. Ebed One of the many names of Metatron.

Ebuhuel An angel of omnipotence, one of eight, as recorded in the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. Ebuhuel may be invoked in cabalistic conjurations.

Ecanus, Elkanah As noted in the apocalyptic Esdras (IV Esdras, 14:42) Ecanus is one of five angels who, on orders from God, transcribed the 94 or 204 books dictated to them by Ezra. The five angels were, including Ecanus, Sarea, Dabria, Selemia, and Asiel. Some versions give Ethan for Ecanus.

Efchal, Efchiel Possibly another name for the angel Zophiel.

Efniel An angels belonging to the order of cherubim.

Egibiel One of the twenty-eight angels governing the twenty-eight mansions of the moon.

Egion In hechaloth lore one of the guards of the 7th heavenly hall.

Egoroi [Grigori]

Egregori [Grigori]

Egrimiel, Egrumiel An angelic guard stationed in one of the halls of the 6th heaven.

Eheres In occult lore an angel invoked in the exorcism of Wax. Lewis Spence claims that the name is ”attributed to the Holy Spirit.”

Eiael An angel with dominion over occult sciences, longevity, etc. He is also one of the seventy-two angels bearing the name of God Shemhamphorae. His corresponding angel is Abiou. When conjured, the invocant must recite the 4th verse of Psalm 36.

Eirnilus An angel with dominion over fruit who serves in the 6th hour.

El A term for God or angel. In Canaanitish epic lore, El is the angel who begot Shahar and Shalim by a mortal woman.

Eladel One of the seventy-two angels ruling the zodiac.

El-Adrel In The Secret Lore of Magic he is an angel who is invoked to bring the invocant the music of his choice. He is also mentioned in the Book of Powers.

Elamiz An angel of the 11th hour of the night serving under Dardariel.

El Auria Angel of flame. He is equated with Ouriel or Uriel.

El El One of the angelic guards of the gates of the North Wind.

Elemiah One of the eight seraphim of the Tree of Life in the Book of Yetsirah, and an angel bearing the mystical name of God Shemhamphorae. He rules over voyages and maritime expeditions. His corresponding angel is Senacher.

Eliel, Elael An angel that may be invoked in ritual magick.

Elijah (Greek- Elias ”my God is Jehovah”) In the Old Testament, 2 Hebrew patriarchs were translated to Heaven while they were still in the flesh: God ‘took’ Enoch (Genesis 5); Elijah was transported in a fiery chariot (II Kings 2:11). Enoch was transformed into the angel Metatron; Elijah into Sandalphon (although there is a legend that Elijah was an angel from the very beginning: ”one of the greatest and mightiest of the fiery angel host”). Another legend relates that Elijah fought the angel of death, subdued him, and would have annihilated him but for the intervention of God (Who had further use for this particular angel of death). In Talmud there is a similar tale relating to Moses’ encounter with an angel of death—in fact with several of them. Malachi 4:5 prophecies that Elijah would be the forerunner of the Messiah. In Luke, Elijah appears with Moses on the Mount of Transfiguration, in conversation with Jesus. In Heaven, according to Pirke Rabbi Eliezer, Elijah is the ”psycho pomp whose duty is to stand at the crossways of Paradise and guide the pious to their appointed places.” The Hasidic Rabbi Elimelekh of Lizhensk referred to Elijah after his transfiguration as the ”Angel of the Covenant”. In Jewish homes, at Passover festivals, the cup of Elijah is filled with wine, and a place is left vacant at the seder for him, ”the expected guest.” Blake, in his Marriage of Heaven and Hell, pictures Elijah as a composite devil and angel. ”I beheld the Angel who stretched out his arms embracing the flame of fire, and he was consumed and arose as Elijah.”

Elilaios In gnosticism, he is one of seven archons residing in the 6th Heaven.

Elim ”trees”; in Hebrew, ”mighty ones” The guardian angel of Libbeus the Apostle. See also Terms

Elimelech ”my God is king” An angel of Summer, associated with the angel He’el, ”leader of the heads of thousands.”

Elimiel In Jewish qabalah, the angel of the moon.

Eliphaniasai An angel of the 3rd chora invoked in magickal prayer as defined in The Almadel of Solomon.

Elion or Elyon Phoenician, ”the most high” An aide to Ofaniel in the 1st Heaven. Elion is an angel invoked in the conjuration of the Reed, and also a ministering angel. By invoking Elion, Moses was able to bring down hail on Egypt at the time of the plagues. He is also the deity of Melchizedek whom Abraham is represented to have identified with Yahweh. (Genesis 14, 18, 19, 22)

Eloai Listed by Origen as one of the seven archons in the Ophitic system.

Eloeus In Phoenician lore he is one of the seven angels of the presence, builders of the universe. In Ophitic lore, he is one of seven potentates, rulers of the seven Heavens, who constitute the Hebdomad.

Elogium An angel who rules over the month of Elul (September) in the Hebrew calendar. Usually the ruling angel for September is Uriel (Zuriel).

Eloha An angel of the order of powers. He may be summoned in conjuration rites.

Eloheij An angel of the Seal.

Elohi An angel invoked in the exorcism of fire. He is 5th of the hierarchies answering to the ten divine names. In Solomonic conjuration rites, he is invoked in prayer by the Master of the Art.

Eloi, Eloiein One of the seven angels created by Ildabaoth ”in his own image.”

Elomeel, Ilylumiel In Enochian lore one of the leaders of the angels of the seasons.

Elomnia, Elomina One of the five chief angel princes of the 3rd chora or altitude.

Elubatel One of the eight angels of omnipotence. Two other angels of omnipotence are Ebuhuel and Atuesuel. They are conjured in the citation of Leviathans. In the dismissal, each angel’s name ”must be called 3 times toward the 4 quarters of the earth, and 3 times must be blown with the horn.”

Emekmiyahu One of the many names of Metatron.

Emial An angel invoked in the exorcism of the Bat.

Emmanuel ”God with us” The angel in the fiery furnace who appeared beside Sidras, Misac, and Abednego. In conjuration rites, he is summoned up under the 3rd Seal. In the cabala, he is a sefira of Malkuth (the Kingdom) in the Briatic world.

Enediel One of the twenty-eight angels governing the mansions of the moon, specifically the 2nd day of the moon in its waning phase.

Eneije An angel of the Seal invoked in magickal rites.

Enoch-Metatron The patriarch Enoch, on his translation to Heaven (Genesis 5:24), became Metatron, one of the greatest of the hierarchs, ”king over all the angels”. (Compare with the Assyrian legend in the Epic of Izdubar.) On earth, as a mortal Enoch is said to have composed 366 books (the Enoch literature). Legend has it that Enoch-Metatron is twin brother to Sandalphon; that when he was glorified he was given 365,000 eyes and 36 pairs of wings. The spectacular mode of Elijah’s conveyance to Heaven (II Kings 2) had an earlier parallel in the case of Enoch, for the latter also was whisked away ”in a fiery chariot drawn by fiery chargers,” as related in The Legends of the Jews I, 130; but a few pages further on (page 138) it is revealed that it wasn’t a horse or a team of horses, but an angel (Anpiel) who transported the patriarch from earth to Heaven. But they may have been different journeys. To the Arabs, Enoch was Idris (Koran, sura 19, 56). In the Pirke Rabbi Eliezer the invention of astronomy and arithmetic is credited to Enoch. Legend connects Enoch-Metatron with Behemoth.

Enwo In Mandaean lore, a spirit of one of the seven planets. Specifically he is the uthra (angel) of science and wisdom, compared with Raphael in the Judaeo-Christian angelology.

Eoluth Acherub or seraph used in conjuring.

Eomiahe An angel invoked in the exorcism of the Bat.

Epima The corresponding angel for Eiael

Eradin The name of an angel invoked in special ceremonial rites.

Erastiel An angel serving in the 4th division of the 5th Heaven.

Erathaol, Erathaoth One of the seven archons in Gnostic theology. Origen lists Erathaol along with Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Onoel, Thautabaoth, and Suriel. When invoked he appears as a dog.

Eregbuo Corresponding angel for the angel Daniel.

Erel The name of a holy angel or of God by which demons are commanded to appear in Solomonic conjuration rites.

Eremiel, Jerimiel, Hierimiel, Jeremiel, Remiel An angel who watches over the souls in the underworld. He is equated with Uriel.

Ergedial One of the twenty-eight angels governing the twenty-eight mansion of the moon.

Erionas, Erione An angel invoked in the exorcism of the Wax.

Ermosiel An angel of the 2nd hour serving under Anael.

Ero The corresponding angel for Haziel.

Erotosi Planetary angel of Mars, invoked in talismanic magic. In hermetics, he is head of the order of powers.

Erygion The name of an angel (or of God) that Joshua invoked to gain victory over the Moabites.

Erzla An angel invoked in conjuring rites.

Esabiel an angel of the order of powers.

Escavor An angel invoked in Solomonic magickal rites.

Eschiel, Eshiel One of four angels whose names are inscribed on the 1st pentacle of Mars. The other three are: Ithuriel, Madiniel, and Bortzachiak (Barazachia).

Eschiros An angel of the seven planets invoked for conjuring rites.

Eserchie/Oriston The name of the angel (or of God) invoked by Moses when he brought forth frogs in Egypt as one of the plagues (frogs were also brought forth by invoking the name of Zabaoth). According to The Magus II, the name of Eserchie/Oriston was invoked by Moses when turning the rivers of Egypt into blood.

Eshiniel An angel invoked in Syriac spellbinding charms.

Esor A cherub or a seraph used by cabalists in conjuring rites.

Esphares The name of an angel of of God used in conjuring rites.

Espiacent an angel used in the exorcism of Wax for bringing about successful accomplishment of one’s work. Psalms must be recited after the rites.

Estael In black-magick he is an intelligence of Jupiter. He is invoked along with Kadiel, Maltiel, and Huphatriel.

Estes One of the many names of Metatron.

Eth ”time” A ministering angel charged with seeing that ”all events occur at their appointed time.”

Etraphill One of the Arabic angels who will sound the trumpet on the Day of Judgement. A likely variant form of Israfel.

Etrempsuchos, Astrompsuchos As cited in the Bodleian Library Bruce Papyrus one of the guardians of the seven Heavens.

Euchey An angel invoked in the exorcism of evil spirits through the use of incense and fumigation.

Eurabatres An angel of Venus.

Eved One of the many names of Metatron.

Exael An angel spoken of as ”10th of the great angels that taught men hoe to fabricate engines of war, works in silver and gold, the uses of gems and perfume,” etc. He supposedly operates from the nether regions.

Existon An angel invoked in the benediction of the Salt.

Extabor ”one of the fair angels of God” employed in the exorcism of Wax.

Ezgadi An angel invoked in conjuring rites for insuring the successful completion of journeys.

Ezoiil Invoked in the exorcism of the Water.

Ezrael Hebrew ”help of God” An angel of wrath according to the Apocalypse of Peter. In Sefer Gan Eden an angel is introduced ”whose duty it is to save those of ‘middle merit’ or ‘the unstable’ ones from the angels of destruction; that angel is Ezrael (from ezra—help).”

Ezriel An angel’s name found inscribed in an Aramaic amulet discovered among the Dead Sea scrolls.


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