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TJ on the Sainted Fifties.

July 22, 1998


TJ wrote:

Somehow I doubt that you were even alive 50 years ago, which would account for your rose-colored view of that era.


Bart Munson wrote:

>True. But I have seen a steep decline in the last 30 years. And talking to my parents and grandparents gives me some insight to yesteryear.


Especially when the grandparents tell you how they walked to school barefoot and it was eight miles and uphill in both directions.

I doubt, however, there is a generation in recorded history without the expression of a sense of a decline in morality. I think our own change, rather than as decline in the world, is a more logical explanation.

A children, most of us are sheltered by our parents and grow up seeing the world as safe and expecting that being treated fairly is something we are owed and can expect. When we become independent we find that the world is indifferent, and not always, or often, just and fair. And we become aware of the news of all the rotten things that go on in the world that we were sheltered from as children, or had no interest in.

I remember the 1950's very well. It was a fine era for white males,upper middle class and above. I would not want to go back.



He works hard for the money, so hard for it honey...

July 8 1998


Icebreaker lamented:

> I've ***WORKED**** for everything I have. No one's given me a thing.


Of course you have. I'm sure you clawed your way out of the womb, and without knowing language or even having the basics of coordination, your entrepreneurial spirit got you fed and clothed until your were able earn the big bucks yourself. As soon as you could, your bought your own school and hired your own teachers. I'm sure you didn't get a helping hand or an encouraging word anywhere along the way.

-- TJ



TJ says it all in one sentence.

March 8 1998


axel heyst wrote:

Whatever. You're being disingenuous. In American parlance if someone is said to be a doctor the automatic inference is that they are an MD. Don't pretend otherwise.


Chris Priga wrote:

Perhaps you are not quite aware. But people do refer to people with PhD's as Dr. They may not in a personal setting, but in an academic or professional setting I will bet you they will. I know of several such Ph.D. holders that instruct college classes that are referred to as Dr. SoandSo by everyone. When I hear someone being called a doctor, I assume they have a Ph.D., not an MD. Unless of course I am in a hospital, then I assume it is an MD.


Take yer head out of the citadel and talk to some real people. To them, someone who is a doctor of sociology, history, etc, is not a "Doctor."


ccdrogan wrote:

Excellent reasoning. I bet if you ask those same "real people" they probably think that women came from a rib also. So what is your point? A person with a PH.D. is a Doctor, fact is fact.


TJ wrote:

That's why when someone asks "Is there a doctor in the House?" at a public gathering, English professors come rushing forward to assist.