Fabbabs, The Outsider who just won't cave

"I upped my standards, up yours!"~ Nipsy Russell

Dr. Charlie wrote:

Don't patronize Babs. She knows what she's doing.

Dr. Charlie
It's why she's doing it that I don't get 

Fabbabs replied:

Hey, thanks, your popeship, for the sentiments. 

But I don't understand your implication that the purpose of my presence here is a mystery.  I think I've made it abundantly clear. I enjoy DL's show.  I like what she has to say, and I especially like how she says it.  Her style, that is so offensive to some, is what captures my attention and holds it.  Contrary to popular belief (on this ng, at least), I don't get my jollies from the callers' distress.  I like the way DL gets to the moral underpinnings of a problem.

I participate on here because I honestly want to discuss specific points of view on individual calls.  I'm not into the yes-she-does/no-she-doesn't debates.  That's fruitless.  I'm not trying to change anyone's mind.  I merely want to contribute my perspective when I think it differs and I want to correct misstatements when I read them. 

I don't worship the woman, for God's sake.  She is a flawed human being, as are we all.  If I had a chance to talk with her, one on one, I would ask her who the hell she thinks she is, depriving Lew of Deryk bearing his name.  IMO, her explanation for that is flippant, but, then again, we are not privvy to her and Lew's discussions and decisions. 

I have heard many a call that I wish she had handled differently, but no one will ever convince me she has caused harm. I have never heard her *abuse* a fragile caller, and I have heard many a call from fragile callers. OTOH, I listen with delight when she takes a self-involved caller to task.  

I think the ad hominem attacks on this ng are obnoxious.  You won't see me responding to posts that do no more than call her a slut or criticize her appearance.  Those posts inspire zero rational discourse.

 Her current crusades against the APA and the ALA are becoming annoying, even though they were amusing at the the oustset. But they're temporary.  She'll move on to other targets and I will probably agree with her on those, also. Since I listen to her to hear her opinions, I don't mind the shift in ratio of monologue to callers. 

 All in all, my life and my attitude toward life's simple problems have improved drastically, thanks to Dr. Laura.  I am grateful to her and will remain loyal.