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Gather close to me, my children. I've told you many tales, I know, but this one is special. It's a tale of a mighty thread, 208 messages long, and tens of posters lost their very sanity in its unraveling. I speak of none other; 'twas the Science in the Bible thread, and it made strong Atheists stand frozen, jaws agape, at the ludicrousness of it all. My children, hold hands, and don't be afraid, it's

The Genesis Numbers

Eric da Red, a man whose name shall be cursed for all time, wrote:

> Science is a methodology. Nowhere does the Bible advocate the utility of this methodology, nor is there any indication that the contents of the Bible were produced as a result of scientific labors. The Bible is chock full of "revealed" truths, not truths that are come from an experimental or analytical model.


Georgann piped up:

And that, my dear, is why science is so limiting. It makes no room for anything outside of a known and obviously flawed METHOD where some issues are concerned. Give me one experimental model that has proven the existance of black holes. I can. Using nothing but a numerical phenomena based on ONLY the Bible and Genisis 1.


John M Price PhD wrote, and lived to rue the day:

> Ok, let's have it! Put up the math involved!


To do the numbers for a black hole you have to create (draw) the neatest possible geometric drawings. (Neat as in orderly.)

Remember, its what is between the points that makes a "Day" (period, episode, session, era, eon, whatever) not the points themselves.

First Genesis Creation Day is the 2nd point That's a line. Since we're talking Genesis here, God is obviously the first point.

Second Genesis Creation Day is the 3rd point. That's a triangle.

Third Genesis Creation Day is the 4th point. That's a square.

Forth Genesis Creation Day is the 5th point. That's a four point based pyramid.

Fifth Genesis Creation Day is the 6th point. Thats' a 5 point pyramid (see day 4) backed up to another 5 point pyramid, base to base

Sixth Genesis Creation Day is the 7th point................... "no can draw" to 7 points ........This is the Day of Man. Leave it blank.

Seventh Genesis Creation Day is the 8th point. That's a cube OR a 4 point base pyramid with the top chopped off.

Following the drawings we see that the diagrams have gone from being two dimensional representations (Days 1,2,3) to three dimensional renderings (Days 4,5,7) But absolutely nothing can be drawn in "neat geometry" for the 6th day using seven points. So HOW DO WE get to the 7th day without having a completed 6th day. Skipping the 6th day is cheating. We have to find another way to get past the 6th to the 7th day. OR converting the problem to points we have to get from the 8th point to the 9th. But we cannot get there directly. We have to find a multiplier that will make a bridge.

OK Bridge building time. (Massive experimentation with paid overtime aside and cutting to the chase........)

1 divided by 9 is .111111111111111 infinity very orderly

2 divided by 9 is .222222222222222 infinity

3 divided by 9 is 333333333333333 infinity

4 divided by 9 is .444444444444444 infinity

5 divided by 9 is .555555555555555 infinity

6 divided by 9 is .666666666666666 infinity

7 divided by 9 is .777777777777777 infinity

8 divided by 9 is .888888888888888 infinity

9 divided by 9 is 1


Problem with the math here! Where is the .9999999999999? Could this be our black hole? Don't we still have to get over it. Since this multiplier reflects the same style of break we had with the Genesis days then we should again test the number 9 as our bridge. And since we can't get from 8 to 9 by division lets multiply with it to try to get beyond 8.

8 .000000000~ x 9 is 72 Nice neat whole numbers again, just like 1 through 8 before.

8.1111111111~ x 9 is 73 8.2222222222~ x 9 is 74 Well, at least now we're back on track I see.

8.3333333333~ x 9 is 75 We just needed to go up a notch.

8.4444444444~ x 9 is 76

8.5555555555~ x 9 is 77 8.6666666666~ x 9 is 78

8.7777777777~ x 9 is 79

8.8888888888~ x 9 is 80

8.9999999999~ x 9 is --------- its screwed up again cause it won't give us a whole number up or down. We're blocked!

If you just hadn't gone and demanded that missing .9999999 we wouldn't be in this mess! Feel better. Yeah. Let's continue on shall we. Holy Black Hole, Bat Man! There's a whole number 8 between 8.999999999~ and the missing .99999999999~! Let's go down a notch again and see what happens. Well that's kinda a no go cause now we are only separated from .9999999999999 and the whole number 1 by ( ). That would be.... that would be.... a big nothing, zippo, nada. Well since its infinity "small" I guess its useless to count it. But isn't that a Black Hole? Why, yes. I believe it is!

Will we ever have to multiply up or divide down to stay the course with the whole numbers thing again? Nope. Does it ever happen again? Nope. Once you get all the way up to 9 points the first time, it doesn't happen again. 10, 11,12,13,14,15 etc. Looks like whole number infinity to me. Could that be heaven? Yup. So the 8th point (or the 7th Genesis Day) is the Day when God rested. Yup. And the 9th point or what would be an 8th Day is the beginning of Eternity Future? Yup.

So what was that 6th Genesis Day about? The Day of Man? Well the only thing I can put in that space is words only cause I still can't draw anything with 7 points. Have at it. "...I am going to bring my servant the Branch. See the stone I have set in front of Joshua! There are seven facets on that stone, and I will engrave an inscription on it; says the Lord Almighty, 'and I will remove the sin of this land in a single day." Zech 3:8-9. So the man in the Genesis 6th day is not just man in God's image, its really Jesus.

Yup. Do the math.

(Graphics tiff file available on request.)