. Och In occultism, the angel who governs the sun (See Angel of the Sun, in Others, for other hierarchs designated as rulers of the ”planet”). Och gives 600 years of perfect health (if the invocant lives that long). Och is also ruler of the twenty-eight of the 196 Olympian provinces in which Heaven is divided. He is cited as a mineralogist and ”prince of alchemy”. Octinomon, Octinomos A ”most holy angel of God” invoked in the conjuration of the Reed.

Oertha Angel of the north. ”He hath a torch of fire and putteth it to his sides, and they warm him the great coldness of him [so] that he freeze not the world.”

Oethra One of the nine angels that ”run together throughout heavenly and earthly places”

Ofael A Tuesday angel of the 5th Heaven, invoked from the south.

Ofaniel, Ofan, Ofiel, Ophan, Ophaniel, Yahriel Eponymous chief of the order of Ofanim (thrones). He is said to exercise dominion over themoon and is sometimes referred to as ”the angel of the wheel of the moon.” In 3 Enoch he has 16 faces, 100 pairs of wings, and 8,466 eyes. He is ”one of the seven exalted throne angels who carry out the commands of the powers.” “By the ancient sages, Olphan, prince of this order, is regarded as identical with Sandalphon.”

Ofiel One of the seventy childbirth angels.

Ohazia A prince of the face and one of the angelic guards of the 3rd Heaven.

Ol One of the angels of the zodiac. Ol represents the sign of Leo and is in control of it. He is also regarded as one of the fiery triplicities.

Omael An angel who multiplies species, perpetuates races, influences chemists, etc. He is (or was) of the order of dominations and is among the seventy-two angels bearing the mystical name of God Shemhamphorae. Whether Omael is fallen or still upright is difficult to determine from the data available. He seems to operate in both domains (Heaven and Hell).

Omeliel, Omeliei One of the four angelic names inscribed on the 3rd pentacle of Saturn.

Omiel An angel who ”mixed” with mortals before the Deluge according to the Vocabulaire de l’Angélolgie.

Omophorus In Mandaeanism, a ”world-supporting angel.” He carried the earth on his shoulders, like another Atlas. [See Splenditenes]

On In The Greater Key of Solomon, and angel or divine name invoked in the conjuration of the Reed. In The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts, On is a demon invoked in Monday conjurations addressed to Lucifer.

Onayepheton, Oneipheton The name of a spirit by which God will summon the dead and raise them to life again.

Oniel Perhaps the same as Onoel. Equated with Hutriel. He is supervisor of the 5th division of Hell, where Ahab dwells, Ahab being one of the few ”who have no portion in the world to come.”

Onoel, Oniel, Hamiel, Haniel, Anael In gnostic lore , he is one of the seven archons. Origen cites him as hostile, a demon, who manifests in the form of an ass.

Onomatath One of the nine angels that ”run together throughout the heavenly and eathly places.”

Onzo ”A fair angel of God” invoked in the exorcism of Wax.

Ophan Identified by the ancient sages as the angel Sandalphon.

Ophiel One of the Olympian spirits and ruler of Mercury. As an angel of the order of powers, he can be invoked. As many as 100,000 legions of lesser spirits are under his command. His name also appears on the Necromantic Bell of Girardius, which is rung to summon the dead.

Ophis ”serpent”—“head of the rebellious angels”—so described by the Assyrian author Phercies. Ohpis was revered by the ophites as a symbol of divine wisdom that, in the form of a serpent, befriended Adam and Eve in Eden, persuading them to eat of the forbidden fruit (as a service to man). In The Magus, Ophis is pictured as a demon.

Opiel An angel invoked in love charms.

Or A great angel invoked in exorcism rites, specifically in the invocation at fumigation.

Orael One of the intelligences of the Saturn.

Oraios, Oreus In gnosticism, one of the seven archons in the Ophitic system.

Oranir Chief prince of the nine angels of the summer equinox and effective as an amulet against evil.

Ore’a In hechaloth lore an angelic guard of the 4th heavenly hall.

Oreus. Oraios, Horaios In Phoencian mythology, one of the seven elohim of the divine presence, creators of the univers. According to Irenaeus, he is one of the seven archons in the Ophitic system. Origen proposes that the name Oreus derives from the art of magick.

Oriares, Narel An angel governing the season of winter.

Oribel Variant for Uriel as one of the angels reprobated by Pope Zachary in 745 C.E.

Oriel, Aureil “light of God” One of the seventy childbirth angels. Also one of the rulers of the 10th hour during daylight. In Malache Elyon he is called the angel of destiny.

Orifiel, Oriphiel, Orifel, Orphiel In Pope Gregory’s listing, he is one of the seven archangels. Elsewhere he is cited as a prince of the order of thrones and an angel with dominion over Saturn. In Hebrew cabala, he is an angel of the wilderness. In The Lemegeton, he is one of the seven regents of the world and an angel of the 2nd hour of the day serving under Anael. In Paracelsus’ doctrine of Talismans, he is chief Talisman and replaces one of the planetary genii of Egypt.

Oriockh, Ariukh In Enoch II, God instructs his two angels, Oriockh and Mariockh, to guard the books authored by Enoch.

Orion In The Messiah he is St. Peter’s guardian. Eliphas Levi finds an identity between Orion and Michael. A symbolic connection may be found between Semyaza and the constellation called Orion (the hunter) by the Greeks.

ormary An angel of the 4th hour of the day serving under Bariel.

Ormas An angel of the 10th hour of the day serving under Uriel.

Ormijel An angel of the 4th hour of the day serving under Vachmiel.

Ormisiel An angel of the 2nd hour of the night serving under Farris.

Oroiael In Gnostic lore one of the four great luminaries identified with Uriel or Raguel by Irenaeus.

oromasim One of the three princes of the world, the other two being Araminem and Mitrim, according to The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses.

Orphaniel In occult lore, ”a great, precious and honorable angel, ruler of the 1st legion.” His star is Luna. He is invoked in Monday conjurations.

Osael A Tuesday angel residing in the 5th Heaven and invoked from the south.

Oseny In The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses a cherub (also called a seraph) summoned in ceremonial magic.

Osgaebial An angelic ruler of the 8th hour of the day; he commands ’a great cloud of attemding spirits”.

Otheos ”a most holy name invoked for discovering treasure,” according to The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts. In The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, he is a spirit of the earth used by cabalists in conjuring rites.

Othriel A spirit invoked in magickal operations.

Ootmon In Merkabah lore, a name for Metatron ”when he seals the guilty in Israel.”

Ou Variant for Uriel. The angel Ou appears in The War Between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness, a copy of which was found among the recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls.

Ouestucti A female angel of an hour who comes from the Hesperides and brings the sea wind. In the cabala she is the corresponding angel of Iehuiah.

Oul A special aide to the angel Dalquiel in the 3rd Heaven.

Oumriel An angel of service residing in the 4th Heaven.

Ourpahil, Ourpail An angel in Mandaean tradition.

Ozah, Uzah One of the many names of Metatron.


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