There's no logic involved in the choosing of the POD, and there are no criteria.



She's the Psychiatrist Song Writer

She sleeps some at night and she works all day
She writes some posts, she watches her kids, she's funnier than GOSMG She's busier than he is, so her posts are rarer that that big lug's!
She's the Psychiatrist's Song Writer and she's OK
She sleeps some at night and she works all day!
The song is Funny, There is no doubt, By not saying so we were remiss! We all should do proper pennance, and send a three pound chocolate kiss!
Oh she's the Psychaitrist's Song Writer and She's OKaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! She 's Goddess of ARTD-L and we like it that waay!

1/13/2001 (EMF1947) posted:
>My sources do NOT like Bally's.
>What is the Manhole?

Admiral Bruce took me to The Manhole once. It's a bar where
sailors and bikers hang out. It's an old fashioned kind of place where there's no women ruining your fun. Just a bunch of guys
having a drink and holding Spartan-style wrestling matches in
the dark.
Those matches were something else. They stuck very closely to
the historical style right down to removing all clothing. I
tried it, but I thought it was a bit too dark. I kept getting
poked with something. I could understand why electric lights
might have ruined the authenticity, but you'd think they could
have used oil torches or something.
>And what would leading you on get me?
I think you're OK if you don't participate in the wrestling. I
had some kind of sticky goo all over me after I did it.
General J C Christian
General of the Militias
Persicos odi, puer, apparatus


Otis wrote: (Pjkorman) wrote:
> >
> >    As a student of Jungian psychology,

> Dang!  Gott dig out the Python CD and listen to the Philospher song
> now...

Double-dang!  Carl Jung is not mentioned in the Philosopher song! They did have this thing about someone named Bruce, though.
Oh!  Oh!  I know the answer!  Oh!  Oh!  That's the PHILOSOPHERS
song.  We need the PSYCHIATRISTS song.
Here, I found it.  Same tune, even:
Sigmund Freud was a paranoid
Who repressed each Oktoberfest
Daughter Anna played second banana
And drank from here to Budapest
BF Skinner always drink his dinner,
Adler had many such meals,
And Carl Rogers outdrank those codgers,
Just ask him how he feels
There's nothing Frankl couldn't tank til the room's spinning all around And oh those Perls of wisdom he was picking off the ground...
Abraham Maslow never set sights low,
His hierarchy started with whiskey
David Keirsey didn't understand me,
A few boilermakers made him pissy
Joseph Campbell would start to shamble
Til he saw a thousand faces
And Erich Fromm, he did quaff the rum
Down the Hall and other places
And if you're wondering why I haven't mentioned that Carl Jung,
A lovely little drinker with his archetypes of dung!
And if you send me more chocolate I won't write a physiologists song.
Suspects Scott won't understand a quarter of this




Re: OT: Invention/Hype of the Millennium - Any Guesses? posted:
>Hmmm...could it be a DEMONBUSTER!!!????

I think they've created a pocket fisherman that can also
julienne fries.
and just look what it does to termites.


We are pleased to announce the formation of a public school district that
finally has YOUR interests at heart!

THE FLAT EARTH COMMUNITY SCHOOLS will offer parents TOTAL CHOICE in what their
children learn. Parents are invited to tailor the curriculum to fit their
desires for their children. For example, you can opt for classes that teach:

-- George W. Bush won the 2000 Presidential election

-- Bill Clinton never had sexual relations with that woman

-- Man never landed on the Moon; it was all a hoax

-- All forms of worship should be included in public schools

-- The Earth is flat

-- Dr. Laura is funny

-- The Fox Network is fair and balanced

-- The Internet is being used for mind control by the Government

-- Blacks should only get 3/4 of a vote

-- Robots are stealing your luggage

-- People chose their sexual orientation

-- Yanni is a musical genius

-- Paul is dead

-- "The Bad News Bears Go to Japan" is great film making

That's right! Whatever your beliefs, your child school day will be built
around them, regardless of the truth.

Founding faculty will include:

Bill Bonde - logic studies
jock the hammer - vocabulary (toilet training available as an elective)
Gen. JC Christian, General of the Militias - Dean of Discipline
Raymond Karczewski - American Fiction
Dr. Laura - music (vocal pedagogy)
Eminem - gender studies

Enroll today!
Jenn Martin

>Bob Sims wrote:

>>That is the most foul blasphemy I have read in a long time !

>I'm a reverand, a man of God. I think I know more about these
>things than you, a simple layperson.

I'm a Pope and a saint, so I know more than both of you.

>>It is the word of a publicity seeking representative of our
>>sworn enemy.

>Who's your sworn enemy?

Tinky Winky.

Pope St. Dr. Charlie

Tina wrote:
> >From what I heard, they broke up years ago and are just parts in act.
> That should read partners.
> Tina

Freudian slip! I call Freudian slip!

Lord dk
Looking at the world through gay coloured eyes.


Bushman wrote:

Matt wrote:
> >I myself perfer the lock 'em up in solitary confinement for
> > the rest of their life, but that's not possible.
> >Death is the next best thing.
> >
> Matt, do you like puppies?

Yes, I do like puppies.



>Lord dk wrote:
>"Gay eyes". Nice one Tina.

Thanks, that is how I see you gays reading the Bible, through gay colored eyes.

>But then we're all just looking at it through our "gay eyes."

I know, I understand this.

Welcome Christmas!
Fah Who Rahmus
Welcome Christmas
Dah Who Dahmus
Christmas Day will always be, just as long as we have we
Welcome Christmas Bring your Light


Cyn Derellee wrote:
>> Jenn wrote:
>> *snip*
>> >Bill: >So there is now genetic evidence that you can be homosexual, bi-sexual
>> >>or heterosexual? There are now three possibilities? Geez.
>> >
> >Who said anything about genetics? Yes, it seems pretty clear that there are
> >people who are homosexual, people who are heterosexual, and people who are
> >bisexual. Have you missed this? It's been in all the papers.
> >
> Yes, but was it on the BBC?

I didn't see it.

Bill Bonde

11/12/00, Robert McNally wrote:

Wow, I've been lurking in a.r.t.d-l for months and now its _this_ issue
that drives me out of the woodwork! GOSMG, I've respected your positions on
Dr. Laura, but you're off base now.

(GOSMG) wrote:

> This has been funny until now, but it is becoming scary that the Democrats are
> actually making headway with vote recounts, and subsequent manual re-counts to
> determine "voter intent" and they even want a RE-Vote (what is that?!?) until
> their guy wins. The election is OVER, you can't just complain and have it
> changed.

Like the saying goes, "It ain't over 'til it's over." The election process
is not just a bunch of votes being cast-- it also includes a number of
backup mechanisms including recounts, hand counts, legal challenges, and
court intervention-- all of which appear to be functioning smoothly, even
if they take more patience than you can muster. If the Republicans want to
liken the Democrats to whiny children, the same judgement can be passed on
them. As some Republicans have said, "this must be played by the rules." I
find it amusing that they want to ignore most of the rulebook that says
what to do in situations where the election is very close. Not to say the
Democrats wouldn't do the same thing if they were in the Republicans' shoes
right now.

>Regarding the confusing "butterfly" ballots in Florida, I would
> really like a qualified Democrat who actually beleives in re-counting or
> re-voting to answer the following questions about those ballots.

I'm a Libertarian who voted for Gore as the lesser of two evils, but I'll
give them a shot.

> A) How come there was no confusion until after the vote? Why not when they
> were mailed to voters, or published in the newspaper?

How come there's no confusion in your mind until you realize your pocket's
been picked? Or until you come home and realize your house has been broken

> B) Why did the problem continue into the thousands, why was it not caught and
> addressed at 8:01 am on election day, with huge signs saying "Do this to vote
> for this guy and do that to vote for that guy?"

Have you seen "the smoking memo?" The election officials tried once they
learned of the confusion, but it was too late.

> C) Why were entire classrooms of 8 year olds able to complete these ballots
> without confusion, yet entire counties of american adults were confused?

It occurs to me to wonder why anyone's handing out Presidential election
ballots to classrooms full of 8 year olds. Nonetheless, if I told an eight
year old: "Here's a puzzle: which hole goes with Gore's name?" I don't
doubt most could figure it out. They would also pay special attention to it
_as_ a puzzle. People don't expect ballots to be confusing-- they expect to
be able to walk into the polls an confidently punch the hole next to their
candidate's name.

Again, if the situation had been reversed, I don't doubt the Democrats
would be screaming that the Republicans who voted for Buchanan when they
meant to vote for Bush and who had later learned that the vote went
narrowly to Gore would be up in arms too. Get off your high horse.

> D) when you look at that ballot on TV in the paper, do you find it at all
> confusing? Do you still have a problem figuring it out after examining it for
> 30 seconds?

I don't, but I'm 35. Many people (Democrats, Republicans, and yes, even
Libertarians) who are older and whose mental faculties are still fine
nonetheless face denial about worsening hearing, eyesight, or other
attributes. (Dr. Laura says she's still a babe, right?) Their pride may
tell them they have no need of help, when in fact they do.

> E) now this one is very important, why is this problem limited to
Democrats? I
> don't hear any Republicans suing, petitioning, marching for re-votes and
> re-counts? Why werent any Republicans confused? Not one that I have
heard of.
> Explain.

Palm Beach is heavily democratic. It makes sense that if someone's going to
make a mistake there, it's probably going to be a Democrat. If there were a
confusing ballot in a Republican stronghold, we could expect that more
Republicans would be confused by it.

Again, what make you think the Republicans won't sue, petition, and march
if they think it could tip the balance in their favor? They've already
filed one suit to stop the hand recount. Keep watching.

>And if you are going to say the ballot was set up to make people
> miss the gore hole, you do realize the ballots was designed and approved by
> Democrats, so why is that? The only thing confusing is how adults could be so
> confused by pushing a punch hole next to an arrow.
> OK, now I want to say this as delicately as possible, those ballots aren't
> confusing to a person of basic intelligence. You would need to be severely
> mentally retarded to not be able to figure it out. An absolute idiot.

So much for "as delicately as possible," GOSMG. That's quite inflammatory
rhetoric for someone who claims that Republicans are at the top of the
mental food chain.

> ... more rhetoric snipped

Calm down, GOSMG, and let the process run its course. That's the final word.



"Rev. Dr. Tim, BsD" wrote:
> Eric da Red wrote:
> >Clinton may not have had a mandate, but at least he had a
> >plurality.
> I think August has had a lot of mandates.


Just sitting here eating a banana, dammit.


Pope St. Dr. Charlie wrote:

A Very Important Message from the Pope to all the Faithful Members of
the Holy Church of Tezcatlipoca of the Internet

Brethern and sistern:

This is the time of year in America when other religious leaders tell
their flocks for whom to cast their vote. Tezcatlipocanism, being every
bit as useful a religion as they are, should be no exception, and I, as
your loving Holy Father, would not want you, my children, to be teased
by the children who believe in other silly (and false) religions because
I neglected to give you a voter guide of your own. (Nor would I wish to
suffer other religious leaders laughing at me for being irresponsible
enough to trust you to make your own decision at the polls.) That said,
I wish to announce my endorsement for President of the United States.

At this critical time of unprecedented moral decay in America we need to
elect a Godly leader who reflects our Tezcatlipocan religious values--a
leader who does whatever he feels without thought for the consequences or
concern for the pain it might bring onto others. We need a leader without
morals, a leader without conscience or scruples, a leader who only cares
about himself, a leader who mocks us.

We need the sort of leader who would spong


<Bright and perky> Kara, welcome to the program!

Kara: Hi Dr. Laura.

MFCC Laura: Hi Kara.

Kara: I guess my question for you is, my father is an alcoholic. He
got a DUI. I'm the CEO of a strip mining company, specializing in
wildlife preserves, and I could sure use a tax break, so I was
thinking of voting for him for president...

MFCC Laura: Are you *out* of your *mind*?

Kara: Well ---

MFCC Laura: You are *out* of your *mind*!!

Kara: He doesn't ---

MFCC Laura: You are OUT of your MIND!!! Is that blunt enough? You
are irresponsible as a voter and out of your mind!

Kara: I know he doesn't drink when he's setting national policy ---

MFCC Laura: <Derisive snort> OK Kara, I hope you're right. If not
you're going to have a ruined country. But I hope you're right!

Kara: Well, he ---

MFCC Laura: I don't even want to hear it. What's your question for
me? Now that you tell me that, I don't even want to hear it.

Kara: Bu ---

MFCC Laura: I'm sorry. I don't want to hear it. So just tell me your

Kara: I need to find out-- <sobs> I know he doesn't drink when he--


Kara: Wait a minute. I'm very responsible. I vote ---


Kara: But I --- he's ---

If I were a judge, I would take your vote away from you!

Kara: <sputtering> You haven't ---

MFCC Laura: I don't want to hear it. Just tell me your question.
(Snidely) If you still want to ask me.

Kara: <Sobbing> Well, I don't know what question I can ask you ---

MFCC Laura: OK, I'm sorry, I hope you will change your attitude about
letting your "he's sober when he sets national policy" father run the
free world. I mean I am CRAZED over that. CRAZED!
<Hits cutoff button.> <Sigh> < Louder sigh.>
Cmon, Cmon, let's hear the faxes about how mean I am. Go for it!
Start writing!

I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger. <bright and perky> Brenda, welcome to the


Otis wrote:
> Nov 1
> STANDARD DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a transcript. This is a brief
> summary of calls which can be used for basing further discussion. To
> hear the show point your browser this waay
> For the ARTD-L FAQ go to
> For the recap FAQ go to
> 0:19:20 Jenny. Dating BF for 3 years, he is 30 she is 27. Part of the
> relationship has been long distance. Haven't had intercourse but have
> had, "Clinton's version of sex."

So, they talk dirty on the phone. But what about when they're
together? They do it in a closet? Or does she get under a desk while
he talks on the phone to a Congressman? How do they arrange that? Our
Congersman is pretty helpful, but even he has limits.

Prolly close, but no cigar.


Pat <> wrote:
> I was listening to Dr. Laura on Friday when she said "The American Library
> Association will tell you that filters are not 100% effective, but these are
> the same people who are passing out condoms to our children in schools, and
> since when have condoms been 100% effective!"
> I was amazed! I didn't know that the American Library Association was giving
> out condoms! Those librarians are really something!

Yes, you can get condoms from librarians, but you have to return them
within two weeks or pay overdue fees.
----------> Elisabeth Anne Riba * <----------


"Weltanscha" <weltanscha@aol.comaolbites> wrote :
> >Editorial Endorsement:
> >George W. Bush for president

Here's part of the editorial:

As you know Seattle is the capital of grunge rock. We believe George W. Bush
would help us build on this tradition. We were also hoping that he could
help us score some really good coke. Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards was less
helpful in that department than you might imagine.

Since the Mariners lost in the playoffs, were also desperate for interesting
news to fill our pages with. Bush's trade policies would bring the hippies
back down here to do more destruction. Along with helping us score some good
blow, this would make it easier for to find news stories. The King County
Commissioners ain't doing it for us.

Bush also says that thorugh some LSD flashbacks, he's about to reveal the
link between the existence of God, black holes, and .9999999.

We also figure if that an intellectually and grammatically challenged former
party boy can achieve the highest office of the land, maybe we can quit
writing crappy editorials and land lucrative jobs in the PR department at

For these reasons, the Seattle Times endorses George Bush for president. If
not that, then maybe drug czar. Or maybe lead singer for Nirvana.
> Damned liberal media.
> - Dr. Tom

Yep, obviously tabloid bullshit, as Jak would say.

Joe Ferracca


"Tony Miller" wrote:
> Baaaaaaaaaaa

What are you trying to insinuate you rotten basatard. Cleetus is
a damned liar. You both can go to hell. I was drunk.

General J C Christian


Oct 15

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a transcript. This is a brief
summary of calls which can be used for basing further discussion. To
hear the show point your browser this waay For the ARTD-L FAQ go to For the recap FAQ go to


1st monologue. Reads and praises the cartoon "Family Circle" for its
cutting-edge humor and graphics.

0:04:51 (unintelligible. Woman) Says that her new son-in-law seemed
totally at ease at his own wedding. Is this normal? DL asks for
specifics. Caller: "He said, and I quote, 'I've been more nervous
before the start of a race.' " DL reflects on her own wedding day
jitters, never answering the caller's question.

0:14:40 Corey (kid...sounds 13 or 14). Stepdad-to-be hauled him to the
store to try on monkey suits. Also dragged him along to a fabric store
to buy some frou-frou ribbon. Wants to know if he could've just worn
his soccer uniform to family event the next day; it was held outdoors
anywaay. DL zeros in on the ribbon-buying episode and urges caller to
get in touch immediately with child protection services.

0:21:21 Thomas. Gripes about rush hour traffic nearly preventing him
from an appointment. DL asks what kind of car he drives. Suggests he
would be happier in a Mercedes coupe, with 50s oldies blaring from the
tapedeck. Attempts to sing "Blue Suede Shoes."

0:31:57 Julie. Fiance was late to rehearsal. Is this indicative of what
her married life will be like? DL advises caller to dump her fiance
pronto, and to consult a lawyer about looking into legal action,
something suing him for her lost time on a cost-per-minute basis.

0:40:15 Andy. Can't get through. LS reads the question anyway.
Something about a friend's wedding.

0:43:39 Xan Chan. Runs a Mongolian BBQ joint; LS stops him before he
can name the town: "No free ads here, pal!" Audio interrupted for a
sec; LS returns, tells caller they'll put him on hold to discuss
advertising opportunities.

0:45:00 (Male, unintelligible). In love with a woman. LS
interrupts, "Well, thank G-d!" Wants to marry her. LS: "Are you
shacking up?" Caller: "What?" LS: "Living in sin, shackin' up. Are
you?" Caller: "I don't see what that has to do with..." LS: "It has
EVERYTHING to do with..." Rant on living together. Caller tries to
interrupt: "But for 7 years, didn't you and Lew..." Audio goes out here.

0:49:20 Male (too soft a voice to catch his name). Question about a
ceremony associated with his UU church, but located elsewhere.
LS: "Unitarianism is not a church." Cuts off the caller when he tries
to protest.

2d monologue. None.

1:11:48 Male (sounds like the guy from the previous hour). Wants to
know if it's ethical to give strangers the address of a wedding held
off-site from his church. LS: "What church?" Caller: "Unitarian." LS
hangs up on him.

1:14:40 Mulan. Waitress at a restaurant. Wants to know if it was
immoral to accept a large tip from a biggish party of people claiming
to celebrate a wedding rehearsal dinner. Wonders whether they really
were having a rehearsal dinner, since several members of the party were
intently watching a truck race on TV. LS asks how big the tip was. Goes
on a long story about how much she prefers jewelry. Caller waits her
out, asks again about tip. LS: "What?" Caller repeats question. LS asks
if the food at the restaurant is kosher. Segues into what everyone in
the studio is eating for lunch. More cheeseburger envy. [TECHNICAL:
You can hear her hitting the mute button, but a little too late to
disguise what sounds like a sudden saliva overload.]
Call ends w/o answering tip question.

1:43:51 Bill. Longtime friend is getting married. Is it OK to ask what
kind of alcohol will be available, in case the groom's taste in beer
doesn't coincide with his own? Likes microbrews.

1:49:07 (Female, voice indistinct). Found some champagne, chocolates
and a DL calendar at the building where her sister was to be married.
Is it ethical to keep these things. DL asks what kind of chocolates.
Caller doesn't remember. DL goes on rant about good vs. bad chocolate.

3d monologue. Reads letter from new groom about how, the day after the
wedding, he took his stepson to soccer instead of going on a honeymoon.
LS takes opportunity to rip into 2nd marriages here.

2:01:30 Bill. [TECHNICAL: Audio goes to Hell, where it finds the male
caller from the previous hour having a drink with Andy at that bar in

2:12:20 Female (elderly-sounding). Do wedding vows still count if rain
and bugs occur at the wedding.

2:14:43 Rev. Somebody. Should he take it personally if the bridegroom
told him that a 15-minute ceremony seemed "like forever"? Especially
after he made sure that no ruffians, minstrels or female-impersonators
showed up at the wedding? LS questions the Rev. closely on his
association with female impersonators.

2:16:50 (Kid. Can't tell age). Want to know if it's ethical and moral
of parents to deny him dessert until AFTER dinner when his friends Otis
and Julie cut the cake BEFORE making everyone eat chicken, garlic-
roasted potatoes, etc. "What kind of gravy did they serve"--LS. Strange
slurping sounds.

2:27:58 Ann. Is she morally obligated to eat squash along with the rest
of a meal served at a family-and-friends event? LS lectures her about
fiber and regularity.

2:31:22 San-D. Missed this one. Something about being disappointed in
no garter-toss or obligatory dances at a wedding.

2:40:40 Otis. Son has soccer game the day after his wedding; should he -
-- LS interrupts the question to ask how he can have a son old enough
to play soccer the day BEFORE his wedding. Goes into a rant about
shacking up and "warm places to put it," and stops herself to ask Dan
what he's eating. (Rice cakes.)

2:50:22 Bob. Night manager of the Ritz-Carlton. Asks if it's moral, or
normal, or something, for a bride and groom to check out of the
honeymoon room in less than 24 hours.



"Blair Zajac" <> wrote:

> If I am not in error, Gerard is a male French name.

Aha. It's a French name, so it isn't a manly name at all. Like I
said, it's a name for flower arrangers or dog groomers. Have you
ever heard of a cowboy named Gerald? I didn't think so. Can you
imagine John Wayne playing a character named Gerald? "Hey there
pilgrim, that's a fine silk ascot you're sporting"

What kind of name is Blair anyway. It sounds like a woman's name
to me. Real men ain't called Blair. They're called Dirk or Chuck
or JC. You know, we don't need your kind coming here to our news
groups with your fancy girly names trying to tell us what is
manly and what isn't. Maybe you should spend more time watching
the Lifetime Network and let us go about discussing the real
issues real men deal with like what to do about the sluts,
ex-wives, feminists, family court judges, and sinners who are
trying to destroy Dr. Laura and the American Man.

General J C Christian
General of the Militias
Persicos odi, puer, apparatus


meursault wrote:
> Bushman wrote:

> >> TJ
> >> Defended a bee case once.
> >
> >
> >What was the bee accused of?
> <snip>
> Honey laundering?
> Income wax evasion?
> Carrying a concealed pistil?
> --meursault

Sting operation.




> (Neutrodyne) wrote:
>>>> "wrl" wrote:
>>>It's a shame that Laura is making people work on her website on Sunday.
>>>Shouldn't these people be home with their families?
>>Even Hobby Lobby & Dick Van Dyke Appliance World are closed on Sundays for
>>the good of their employees families. I guess Laura just can't put her money
>>where her mouth is, unless it involves hiring a lawyer.

You Morons!.........Oompa Loompas normally work the weekends!..........



Bill Bonde <> wrote:

> Why do some many people misspell 'ridiculous'?

We're just meeting you now. Give us a couple weeks and
we will be well practiced I think.



Tony Miller wrote:
> Precisely what I say, Kel. So what? If the "biological error" argument
> is indeed true, Then Dr. Laura hasn't committed the high crime of
> "defmation". She may be "intolerant", "mean" or even touse a term another
> poster said, a "poopyhead". But the criteria for defamation is not there.
> >k
> >has some old arguments to dredge out, if necessary.
> I've heard bunches of them among them.
> o Monkeys will naturally fall into homosexual patterns
> o Homosexuality is nature's way of saying "you're overpopulated"
> And a few others I can't remember right now. But sexual organisms were
> designed to be attracted to, and seek out the opposite sex. What do you
> call those organisms who don't operate as designed?

Normal variance within the population.

Amazed Tony is too thick to recognize the difference between individuals
and populations

Maddi Hausmann Sojourner



Andres64 wrote:
> Does anyone know what happened to her? She seemed to just up-and-leave
> all of a sudden.
> --
> Sincerely,
> Andrés (aa #1624)

georgann wrote:
It was your breath, Andrés. No one else had the guts to tell
you to your face.


Sara wrote:
>What is wrong with some of you people? If you don't like Dr. Laura's show,
>stop watching/listening!!

No, but thanks for the suggestion. Do come back when you feel like discussing
it.You have a wonderful day!



>>Lie? What do you call a behavior that if everyone did it dooms the
>>-Tony ... waiting for the leaping up and down and screaming of HATE!!!


Ya know, if you are going to talk about a behavior that if everyone did it
would doom the species, wouldn't that behavior have to be sexual abstinence?

Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens.


>Cyn Derellee wrote:
>Bill Bonde wrote:
>> >I debate in a fair manner. I let each person express his view. I respond
>> >to that view. I answer each question and I rarely engage in personal
>> >attacks and then only after being repeatedly provoked.
>> >
>> My ass. You called Babs a moron after one post. You dodge questions,
>> give circular arguments and refuse to acknowlege the implications of
>> your stated positions. Then you repeatedly whine about how "liberals"
>> don't debate fairly, which is just an ad hominem in a thin disguise.
>> Face it, you're just a troll. A good one, but a troll nonetheless.
>> Thats not an insult, either. You know how to keep the ball in the air,
>> I'll give you that.
>Word has it Bill and G are starting the "BondoBorg School of Slippery
>Usenet Debate and Trolling."
>(Dr. DeWaay)


"Tony Miller" <> wrote

> Noise to signal threshold exceeded... *Plonk*

Oh my God! Tony plonked Randomity. How could he be so cruel.
Surely, he must know how we all pray that he'll read our posts. I
hope Random doesn't do anything drastic. I don't know how I could
go on knowing that Tony wouldn't see any of my posts.

I've never seen anything like this cruel plonking business
before. I have to admit that Tony must be a genius for thinking
it up. It certainly is better than anything as trite as
countering an argument.

Rev. Dr. Tim


<Snip> "The Letter"

"I don't care how much money I gotta spend,
Got to keep from seeing this old shit again.
How to tell the newbies
Don't post it again, Please!
Oh Jesus, Some Jerk's found The Letter!

Oh they found the old letter tellin' Laura the stuff about the Bible again
And they think nobody's seen it so they plaster it all up on ARDT-L

Gimme a ticket for an Aeroplane
Don't got time to drive no Terraplane
How to tell the Newbies
Don't post IT again, Please.
Oh Jesus, some Jerk's found "the Letter"

Oh Jesus, some Jerk's found "The Letter!"

Oh , Jesus some Jerk's found "The Letter"

In a musical mood.....

Shut up, I can pick two if I want to.

>Crazed Weasel (Cyn) says...
> (Eric da Red) wrote:
>> Ha. All those 'space shuttle' flights are just videos produced by
>> Lucas, used by NASA to get more money. I heard it on the Art Bell
>My husband actually believes this. He also believes the moon landing
>photos are a hoax.

The NASA photos from Voyager, Viking, etc must all be hoaxes too.


- gk (laughing)

>Please stop laughing.



August wrote:
Eric da Red wrote:

>> >Somebody tell me I was wrong now!

> Wow.
> Do you have any tips about the winner of the World Series?

I don't even know who's playing in the World Series, I plan to listen to Judy Garland records and have my butt waxed while it's on this year, as usual.

Knows it was easy to predict Ted's behavior, but indulge me, ok?


Well, I got up this morning, kissed my wife the doctor goodbye as
she went off to work teaching the children of working families,
and then walked my nine year old son to our neighborhood school,
saving him several times from getting squished by government school

Then I called my thirty year old daughter to make sure that my
no-account Republican Reagan-loving actor son-in-law wasn't
trying to turn her into some kind of sexual trained seal (you
know how those conservatives are) and thus robbing my own marriage
of all meaning. This accomplished, I logged on to some secret
mailing lists to get my orders for the day in the class war
against the wealthiest .99999999999~%, checked in here and
noticed there were twice as many posts than usual.

My heart sank.
I don't know what makes Ted so stupid,
but it really works! --Dr. Hell Toupee


Cyn wrote : wrote:
> >Hi Everyone
> Hi.

There goes Cyn speaking for Everyone again...

hah! I got her first...