resides in the 4th Heaven and is one of the 316 guards of the West Wind.

Bachliel A guard of the South Wind.

Badpatiel An angel to inscribe on a charm to ward off evil.

Bae An angel summoned for the exorcism of demons.

Ba-En-Kekon, Bainkhookh ”The soul of darkness” A aeon-angel mentioned in Pistis Sophia. He derives from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Bagdal A genius who governs the sign of Taurus with Araziel.

Baglis An angel of measure and balance who may be invoked only in the 2nd hour of the day.

Bagnael One of the angelic guards of the gates of the East Wind.

Bahaliel One of the angelic guards of the gates of the East Wind.

Bahman [Barman]

Bahram [Barman]

Baijel An angel serving in the 5th Heaven.

Bainkhookh [Ba-En-Kekon]

Baktamael One of the angelic guards of the gates of the West Wind.

BalayAn angel of Monday that must be invoked from the North. He resides in the 1st Heaven.

Baldach An angel called upon in magickal rituals.

Balhiel [Baliel]

Balidet An angel of Saturday and of the air, serving under Maymon.

Baliel, Balhiel An angel of Monday invoked from the north. He is also a guard of the gates of the South wind and may reside in either the 1st or 2nd Heaven.

Balkin Lord and king of the northern mountains, a benevolent master spirit, whose aide is Luridan (a domestic spirit).

Ballaton An angel of the external circle of the pentagram of Solomon.

Baltazard A sprit invoked for procuring a lady’s garter.

Balthial, Balthiel One of the seven planetary angels and the only one that can overcome the demon of jealousy.

Banech One of the seven planetary angels.

Baniel A spirit summoned in Solomonic rites.

Baraborat A spirit of Mercury and an angel of Wednesday who resides in either the 2nd or 3rd Heaven. Invoke him from the east.

Baracata An angel invoked in prayer by the Master of the Art.

Barach An angel of the Seal.

Barachiel [Barakiel]

Baradiel, Yurkemo, Yurkei, Yurkemoi One of the seven archangels and a prince of the 3rd Heaven. He shares rulership with Shaphiel. Baradiel has dominion over hail along with Nuriel and others.

Barael One of the seven exalted throne angels who resides in the 1st Heaven. He assists in executing the ”commands of the potentates.”

Barah The ”boat avatar”. One of the ten incarnations of divinity in Vedic tradition.

Barakiel, Barachiel, Barbiel, Barchiel, Barkiel, Baraqiel ”Lightning of God” One of the seven archangels, one of the four ruling seraphim, angel of the month of February, and prince of the 2nd Heaven who is also of the order of confessors. He has dominion over lightning and is one of the principle angels of the 1st and 4th chora. He is also a ruler of Jupiter and the zodiac signs of Scorpio and Pisces. Invoke him, along with Uriel and Rubiel, to bring success in games of chance.

Barakon An angel invoked in Solomonic magick.

Barattiel, Ataphiel ”The great angelic prince of three fingers>”

Barbelo A great female archon ”perfect in glory and next in rank to the Father-of-All.” Consort to Cosmocrator. The daughter of Pistis Sophia, procreator of the superior angels.

Barbiel, Barbuel, Baruel Once a prince of the order of virtues and one of the archangels. He is the angel for the month of October. One of the twenty-eight angels of the twenty-eight mansions of the Moon. He is sometimes equated with Barakiel which would make him ruler of February also. In Hell, he serves as one of the seven Electors, under Zaphiel.

Barchiel [Barakiel]

Barcus An angel of quintessence and of the 5th hour.

Bardiel, Barchiel, Baradiel The angel of hail, along with Nuriel (the twin Kadishin i.e. quadisin), and others.

Baresches, Bareschas ”Beginning” An angel invoked to obtain the woman of your desires.

Barginiel An angel (governing) of the 7th hour of the day.

Bariel An angel of the 11th hour of the day and of the 4th pentacle of Jupiter.

Barkeil an angel of the Mandaeans.

Barkiel, Barakiel One of the angelic guards of the gates of the East Wind.

Barman, Bahman, Bahram A great mihr (angel) placed over all the animals except man in ancient Persian cosmology. He was also the principle of thirty angels appointed to preside over the days of the month. He is one of the Amesha Spentas, ”the first intelligence, the first angel…from whom other spirits or angels proceed.” He is ”the mightiest of the angels whom the Mohammedans call Jabreil” (Gabriel). He was also the angel of January and governor of the second day of the month. Usually pictured in an image of red stone, a human form, and on his head a red crown. Omar Khayyam dubs him ”the great hunter.”

Barpharanges, Sesenges-Barharanges One of the powers in charge of the spring of the waters of life (heavenly baptism). He appears in Coptic magickal text.

Barsabel, Barzabel One of the angels governing Mars. 325 is his cabalistic number.

Bartyabel A spirit of Mars, serving Gabriel.

Bartzachiah, Barzachia An angel of the 1st pentacle of Mars.

Baruch ”Blessed” Principle guardian angel of the Tree of Life. In occult tradition, he is one of seven devils who possessed Sister Seraphica of London.

Baruchiachel One of the seven great planetary rulers and the only angel capable of defeating the female demon, Strife.

Baryá’il According to Islamic apocalyptic writings, the angel encountered by the sufi Abu Yazid in the 7th Heaven. He is the principle of innumerable ranks of angels, and attempts to tempt the sufi “a kingdom such as no tongue can describe,” but Abu Yazid remained single-minded in his devotion throughout his mir’aj (heavenly ascent). Similar offers had been made in the lower heavens by Láwidh in the 2nd and Nayá’il in the 4th Heaven.

Baskabas One of the more than 100 names of Metatron.

Basus An angel guard of the 4th heavenly hall according to hechaloth lore.

Bataliel One of the rulers of the zodiac.

Bathor One of the seven Olympian spirits, known as Electors or Stewards of Heaven.

Bat(h) Qol, Bath Kol ”Heavenly voice” or ”Daughter of the voice” A holy guardian angel that supposedly visited 2nd century sage, Simeon ben Yohai, in his cell. She is symbolized as a dove and may compared to the Holy Ghost in this manifestation. In a Syrian invocation she is referred to as ”the Voice which called out to Cain the murderer, ‘Where is thy brother Abel?’”

Batsran One of the more than 100 names of Metatron.

Bazathiel An angelic guard of the 1st Heaven.

Bazazath, Raphael-Bazazath An archangel of the 2nd heaven. He is reported to have put to flight a winged female demon by the name of Obizuth.

Baz Baziah An angel invoked to cure cutaneous disorders.

Bazkiel An angel who guards the 3rd Heaven.

Baztiel An angel guard of the 1st heavenly hall according to hechaloth lore.

Bealphares Although he is characterized as a demon sometimes, he is also declared to be ”the noblest carrier that ever did serve any man upon the earth.” This would make him a benign spirit. Furthermore, he is not listed in any register of underworld hierarchies.

Bearechet An angel of the Seal.

Beatiel An angel of the 4th Heaven.

Beduros One of the nine angels that will rule at the end of the world.

Bedaliel An angel invoked to command or exorcise demons.

Bedrimulael [Abedumabal]

Behemiel, Hareil, Hashmal Principle of the order of hashmallim, an order identified with that of the cherubim. He has dominion over tame beasts.

Behemoth A male chaos-monster (whale, crocodile, hippopotamus, elephant, bear) created on the 5th day and closely associate with the female Leviathan. Also equated with Rahab, a primordial angel of the sea, and with the angel of death. In Roman Catholic Theology he is the principle of darkness. Yet, Job 40:19 states ”he is the chief of the ways of God” which points in the opposite direction.

Beli One of the angelic guards of the gates of the North Wind.

Beliael One of the angelic guards of the gates of the North Wind.

Belsal An angel of the 1st hour of the night under Gamiel.

Benad Hashe ”Daughters of God” Female angels worshipped by the Arabs.

Ben Ani Invoked to command demons.

Beniel An angel invoked to command demons for the gift of invisibility.

Ben Nez ”Hawk” The angel Rubiel or Ruhiel. He has dominion over the wind and is referred to as a mountain as well as an angel.

Beodonos An angel invoked during the conjuration of the Reed.

Beratiel A ruling angel of the 12th hour of the day.

Berekeel ”My blessing is God” An angel of the seasons.

Berka’el A leading spirit of three months of the year, serving under Melkejal.

Bernael In Falasha lore, the angel of darkness. Identified with Beliel he is angel of evil.

Beshter The ancient Persian name for Michael.

Bethor One of the seven supreme angels ruling the 196 provinces of Heaven. He rules forty-two Olympic regions and commands kings, princes, dukes, etc., and ”governs all things that are ascribed to Jupiter.” He also commands 29,000 legions of angels.

Bethuael ”House or man of God” One of the twenty-eight angels ruling over the twenty-eight mansions of the moon.

Bethuel An angel to inscribe on a charm to ward off evil.

Betuliel One of the governing angels of the zodiac.

Bezaliel An angelic guard of the 3rd Heaven.

Bhaga In Vedic tradition, one of the celestial deities, comparable to Judeao-Christian angels.

Bibiyah One of the more than 100 names of Metatron.

Bifiel An angelic guard of the 6th heavenly hall.

Bigtha, Biztha One of the seven angels of confusion and one of the two pressers of the winepress. Considered an angel of destruction in the house of Ahasuerus.

Binah ”Understanding” The third sefira sometimes called ”the sea”.

Biqa ”Good person” The original name of the angel Kasbeel before he fell, by turning away from God the moment he was created. After he fell his name became Kazbeel, ”he who lies to God”.

Bizbul ”in Zebul” One of the more than 100 names of Metatron.

Blaef An angel of Friday and of the air serving Sarabotes and subject to the West Wind.

Blautel An angel invoked in necromancy.

Bne Seraphim In cabala he is the angel of Mercury and in talismanic magic he is the intelligence of Venus.

Boamiel One of six angels over the four parts of Heaven. The other five are: Scamijm, Gabriel, Adrael, Dohel, Madiel.

Bodiel The ruling prince of the 6th Heaven. The ruling princes are usually Sabath, Sandalphon, Zachiel, and Zebul.

Boel, Boul, Booel, Bohel, Dohel An exalted throne angel of the 1st or 7th Heaven. He holds four keys to the four corners of the earth, which allow entry of the Heavenly Hosts into the Garden of Eden, when the two guarding cherubim will allow entry. He also governs Saturn.

Briel One of the seventy childbirth amulet angels.

Brieus The only angel who is able to overcome the demon Rabdos.

Bualu One of the eight angels of omnipotence invoked in magickal rites. The others are: Atuesuel, Ebuhuel, Tabatlu, Tulatu, Labusi, and Ublisi. The instructions for invoking these angels specify that they ”must be called three times from the four corners of the world with a clear and powerful voice and when the name of each is pronounced three times, then three sounds must be uttered by the horn.”

Buchuel An angel to inscribe on a charm to ward off evil.

Buhair One of the ten angels that accompany the sun on its daily course according to Mandaean lore.

Bull The source of all light, and created by Ormazd and destroyed by Ahriman. Out of Bull’s sacred seed sprang the first man and woman, according to Zoroastrian legend.

Burc(h)at An angel of the air serving in the 4th Heaven who governs on Sunday and is invoked from the west. He is also a messenger of the Sun.

Busthariel An angel to inscribe on a charm to ward off evil.

Butator, Butatar The angel of calculations. He serves in the 3rd hour of the day and may be invoked for magickal rites.


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