. Dabariel Variant for Radueriel.

Dabria One of the five angels who transcribed the 204 (or 94) books dictated by Ezra. The other 4 scribes were Ecanus, Sarea, Selemiah (Seleucia), and Asiel.

Dabriel The heavenly scribe, equated with Vretil. He is also a Monday angel said to reside in the 1st Heaven. He is invoked from the north.

Daden In gnosticism, a great celestial power dwelling in the 1st Heaven.

Daghiel, Dagiel, Dail An angel with dominion over fish and invoked in Friday conjuration rites. He is addressed as ”great angel, strong and powerful prince,” and is supplicated in the name of Venus.

Dagon To the ancient Phoenicians he was a national god, represented with the face and hands of a man and the body of a fish.

Dagymiel A governing angel of the zodiac.

Dahariel, Dariel In Pirke Hechaloth, a guard of the 1st Heaven and of the order of shinanim. In Hechaloth Rabbati he is a guard of the 5th Heaven.

Dahavauron Prince of the face and one of the guards of the 3rd Heaven.

Dahaviel, Kahaviel One of the seven guards of the 3rd Heaven.

Dahnay One of the ”holy angels of God” who may be invoked in black-magick conjurations.

Dai, Dey According to The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses an angel of the order of powers. In ancient Persian legend, He was the angel of December.

Dalkiel Angel of Hell, ruler of Sheol, and equated with Rugziel. In Baraita de Massachet Gehinnom, he operates in the 7th compartment of the underworld, ”punishing 10 nations”, and serving under orders of Duma(h), who is the angel of the stillness of death.

Dalmai(i), Dalmay, Damlay In occultism ”a holy angel of God” invoked in the exorcism of fire.

Dalquiel In the cabala one of the three princes of the 3rd Heaven. The other two are Jabniel and Rabacyal. All three rule over fire and under the ethnarchy of Anahel. His special aide is the angel Oul.

Damabiah An angel of the order of angels. He has dominion over naval construction. He is also one of the seventy-two angels bearing the name of God Shemhamphorae. His corresponding angel is Ptebiou.

Damabiath An angel of the order of powers who is invoked in cabalistic rites. He manifests as a beautiful mortal via the 5th seal.

Dameal A Tuesday angel who resides in the 5th Heaven, and invoked from the east.

Dameb’el One of the seventy-two angels ruling the seventy-two quinaries of the zodiac.

Damiel An angel of the 5th hour serving under the rulership of Sazquiel; or angel of the 9th hour serving under Vadriel. He is invoked in the conjuration of the Sword.

Daniel ”God is my judge” An angel of the order of principalities according to The Lemegeton. The Magus Lists him as a high holy angel who bears the name of God. Shemhamphorae.

Dra In Persia, he is the angel of rains and rivers.

Darbiel, Dardael An angel of the 10th hour of the day serving under Oriel.

Darda’il In Arabic lore an guardian angel invoked in rites of exorcism.

Dardariel Chief ruling angel of the 11th hour of the night.

Dardiel One of the three angels of Sunday. The other two are Michael and Hurtapel.

Daresiel An angel of the 1st hour of the day serving under Samael.

Dargitael In Hechaloth lore an angel guard of the 5th Heaven’s hall.

Darkiel One of the many guards of the gates of the South Wind.

Darmosiel An angel of the 12th hour of the night serving under Sarindiel.

Darquiel An angel of Monday who resides in the 1st Heaven and invoked from the south.

Darquiel A variant of Radueriel

David One of the seven archons in gnosticism according to the Catholic Encyclopedia, “Gnostiticism”.

Degaliel An angel inscribed on the third pentacle of the planet Venus.

Deharhiel In Hechaloth lore an angel guard of the 5th Heaven’s hall.

Deheborym In Pirke Hechaloth, an angel guard of the 1st Heaven’s hall.

Deliel As named in The Almadel of Solomon one of the angels of the 4th chora invoked in magickal prayer. Cited as a governing angel of the zodiac by Cornelius Agrippa.

Demiurge, Demiourgos The Gnostic writer Basilides called him the great archon (ruler). To Valentinus, Demiurge was ”an angel like God” and identified with the God of the Jews. He has always been identified with Mithras. A title for him, ”Architect of the Universe,” suggests that it was he, not God, who formed the world, at the instance of En Soph, the Unknowable. In the cabala, the Greek Demiurge is Metatron.

Deramiel An angel serving in the 3rd Heaven.

Dibburiel A variant form of Radueriel.

Didnaor An angel named in The Book of the Angel Raziel (Serif Raziel).

Dina A guardian angel of the Law (Torah) and of wisdom. He is also known as Yefefiah and as Iofiel. He is recognized as having taught 70 languages to souls created at the time of Creation. He dwells in the 7th Heaven.

Diniel An angel invoked in Syriac incantation rites. He is also cited as one of the seventy childbirth amulet angels. In The Book of Protection he is grouped with Michael, Prukiel, Zadikiel, and other “Spellbinding angels” in the ”binding the tongue of the ruler.”

Dirachiel One of the twenty-eight angels ruling the twenty-eight mansions of the moon. See Demons

Dirael In hechaloth lore an angelic guard of the 6th heavenly hall.

Dokiel ”the weighing angel” or as called in The Testament of Abraham XIII, ‘the archangel who is like the sun, holding the balance in his hand.’” The name is derived from Isaiah 40:15: ”by the dusk in the balance.”

Domiel, Dumiel, Abir Gahidriom In Merkabah mysticism a guardian angel of the 6th hall of the 7th Heaven. He is an archon, ”prince of majesty, fear, and trembling.” He is also a ruler of the four elements. As the gatekeeper of Hell, he is sometimes confused with Duma.

Dominion The name of ”the oldest angel” according to Philo.

Domos An angel invoked in magickal rites and one of the twelve names for the Evil Eye. A variant of Donol.

Donachiel An angel invoked to command demons.

Donahan An archangel summoned in magickal rites.

Donel One of the many guards of the gates of the South Wind.

Doniel One of the seventy-two rulers of the zodiac.

Donquel A prince of love invoked to procure the one of the invocant’s desire.

Doremiel A Friday angel invoked from the north.

Dormiel One of the many guards of the gates of the East Wind.

Doucheil An angel in Mandaean lore.

Douth One of the nine that ”run together throughout the heavenly and earthly places,” recorded in the Gospel of Bartholomew, where all nine names were revealed by Beliar.

Dracon An angel of the 6th hour of the night serving under Zaazonash.

Dram¹zod An angel of the 6th hour of the night serving under Zaazonash.

Dramozin An angel of the 8th hour of the night serving under Narcoriel.

Drelmeth An angel of the 3rd hour of the day serving under Vaguaniel.

Drial One of the guards of the 5th Heaven.

Duchiel An angel invoked in Solomonic magick for commanding demons.

Duhael An angel of non-Hebraic origin.

Dumariel An angel of the 11th hour of the night serving under Dardariel.

Durba’il In Arabic lore a guardian angel invoked in rites of exorcism.

Duvdeviyah One of the many names of Metatron.

Dynamis In hechaloth lore this is a secret name of Metatron. See also Other Beings


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