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On Porn in Public Libraries

Tony Miller wrote:
> >Do you believe young children ought to have access to pornography in
> >public libraries?

According to very recent statistics by the ALA, 95% of public
libraries which have childrens' sections are using filters on the pcs in the childrens' sections. That's not at all controversial.
What is controversial is the idea promoted by the likes of DL that ALL pcs in libraries have filtering software installed. The ALA has taken the position that that is unacceptable. 
As for whether young children ought to have access to pornography anywhere, I do believe the best judge of that should be their parents, since the very definition of 'pornography' relies so much on the eye of the beholder.
Not to mention that virtually everybody you talk to with admit seeing 'pornography' as a child, yet the vast majority of people are normal. Therefore I don't see any support for the idea that exposure to porn has some sort of permanent deleterious effect upon children. In my case, it was highly beneficial. It made me a National Merit Scholar. You see, my friends and I were always sneaking our parents' and older siblings' and whacking materials from wherever they hid it, and I was so puzzled by most of it I began going to the library to research everthing about sex. This also sent to me the dictionary quite a bit, since there were so many words I didn't comprehend at all. All that research and dictionary work helped develop skills and habits that made me one hell of a scholar.
But there was one librarian who had a problem with such a little kid checking out such 'adult' materials, and she gave me grief over it. Good thing my mom made it abundantly clear to the nosy librarian that it was HER job as MY MOM to decide what I could see, *not* the
librarian's. It paid off in my future. And in all truth, I owe it all to porn. 
Eric, da Red replied to Tony's comment:
> No.
> If that was the extent of DL's anti-library rants, she wouldn't generate
> so much opposition.  But she goes much farther than this.
I know that I sound like a character on the "X-Files"
when I say this sure looks like a pattern to me. It
suggests the ALA's intent to sexualize our children at
ever-younger ages and degrade their moral sensibilities
under the protective covering of freedom and rights.
--  Dr. Laura Schlessinger, 'What is going on in our public libraries? http://www.jewishworldreview.com/dr/laura011100.asp
Yep, that's pretty far. Out past where the buses run, if you ask me.
Dr. Hell Toupee
Master Baiter
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Meanwhile, in contrast to the ALA's cautious placement
of its link to Alice, Schlessinger's site offers a pretty
provocative tease into the Alice site -- direct quotes from
what Schlessinger has characterized on her show as Alice's
"pornography" …This, of course, raises an interesting question: Is Schlessinger putting "pornography" on
her site? When is "pornography" not pornography? When it's being used by the forces of Good? When it's being
used to educate people? And who gets to decide
what's Good and what's education?
--  'Dr. Laura Targets the New Sodom: Libraries', by Patrizia
Dilucchio, Salon Magazine