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On the Great Bush/Gore Cl*sterf*ck of 2000

georgann chenault <> wrote:
> FIVE states now again in play.
> Iowa, Wisconsin, Oregon, New Mexico and Florida.
> Some of the western states are showing an increase in Bush popular vote at a
> rate that could change the national popular vote status and all could be recounted like Florida. Up to Bush.
> This isn't over guys.

1. We drag ourselves through a two-year campaign cycle (that's why the
House is such a mess - members are literally campaigning/fundraising &
pandering nonstop) -- but let's now certify election results in 15

Would any private enterprise operate this way? Would you want
scientific research conducted in this manner?

Cripes, we have a 2 1/2 month window between Election Day &
Inaugeration Day -- why not use it. We take more time to declare the
official winner of a $5,000 claiming horse race than some people want
to "waste" on this election.

This country has the strength & stability to utilize this leisurely
pace -- there isn't the urgent need of a tinpot dictator, military
junta, or shaky multi-party coalition to legitimatize itself by swiftly
assuming the mantle of power.

2. Picture this scenario... Enough Florida counties innocently use a
confusing butterfly ballot so that Ralph (Can't Be Bought) Nader wins
the popular vote, thereby denying an Electoral College victory to BOTH
candidates. You don't think Bush & his minions (along with Gore & his
crowd) wouldn't be moving heaven & earth to "rectify" this situation?

If this country needed to play out the impeachment process we can work
through the electoral process. If this is a photo finish let's
actually look at the photo.

At this point, I honestly don't care who ends up as President -- but I
hope it's the the candidate duly elected by the American people. I
think Nixon should have challenged in 1960 -- this country might have
been spared the Watergate mess of 70's, propagated by a President who
was convinced that "all those conniving bastards" were out to get him.


On Beldin:

B: I realize you technocratic wealthy folk don't pay attention to the rest of the 401k crowd, but a million bucks ain't gonna be shit in 30 years.

M: Show us a cite. (A description of a magazine cover is not a cite.)

B: Homes are currently appreciating at approximately 1% a month. (Source, the appraisal on the home I'm buying, and the documentation attatched. That number is approximate, but expected to continue for the forseeable future. Backtracking known homes over the last 20 years show it to be fairly consistant)

Cripes, I thought I could pass on this thread but...


All light trucks are worthless junk. (Source, current appraisal of my beat-up 1984 Toyota by my insurance agent. Appraisal valid for all time. Consistent with appraisals of beat-up light trucks

<300,000 mileage min.> made over the last twenty years)

... and that's just one of the attractions waiting for you, you, YOU at the Beldin Smoke & Mirrors Festival...

Read the book! (lotsa big wurds)

See the movie!(What's $9.50 - yer gonna be a ba-zillioniare!)

Experience the majesty! (Beldin stars as Gen. Lization)


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