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Connections ~ Rina

1. First Contact ~ V/M, Adult for language (20K) 03-15-00
While on a case, Vic makes a new friend.

2. See Ya Later ~ V/M, Adult for language (21K) 03-20-00
Vic's late night chats lead to more intimate conversations.

3. Close Calls ~ V/M, Adult for language and implied cybersex (31K) 03-30-00
Vic and CJ grow closer, the Director gets annoyed, and Mac works on Kirkdon.

4. Disconnected ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (22K) 04-07-00
Vic finally meets CJ, but there's a problem...

5. Call Waiting ~ V/M, Adult for language (17K) 04-13-00
Mac's in trouble, Vic's drunk, and the Director's on a rampage -- all in all, not a good day for any of them!

6. Caller ID ~ V/M, Adult for language (29K) 05-13-00
Mac tries to explain his deception, and Vic tries to understand.

7. Coffee Klatch ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (44K) 07-22-00
Now that Mac is healed, he and Vic are sent on a little errand for the Director.


Deal with the Devil ~ Orithain

1. Ante up ~ V/M/Director, Adult-graphic (32K) July 99
One month after the explosion, everyone's putting their lives back together.

2. Raising the Stakes ~ V/M/Di, Adult-graphic (14K) 05-01-02
It's the morning after, and how will Vic, Mac, and the Director handle it?


Memories ~ Orithain

I. Hong Kong ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (23K) Dec. 98
Mac goes looking for his past.

II. London ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (42K) May 99
Mac continues his search for his mother and makes some surprising discoveries.

III. Madrid ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (60K) April 00
Mac finds out a bit more about his mother... and more family than he ever knew he had.


Pretty Baby ~ Angyl & Rina

1. The Honey Trap ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (63K) Mar. 00
AU alert! What if Victor had met Mac while he was still working Vice and Mac was still a thief? 

2. Bittersweet ~ V/M, Adult for language (60K) 04-26-00
Six months later after their night together, both Victor and Mac's lives have taken a turn for the worse, but someone is waiting to bring them back into line.

3. First Steps ~ V/M, Adult (64K) 05-03-00
Two weeks into their Agency training, Victor and Mac are more then a little on edge; what will it take to cause them to crack?

4. Persuasion ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (42K) 07-10-00
Vic teaches Mac how to 'shoot'

5. Graduation Day ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (44K) 
It's graduation day for the boys - you know what that means!

6. Surprise!!!! ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (78K) 11-13-00
Little sister comes for a visit. *eg*

7. The Parent Trap ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (74K) 
Vic's parents come for a visit.

Interlude: Loggerheads ~ V/M, Adult for language (32K) May 01

Interlude: Pretty Baby Christmas ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (30K) 12-15-01

~ The Dr. Seuss Interludes ~

Notes: The Dr. Seuss Purity Test can be found at: http://bears.ece.ucsb.edu/personnel/astornet/humor/humor37.html

  • The List ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (21K) 05-31-00
    Mac and Vic get an e-mail that piques their interest - and starts off a different kind of scavenger hunt.

  • Animal Crackers ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (30K) 
    Have you done it on a boat/ Have you done it with a goat


Roses ~ Orithain

1. Roses ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (34K)
After the explosion that nearly killed them, Vic and Mac finally admit their attraction to each other.
Originally published The OaT Zine, Volume I, produced by the Theban Band.

2. Mixed Bouquet ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (34K)
Vic finally finds out what really happened to Mac.
Originally published The OaT Zine, Volume 2, produced by Theban Band.


Tulips ~ Orithain

1. He Doth Protest ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (33K) Sept. 98
Vic and Mac have to work very closely on a new case involving a terrorist who thinks he's Louis XV.

2. Ride 'Em ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (29K) Sept. 98
Vic and Mac work out where their relationship is going after their night together and manage to foil a horse thief at the same time.

Interlude 2A: Domestic Bliss ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (10K) Oct. 98
The trials and tribulations of moving into a new home.

Interlude 2B: Back to Nature ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (9K) Oct. 98
Vic and Mac go camping... mosquitoes and boulders and bears, oh my!

3. Getting Ahead ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (21K) Oct. 98
Indians on the warpath.

Interlude 3A: Welcome to the Neighborhood ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (10K) Nov. 98
Vic and Mac meet their neighbors.

Interlude 3B: Water Babies ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (14K) Nov. 98
Vic and Mac unwind on a Friday night.

4. Desert Sheik ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (49K) Nov. 98
The team is assigned to stop a white slavery ring.
WARNING: Some non-con situations.

Interlude 4A: Shiver Me Timbers ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (24K) Oct. 98
Vic and Mac go to a Halloween party at a neighbor's.

Interlude 4B: Green Thumb ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (15K) Dec. 98
Vic, Mac, and a garden.

Interlude 4C: Ringing in the New ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (17K) Dec. 98
Vic and Mac's first New Year's Eve together.

5. Attachments ~ V/M, M/K/ofc (XF), Adult-graphic (83K) Jan. 99
Crossover with X-Files Sinful series
A ghoulish case brings Americans and Canadians closer together.
Spoilers: Small ones for Mac Daddy.

Interlude 5A: Bottoms up ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (15K) May 99
Vic teases Mac, with predictable results.

6. For the Birds ~ V/M, M/K/ofc (XF), Adult-graphic (90K) Nov. 99
Crossover with X-Files Sinful series
Some lunatic is trying to steal all the sunflower seeds in the world, and guess who's out to stop him?

Interlude 6A: Howling at the Moon ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (14K) Apr. 00
It's a Tulips Interlude, pure silliness and sex.

Interlude 6B: The Envelope Please ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (21K)May 00
It's finally time for the Agency Awards.

Interlude 6C: What Goes up... ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (8K)Sept. 00
Vic and Mac get stuck in an elevator. A glass one.

Interlude 6D: Riding the Rocket ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (11K) 05-02-02
Vic and Mac take a late night ride on the subway.

Interlude 6E: Getting Away from It All ~ Vic/Mac, Allegra/Nathan implied, Adult-graphic (12K) 03-12-14
Vic and Mac take Allegra and her boyfriend on a skiing trip for the holidays.



The Chief and the Director (Rina) ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (153K)
Winner of the 2002 Fan Quality Award for best OaT story.
Several years after the show ended, Vic and Mac's lives are very different.
Originally published The OaT Zine, Volume I, produced by the Theban Band.

Naughty and Nice (Angyl & Orithain) ~ Vic/Mac, Adult-graphic (50K) 12-08-04
Vic decides he'd rather be naughty than nice.

An OaTmas Tale (Angyl) ~ V/M, Non-explicit (11K) 12-11-00
Christmas with the boys.

Odalisque (Angyl & Rina) ~ V/M, historical AU, Adult-graphic (233K) 07-31-03
The story takes place for a brief time in Russia but quickly moves to Cyprus, which, during the height of the Ottoman Empire, was a province of the all-powerful Emperor. The younger son of a powerful Russian family with direct ties to the Imperial court is taken captive by Turkish raiders led by the Red Lady and taken to her fortress on Cyprus. There he is trained in the arts of pleasure for his mistress, though she never gets to sample them, for both he and his dear friend, a Chinese odalisque, are given to the Shayke of Cyprus, a young man who has outlander blood, as a gift. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Remember Me (Angyl) ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (100K)
Vic and Mac go undercover on a case
Originally published The OaT Zine, Volume 2, produced by the Theban Band.

Silver and Gold (Angyl & Rina) ~ Vic/Mac, Adult-graphic (27K) 12-25-03
The threat of the Director's Christmas bash brings the boys together at last.

  • That's What Phones Are for (Angyl) ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (14K) 
    Mac calls Vic after they've both been out of town for a while.

  • Boys and Their Toys (Angyl) ~ V/M, Adult-graphic (15K) 
    Sequel to That's What Phones Are for - Vic waits for Mac

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