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On The Electoral College

Bill Bonde wrote:
> > Now lets work on getting rid of the idiotic electoral college, fair and
> > square.
> >
> No, it is a very important part of electing a president.

Thats fine and dandy to state that but WHY?

> I will resist that by whatever political means I can.


I have yet to hear a valid reason. I'm not saying you are wrong (I know
how much you hate that), because I am obviously under informed on this.

I welcome all arguments on this.

The best reason I have heard came from a local talk show Republican
yakker that said he supports the EC because it helps the smaller states.
He was bitching because the candidates REALLY would ignore us if they
eliminated it. This makes no sense. The candidates spent ZERO dollars
on ads (oh wait, maybe thats a good thing), and made zero trips here.

Is there a number less than zero?

At least if the EC was eliminated, my vote would be equally as important
as someones in Florida, using this years election for example.

Cmon Bondo, dazzle me with that logic you keep bragging about.

(Dr. DeWaay)

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Republicans Lie about Smaller Govt.

Yes... I think its a lie. I think both parties are subservient to the government that feeds them equally. Both try to use government programs to fill their needs, please their constituents (pass the pork), and forcefeed ideas. I think the Republican party saying they want to get the government off peoples backs is the BIGGEST POLITICAL SNOWJOB OF THE CENTURY. And with propaganda agents such as Rush billowing these lies to 20 million sheep a week, they are almost pulling it off.

Tell you what, I'll give you the same simple assignment that Control either ignored or didn't see. Be specific... list the ways conservatives want smaller government. BE SPECIFIC, DAMMITTALL. How fuking hard can it be? Its one of the biggest planks in your frigging platform for Christssake.

If Ted wont play... surely there has to be someone out there that has the balls to do this simple assignment. Convince me I am wrong! I WILL admit I am wrong if someone takes the time to do this in a convincing manner. Until then, you are all living a lie in the same way that you hate about the Clinton administration.

If I don't see anything within a week... I will take it that that means you all KNOW its a lie also... that Republicans do NOT want smaller Government.


Hint...its all about guns and money.

(Dr. DeWaay) www.netbinders.net