Oh, jeeze, where to start... Deja's archives back to Dec '98 have been restored, (I know what it says-- just try it, and when it gives you the error message, click search older messages) so I've got tons of new goodies to upload, and a new design to make it all a little easier to get to. Don't worry, nothings been deleted, (you'll find the Buttplug thread under "on-topic hyjinx" (it really was on topic, she did say it (I love nested parentheses))) it's just a bit tidier. I may be working out some of my own "issues" here. We've recently moved into a new house, and I've noticed that whenever I move, I start fantasizing about minimalism...

Anyway, as you can see, I'm combining the index and news pages, and over the next few weeks will be putting each post (in "who's who" and elsewhere) on its own URL for easier reference. I've gotten quite a bit of it done, but be patient with me-- theres a bunch of you, and my darned kids keep getting hungry, you know they think they need to eat three times a day??? Talk about spoiled.

But back to the updates-- I'm not spoiling you guys, you'll just have to look around, 'cause theres too much to list. Have fun, and I promise, theres more to come soon.


Now back to trying to read three days of ng messages before bed.




Read this now.



Over the past week: finally found some of the missing articles for POD, got pics for Kel and August up (this time, August's is his own choice, not my adorable cleverness), added Rocks on a Rope, to preserve our dear Laura's creative efforts forever, now that they have dissappeared from Ebay with nary a bid, redesigned the CAL with graphics I made from a really nifty bas relief of Tezcatlipoca, and fixed the competely screwed up html for Beldin the Sorcerer. I've been adding posts to people's descriptions on the Who's Who page from time to time, and, as usual, I don't remember where it all is. I'd also like to confess that while the text only index is reflecting all these changes as they are made, the bee index is, er, lagging a bit behind.


LOTS of updating, added a bunch of stuff I already forgot about and fixed a bunch of stuff I already forgot about, and changed a bunch of little things here and there that no one will ever notice but me. Angelfire is being obstinant lately, you may need to refresh the pages before the graphics will load completely, and if it tells you a link is broken, try hitting your back button and clicking it again. I dunno, I don't think you people are clicking correctly or something.

AAAAAAnyhooo, there's still lots to do, (some new pics and links to add tomorrow (today)) and quite a few articles I had saved that are now missing for some mysterious reason, so don't expect much. Here's your stupid text only page, I think everything works on it, if not, drop me a line-- but not till you've tried the same link twice and it still won't work, I'm telling you, its not always me. Oh, Parodies and Great Posts are totally redone, new CONTENT, even. And if anyone has seen Maddi's Ten Commandments post (from a few years ago, I think), I'm seriously considering offering a bounty on that sucker.

Your Bleary Eyed Webmistress,



Added more pics!

Okay, this is getting fun. So far, I've recieved images for Lord dk, August (although August didn't pick his), Georgann, Babs, Maddi, Lawrence, Hawkster, Hell Toupee, TJ, Gary DeWaay, and CK.

Trying to get some other stuff reorganized, it may be a while before anything is noticably different, but I'm hoping to make this big pile of stuff more browseable, and I swear, I *am* working on an html only, text only option for the index. Its just not as much fun, though, so its easier to procrastinate. I also have lots of new content to add, courtesy of Dr Tim's pages and Hell T's hard drive, and it'll all be finding places to stay within the next few days.


Uploaded Maddi's Drinking Game (as seen in the NYT, waay to go, Maddi!) and Hell Toupee's Artd-l FAQ page.

Added pics for Maddi and Lawrence, updated Links (Welcome back, MB!)

The rest of you people need to start sending me your images, I'm getting antsy, and I may just do this arbitrarily if you don't get off your kiesters...(threat, not promise)


Check out Georgann, Babs, August and Lord dk's pages, and send me an image!


Caught up with all the LauraLinks MB has been sending my way, redid my interface, you may have to refresh it a few times before it works properly, but its slightly smaller, and the bees gleam now, instead of glow. Waay cool!

Yes, I know its very slow. Yes, I'm very sorry.

Not much else, I added the About page, but its really not very interesting.


New stuff uploaded to Who's Who, tons of new LauraLinks, and a new page, Post of the Day. The Post of the Day is not necessarily the very wittiest, the most thought provoking, or the most well-written post, or it might, in fact, be all that and more. It could even be the dumbest damn thing I've ever heard in my life. Its just going to be whatever grabbed me that day, so don't get all cocky if you end up there, Lawrence.

Also still dinking around with some new navigation bars and stuff. Bear with me, I'm being creative, dammit.


Well, as you may or may not have noticed, I've redesigned the site. I figured, Laura's vamping her show, I'll revamp the site. Actually, I've been working on that nifty beehive interface for, like, EVER, which is one of the many many excu-- I mean reasons, that its been so long since I've updated any content. If you really, really hate all the JavaScript, you can still get to the old index page here, and I'll try to keep the links on it at least as fresh as the new one. The newest additions are "Would you, could you, with a weasel?" and "Ode to LauraLinks", which will be updated as close to daily as I'm capable of remembering.

Be sure to check back for the new pages. In the works, (and hence the broken links) are "drlauramail.com aliases", and "artdl member pages", as well as an "about" page, which I will write when I figure out what its about. Updates are planned for "Lookalike Fakes", and as always, "Who's Who" as well.

Thanks to Lawrence, Georgann, Maddi, Dr. Charlie, TJ, Mitch, Ellen, Cleo, and waay too many others to list for their invaluable help at Deja, with descriptions, and for the time they took to scour their hard drives. This thankyou is several months old, but better late than never, right? Right?



At least
people think I have waay too much time on my hands...