Rural life? No Way. (11/28/2000)

Not too long before his death, we took my dad back to his birthplace in rural Oklahoma.
Most of the tiny towns were gone and what was left were a few unkempt graveyards and several Indian graveyards that had been vandalized.
A few small, run down churches dotted the landscape. Here and there a mobile home with surrounded with barbed wire and plenty of dogs sat away from the road in a stand of trees.  Signed with "no trespassing" for anyone who didn't already get the message.
The roads were mostly gravel, the ditches filled with dumped furniture and litter.
Among the more depressing of the sights were signs posted, nailed into trees every mile or so bearing a Swastika, and or the words "White Power"
A small Indian Baptist church had it's sign painted over by the vandals with the same message.
We were quiet on this trip and my biggest hope was that we not have car trouble. My dad was troubled to see what his friendly birthplace had turned into.
It's not just the south either. On our recent trip to Colorado, we were passing through northern New Mexico on a beautiful and well traveled scenic route.
The landscape was once again defiled with anarchist like signs and symbols.
One large ranch had placed a dummy in a noose with a sign out front that read "this is how we deal with thieves around these parts"
Disturbing images IMO.
Just thought I'd share


Kel's Fax to DL (9/23/1999)

To: Dr. Laura  Fax: 18184615140
From: Kelly England Date: 09/23/99
Re: My Call to You Pages: 1
Dr. Laura,
I've been a long time admirer/listener of yours, many times taking your advice to heart and applying to my own real life situations. Today I am discouraged and disappointed.

I had heard from critics of yours about your alleged 'abuse" of callers, rudeness what have you.  I guess I didn't want to hear the negatives about you.

Well, I experienced calling you and what it can be like first hand today. Maybe I gave you express permission to say what you pleased since I was the one who called you, but I will forever regret picking up the phone. After nearly 2 hours of trying to get through, being hung up on twice after a long hold time and finally, passing your screener's test the third time, I was "face to face " with THE Dr. Laura.

I had/have a dilemma involving my daughter of 6 who was severely scolded by our neighbor, a man about my age (40) for being outside, playing with other children with 'pink eye".

First, you completely blew the condition out of proportion, so let's get those facts straight.
It is contagious, but not after 24 hrs of treatment with the approved eyedrops, in fact children return to school the next day.  It is irritating, but offers no long term ill effects and is not a shameful disease, which was my point, but I was not allowed to speak to that. 

By the way, this event was a full 5 DAYS after the onset and this he knew, as I had told both he and his wife the same day I took her to the doctor! He chastised her for being outside "close to his home" told her to "stay away form his side of the street" and more.all in a very loud voice. Yes, shouting.  You said you did not believe me. OK.I was standing nearby, in the yard, saw his car stopped and heard his voice.  There were 4 other kids on that sidewalk.  I wasn't sure whom he was speaking to, but as I started to go over, he rushed into his garage and closed the door.  5 minutes? I dunno.maybe, but for several minutes he scolded her.

Now...I'm there talking to my 80 year old father who has JUST lost his wife (my mother) and has a heart condition. I also suffer from panic disorder, but no whining from me. Just the point that I do avoid heated confrontation especially around my kids. ( I also have a 21-year-old)  My father urged me to wait until my husband got home and go over to his house together to seek a resolution or at least find out what was the problem. My husband was due home any minute so that's what I did. We went over, he admitted that he said terrible things to her.some she had not even told me herself and that he guessed he was just grouchy because his shoulder is "acting up" .

My husband now wants to accept his apology and go on as if nothing has happened. My question was:
Is it appropriate for him to have a relationship (neighborly) with his and his family without me?  My second question was, am I making too much of it?

You gave me no chance to ask either, you Insinuated I am a liar, you did not allow me to speak, and you basically humiliated me on the air. FINE.your show. But I'd like you to know that sometimes feelings DO matter. Hurting people is morally wrong also. Or is anyone that gets hurt by you just a weak whiner?  My daughter WAS wronged, given a very bad example of how adults should behave, treated unfairly and made to feel ashamed of something she could not help. Furthermore, he should have addressed ME if he there were a problem, not a 6-year-old child.

You addressed none of those things. You did hurt me, and also embarrassed me.
Yes, feelings do matter..

I know you will never get this.you are insulated and censored. It will never make it to the forum either, because it is moderated. But I've at least had my say.  In the future, you should be careful about how you twist things to make the caller seemingly the one who is to blame and the total idiot. Wouldn't that only be the only "right thing" to do? HURT and Disappointed, and my kids' mom

An ex-listener,
Kelly England