Part of the SAC-2004

Naughty and Nice

Angyl & Orithain

December 2004

Disclaimer: If they belonged to us, weíd be able to watch this instead of writing about it. We didnít create them, but we sure do have fun playing with them, and the only person making profit is the real owner, who gets the royalties when we go out and buy copies for research... and to drool over. ;)

Snow flew in all directions as Victor Mansfield shook his head vigorously as soon as heíd stepped inside the abandoned reservoir that served as the headquarters for the super-secret government agency known only as ĎThe Agencyí. When his straight, dark hair no longer looked prematurely salt-and-peppered, he straightened up, an expression of disgust on his face as he glanced over his shoulder at his partners, Mac Ramsey and Li Ann Tsei. "I really want to retire to the tropics," he grumbled, green eyes scrunching shut as he sneezed. "Now would be good."

"And deprive me of listening to your charming soliloquies?" the Director chided as she appeared beside them, making all three agents jump. She usually made her appearances in the conference room where she briefed them, but Vic and Mac firmly believed that she jumped out at them in the hallways at infrequent intervals just to drive them crazy.

Vic eyed the slim redhead warily but didnít reply, knowing that he had no hope of winning a battle of words with the Director.

"Yadda," Mac yawned. He was tired and not overly impressed with either Vicís Ďsoliloquyí or the Directorís response. "Been trying to do that since I got suckered in, I mean recruited. Why are we here at," Mac looked at his watch, "five-fifteen?? You really are a sadist, arenít you?" the young man moaned.

"Of course I am," the Director purred, lightly scraping her nails over Macís cheek. "I thought you knew that already."

Li Ann rolled her eyes. Vic and Mac would never learn to stop baiting their boss, so she had no sympathy for them.

"So why are we here?" Vic cut in, trying to save Mac from his own folly, though he had no idea why.

"Christmas party," the Director announced cheerfully.

"At five-fifteen in the freakiní morning?" Mac groaned, shuffling out of the Directorís grasp and conveniently placing himself behind Vic. "Thatís not seasonal cheer; itís torture!"

"Mac, shut up!" Li Ann finally hissed in his ear, smacking the back of her former loverís head to make her point. "Youíll only make it worse."

"You want us to plan a Christmas party?" Vic ventured, trying not to imagine the results of mixing his country and western tastes with Li Annís elegance and Macís trendiness.

"Such a clever boy," the Director cooed, stroking a talon along Vicís cheek. "Itís your turn to host this year, and after the debacle of a party we had last year thanks to Murphy and Camier, I expect good results. Oh, but it wonít just be the three of you planning," the redhead continued with terrifyingly good cheer. "Jackie and Dobrinsky are already hard at work. You, my three little dumplings, are late."

"Dobie? Why didnít I let you shoot me, Vic?" Mac groaned, his head hitting the older manís back as it fell forward in mock despair.

"Dream on," Vic retorted. "Youíre not leaving me alone with Dobrinsky and two women, three if the Director keeps involving herself, to plan the party from hell. Misery loves company, Mac."

"Boys, boys, when will you learn that the more you hate it, the more I enjoy it?" the Director chided, leading them toward the meeting room with an arm through each of the menís. Shaking her head, Li Ann followed behind, gritting her teeth as she imagined what Jackie was going to be like.

"Youíre such an asshole," Mac muttered to Vic under his breath. Gritting his teeth as talons sank into the soft flesh of his underarm, Mac sucked it up and decided to go with the flow.

"So whatís the theme for this yearís little hootenanny?" he sighed. "íAll I Want from Santa Is a Good Spanking?í How about ĎCandy Cane Cagesí or, even better, ĎWe Three Whipping Boys?í"

Behind the threesome, Li Ann rolled her eyes. "You know that if you keep making suggestions like that, sheíll take you up on one of them," she pointed out acerbically.

The Director smiled delightedly. "Very good, my dear."

"So how about a nice, traditional Christmas party?" Vic suggested, glancing down at the petite redhead between him and his partner. "You know, eggnog, carols, red velvet trimmed with ermine, a huge tree trimmed with fairy lights and glass angels and bows, mistletoe?"

The Director blinked slowly as she considered it. "It has been a very long time since anyone tried that," she mused. "And if anyoneís going to manage homey, it would be you, Victor."

The dark-haired man frowned, trying to decide if heíd just been insulted.

"Hey, Vic-tor, if you dress up as Santa, can I sit on your knee?" Mac chortled in amusement. Of course, that wasnít exactly what heíd want to sit on, but it was so damned close it wasnít funny, Mac thought to himself. Not that the Director would say no if he did actually suggest what he was thinking...

Mac shuddered at the sudden mental images and made a note to scour out his brain with steel wool at the earliest possible free moment he had.

Vic imagined Mac sitting on his lap, preferably with both of them naked, and he couldnít speak, instead swallowing hard and praying no one had noticed his pants getting tighter.

"I do believe Mr. Ramsey is offering to be your elf, Victor," the Director observed with amusement.

"Hey. HEY! I am so not doing short shorts and pointed shoes with bells on. Forget it; Iíd rather do Dobrinskyís septic tank again!" Mac protested vehemently.

Li Ann snickered as she pictured Mac in that costume, and as the Director pushed open the door to the meeting room, they met Dobrinskyís wide grin.

"So, offering to help me out again, are you, Ace?" he asked.

Mac gaped at the black man then glared daggers at both Li Ann and the Director. "I donít do elf costumes. Early childhood trauma," he said firmly, not answering Dobrinskyís question while refusing the costume again as well.

"Why canít Li Ann and Jackie dress up like those Mrs. Claus types?"

Jackie shrugged. "I donít have a problem with that."

Li Ann sighed but nodded. "Itís just for one night, and it is in keeping with the season."

"How did I get elected Santa?" Vic demanded, unconsciously sucking in his already flat belly.

"Because youíre the oldest?" Mac replied sweetly, grateful that the Director was still between him and Vic.

"Now, now, children, each Mrs. needs a Mr. Youíll both wear Santa suits. Iím sure that many of our agents and staff will want to sit on a knee and whisper what they want for Christmas in your ear. I know I will," the Director smirked.

Vic exchanged a look of horror with Mac. But he knew that there was no changing the Directorís mind once sheíd made it up, so he decided that all he could do was spread the misery. "What about Dobrinsky? Shouldnít he be a Santa too?"

"Oh no, heís just here to supervise you four and give you... motivation. I have a massage scheduled. Now be good little agents and play nice," the Director purred, pinching Macís ass and patting Vicís before she left. "Ta ta, children."

Mac watched the door swing closed behind the redhead and rubbed his sore cheek unobtrusively. "She really needs to get declawed," he groused to no one in particular.

"Donít insult cats," Vic muttered as he sank into his seat. "So, looks like we have some shopping to do. Who gets what?"

"Well, we certainly donít trust either of you to get the tree," Jackie scoffed. "And weíll need Dobie to help us carry it, so that leaves you two guys to get the costumes and decorations." The blonde smiled sweetly.

Vic gaped. "You want me and Mac to get everything else?!"

"Hey, youíre the one whoís born to shop," Mac piped in. "You wanna explain to her why we were left to get the decorations? I mean, hey, you want us to buy them, we will, but Iíve never decorated for Christmas, and Vic... His nickname is Moose, and he likes to wear plaid. Enough said."

Li Annís eyes narrowed, and she looked like she wanted to chew them both a new one but... "Heís right; if we leave them to buy the decorations, theyíll go to Walmart and pick up the cheesiest stuff they can find just because weíve left them alone. You take Dobrinsky and get the decorations; Iíll get the tree, and Iíll just find my own help. They can get the costumes. And decorate when you bring your goodies back. Sound good to you, Jackie?"

The blonde nodded even as Vic grumbled, "Hey! Thereís nothing wrong with plaid!" He glared at Mac. "Fine, but we are not getting some disco Santa costume. Normal costumes."

"Weíre counting on you to make sure that they are, Vic," Li Ann agreed, giving Mac a warning glare.

Mac returned the glare with ease. As if he would stoop to wearing something so... tacky. He had style, at least. "PMSing much, Li Ann?" he smiled sweetly as he headed towards the exit.

"At least I have style, and Dobrinsky does too, though Iím loath to admit it sometimes. The rest of you wouldnít know good taste if it bit you on the ass!"

And with that he was out the door and heading to his car.

"The Director would make you fill out forms for a year if you shoot him, Li Ann," Vic warned before hastily following Mac. Although he would never admit it to Mac, heíd come to realize that heíd had a lucky escape when the younger manís return had made Li Ann call off their wedding. She was damn near as scary as the Director at times!

He stopped next to Macís car, frowning. "Are we going to be able to fit six costumes in this matchbox car of yours? Maybe we should take my truck."

Mac sighed. Vic was actually right for once. "How about you follow me to my condo, and then we drop my car off and go from there?" he suggested. "You can give me a ride home after we finish decorating."

Vic shrugged. "Okay. Though if I keep giving everyone a ride, Iím going to get a meter for my truck!" He shook his head as he turned toward his truck, parked a few spaces away. Once inside, he turned the radio on and cranked up the volume, smirking evilly as he thought about Macís reaction to the country station when he got into the truck.

Mac glared balefully at Vic as his ears were assaulted by that hideous country twang. Oh, Victor was going to pay! In fact... the moment that Vic had pulled into the parking spot, Mac was out the door and heading into the costume shop, not even waiting for the older man to finish putting it into park.

When Vic finally managed to saunter in, Mac grinned a truly nasty smirk. "There he is, girls, our Santa suit model. Try not to break him before I pick out the costumes, okay? But remember, we need to inspect every costume, so donít let him skip trying any on."

Green eyes widening, Vic gaped at his so-called partner in disbelief. He could see the sunny smiles on the two shop assistantís faces, which kept him from simply pulling out his gun and shooting Mac. Then he smiled slowly. "But since youíll be wearing one of the suits for the party, we need to make sure it fits you properly. So youíll have to try them all on too."

"Oh, you didnít say that youíd both be wearing the costumes, Mac," one blonde girl who couldnít have been more than nineteen gushed. "Your friend is right; youíll both have to try them on."

"Didnít I tell you? Iíve pre-booked mine," Mac chortled gleefully. "Iíd planned on wearing it for... never mind."

Vic glared. "I think weíre supposed to wear the same style. So maybe I should just try on whatever you picked for yourself, and weíll see if thereís one that fits me."

"Sorry, ladies, but the killjoy here doesnít want to give you a show. How very Scrooge-like of him," Mac sighed. "But he always was a little... tight," the younger man explained. "My suitís reserved under Ramsey, Mac Ramsey."

"Oh, youíre the one going out with Gabrielle tomorrow night," one of the girls squealed as she checked him out. "Damn, she always gets the good ones."

Vic rolled his eyes. "Weíll need the suits for the two of us and two Mrs. Claus suits as well. I have the measurements for the ladies as well. Do you have what we need?" he asked a bit acidly as he watched the two girls practically drape themselves over Mac.

"Umm, yeah sure," one of the girls replied distractedly, and then smiled what she thought was a beguiling smile at Mac. "Are you sure we canít get you to try your Santa suit on one more time, just for us? Iíd love to see you in it.

Mac grinned and then turned to Vic with a leer. "Well weíve got the time; the girls wonít be back at work for a few more hours. Sure, why not?"

Vic frowned repressively. "Neither of your last names would happen to be Rivers, would it?"

"No," they replied in unison. "Why?"

"Jealous much, Vic-tor?" Mac smirked. "Lead the way to the changing room, ladies. Oh, and you may want to be on hand; I may need some help... adjusting things."

"Do you really need someone else trying to kill you?" Vic retorted quietly enough that the girls couldnít hear him. "Try not to get engaged or shot in the next couple of hours."

"Excuse me? Youíve had about as much luck as I have when it comes to women. Hello, Ivy and Gloria?"

"Neither of whom tried to turn me into a mushroom cloud!"

Listening to the sound of squabbling behind them even if she couldnít make out the words, the blonde pulled a face. "Why are the cute ones always gay?" she grumbled under her breath to her coworker.

"Hey, she wasnít really trying to kill me; she loved me, damnit! You were just jealous!" Mac groused.

"Jealous? Ha! At least my fiancee never tried to kill me!"

"No, she just dumped your sorry ass when I came back into the picture," Mac shot back.

"Because you drove her so crazy she turned off men entirely! Hell, sheís probably sleeping with the Director now!"

"Vic, man, thatís... kinda hot actually," Mac confessed, his mind already running through scenarios. "It would explain why I havenít woken up in the middle of the night being clawed lately."

Vic met Macís eyes with an identical heated expression. "Yeah, I know. Li Annís so tall, and the Directorís so small, different coloring... theyíd look amazing together. Way better than a cage fight."

"Yeah, like fire and ice... itís be a toss up as to whoíd top. I mean Li Ann was pretty damned pushy in bed, and the Director is like... well, the woman part owns Caligula."

Vic shuddered at the reminder of just what the Director was like, but the question caught his imagination. "I dunno, I canít see the Director bottoming. Sheís too dom. Hell, I bet she has a collection of strap-ons."

"Oh man, donít say things like that when I canít do anything about... anything," Mac groaned as he felt himself throb at the thought. "Fuck, the Director fucking Li Ann with a strap-on. God damn!"

Vic nodded vigorously. "Hot!" He groaned as he tried to adjust himself discreetly, his jeans much too tight at the moment.

"Oh yeah," Mac agreed and used his hands to discreetly cover the bulge in his trousers. "Umm, Iím gonna... go to a change room. Be right back," the younger man mumbled, knowing that Vic would figure out what he was doing. Not that it would have stopped Mac, he was in desperate need.

"Want some help with that?" Vic offered an instant before his green eyes widened in horror as he realized heíd actually said that out loud. "Shit!"

"Why, Vic, I didnít know you batted for the same team as well as the opposing. Very versatile, arenít you?" Mac smirked. "Admittedly I am gorgeous, so I can understand the offer, but why did you take so long to make it?"

And with that enigmatic comment Mac moved as quickly as he could, given his current state, to the back of the store where the dressing rooms were.

"íGorgeousí? You are so full of yourself!" Vic chased after Mac, intent on setting him straight.

The two girls, ignored by the men, rolled their eyes at each other and went to get Macís costume and find a matching one likely to fit the dark-haired man who hadnít introduced himself.

"Jealous much, Vic-tor?" Mac teased as he made his way to the very last cubicle and, checking for surveillance, stepped inside. Mac quickly made short work of his pants and briefs and sighed as his hand wrapped around his distended cock, grateful for the pressure that made him feel oh-so-good.

Vic pushed the door open, still talking, and stopped dead at the sight that met his eyes. "Jeez! In a changing room? Donít you have any self-control?"

"What the hell did you think I came back here for? To listen to poetry?" Mac snorted. "If youíre gonna come in, then come in and shut the door; otherwise, fuck off. Iím dyiní here!"

Vic hesitated in the doorway for a moment before stepping all the way inside and closing the door behind him. "This is a mistake," he murmured half under his breath, but he couldnít force himself to leave or even to look away from Macís hand lazily stroking his cock. And it was even bigger than Vic had imagined.

"And youíre such a good boy that you always do the right thing and avoid mistakes, donít you, Vic?" Mac purred, leaning against the back wall and stroking his cock firmly while he watched the older man with hooded, hungry eyes. "Youíre the Directorís good son, always doing things by the book. Donít you ever get bored?"

Vic sank to his knees in front of Mac, lust-darkened green eyes rising to meet the other manís. "I suppose you have a better idea of what I should do?"

"Breaking a few rules never hurt anyone, within reason, of course," Mac groaned, his eyes half closing as he felt a spike in the need coursing through his veins. Vic looked so damn hot on his knees in front of Mac that it was a wonder the younger man didnít come on the spot.

Seeing the lust on Macís face made Vic smile slowly, and he leaned forward to swipe his tongue over the smooth tip so close to him. He inhaled the scent of Macís arousal and tasted it, and he knew he wanted more.

"Fuck," Mac groaned, his head hitting the rear wall of the dressing room while his hands came up to bury themselves in Vicís hair. "Anyone tell you that people donít like a cocktease, Mansfield? Stop fucking around and suck me."

"You seem to be confused about whoís in charge here. Shut up, Mac." Vic licked him again, his shoulders between Macís thighs keeping the younger man spread open for him. He inhaled deeply, a smile curving his lips, and he closed his lips over the head, suckling hungrily.

"Excuse me? Who died and put you in charóOh fuck!" Mac groaned, head banging against the wall and fingers tightening around Vicís head.

The dark green eyes, gleaming smugly, rose to watch Macís face, and Vic wondered why heíd waited so long to do this. With his brown curls pressed against the wall, his amber silk shirt open to show the sharply defined muscles of his chest, and his dark brown slacks tangled around his ankles, Mac looked utterly debauchedóand completely edible.

The musky taste of Mac filled his mouth, the scent of him was all that Vic could smell, the lightly furred thighs felt perfect beneath his fingertips, and Macís sounds of pleasure reverberated in Vicís ears. Vic hummed his delight as he slowly slid his lips lower, taking more and more of Mac into his mouth.

"Bastard, such a goddamned bastard," Mac muttered, head thrashing as Vicís mouth did raunchy things to his cock. Macís fingers tightened around the older manís skull, not sure if he wanted to pull Vic off or pull him closer. "Are you fucking trying to kill me or what?"

Vic thought about pulling off to answer, but he reminded himself that Mac had a gun and would probably shoot him if he did. Instead he slid lower until his nose was nudging the curls at the base of Macís cock, and he swallowed hard, feeling his throat muscles work against the head. At the same time, he raised a hand to Macís face, fingers tracing Macís lips before slipping inside the panting mouth.

Mac managed a muffled curse around the fingers he hungrily licked and sucked on even as he continued to glare down at Vic. What the fuck was he doing, Mac wondered to himself, letting Vic walk all over him like this? Admittedly, it was the best damned blow job heíd had in... a very long time... But still, Mac wasnít the submissive type by any stretch of the imagination, and yet here he was, letting Vic steamroll all over him.

"I repeat, Mansfield, who died and made you top?" Mac finally growled when Vicís fingers popped out of his mouth, wet and glistening with Macís saliva.

Vic smirked up at him as best he could with his lips stretched around Macís cock. His wet fingers slid between Macís cheeks to nudge at his hole, and he hummed his pleasure when he felt Mac twitch, the ring of muscle spasming at his touch.

"Hey. HEY, what the hell do you think youíre doing? Iím not that kinda guy; I donít suck and fuck without even a first date, you know," Mac protested feebly.

Vicís mouth pulled off Macís gleaming erection even as his fingers pushed inside. "Fine, Iíll buy you dinner later," he offered, crooking his fingers.

"Like hell, or at least Iím picking the fu-fucking restaurant. I so donít eat at greasy spoons. Oh God! Jesus, I havenít done this since I moved here, so youíd damned well better be careful!"

"I can get you letters of recommendation if you like," Vic retorted, straightening up on his knees and leaning forward to kiss Mac to shut him up while continuing to work his fingers.

"Bastard," Mac growled. "Youíre making it really easy to tell you to get your fingers out of my ass and fuck off," he threatened.

"Actually, Iíd rather fuck you, but unless you have anything...?" Vic trailed off hopefully, aching to get inside Mac but not wanting to hurt him.

Mac snorted. "Yeah, right, I always bring lube and rubbers with me when I go shopping for Santa suits," the younger man retorted derisively. "What kind of a perv do you think I am, Victor?"

"It was more wishful thinking," Vic sighed. "Looks like youíre going to get that date before the fucking after all, damnit."

"Poor baby, youíre so deprived," Mac grinned before looking from Vicís mouth to his cock. "And werenít you in the middle of something here?"

"Another pushy bottom," Vic sighed, but his eyes were laughing. He sank back down to sit on his heels again, lapping at Macís cock like a kitten with a saucer of cream.

"And who was the lastóoh yeah, right thereópushy bottom you had, Vic?" Mac moaned, head lolling back to thump quietly against the wall again, letting the sensations back wash over him. Damn, Mansfield was one helluva cocksucker, no doubt about that.

Vic raised his head. "A gentleman never kisses and tells." He swallowed Mac down again, intent on making him come harder than he ever had before.

"Who mistakenly called you a gentleóoh Jesus fuck!--a gentleman, Mansfield?" Mac groaned, fingers threading through Vicís hair once again and tightening almost painfully as his balls began to tighten, signaling his impending orgasm.

Vic snickered, knowing exactly how that was going to feel to Mac, and bobbed his head up and down, letting Macís cock slide into his throat each time.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh Jesus fuck," Mac began to mutter, thumping his head to punctuate each statement. Releasing Vicís head, Mac slid one hand up his own chest and began to pinch and twist hard on a nipple, the other hand going up to shove a couple of knuckles into his mouth in an effort to stifle the urge to scream that was building in his lungs.

Sensing how close Mac was, Vic raised his free hand to cup Macís balls, rolling them in the palm while his fingertips rubbed the sensitive gland inside him.

The fingers massaging his prostate was all it took to send Mac shooting into Vicís mouth, his shout coming out a stifled gurgle around his fingers as his hips snapped back and forth and his whole body shook with release.

"Fuck," he breathed succinctly when he could at last talk without bringing the whole store back to investigate just what was going on in the dressing room, his voice hoarse from holding back.

"Thatís gonna come later tonight," Vic promised huskily, pushing himself up to his knees so he could kiss Mac again.

The press of Vicís mouth to his effectively stopped Macís immediate smart-ass comeback, and the younger man found that he didnít really mind. Instead he concentrated on returning the oral caress, tasting himself in Vicís mouth and strangely enjoying it. "Pretty damned sure of yourself," Mac smirked when his mouth was freed at last. "Care to share your reasons why?"

"Because you want me as much as I want you," Vic replied simply, tired of dancing around the subject. If they examined their motivations, he thought that theyíd find it had been a long time since Li Ann has been the real bone of contention between them. Pure physical attraction lay at the root of their interactions, and it was time they admitted it and did something about it.

"Pretty damned sure of yourself, arenít you?" Mac replied, not quite willing to admit what he knew to be the truth. Admittedly the sexual tension between them had been building for a long time to the point where even the Director had commented to him once not too long ago that he might as well just give in and admit to Vic that he wanted the man. Vic had thankfully not been present for that particular conversation. The Director had merely raised an eyebrow at his over the top denials and made a snide comment that "the boytoy doth protest too much."

But Mac had never been comfortable with his bisexuality. Oh, he knew he was, but when you grew up in the family that he had, that sort of thing became a liability, so you learned to keep quiet about it. However, Mansfield was not Tong, and he was so fucking noble that it made Mac a little queasy at times, so there really wasnít an issue that way. It was just... well, theyíd been sniping at each other for so long it had become second nature to Mac, and change of that magnitude made him a little uneasy.

"Sometimes," Vic admitted easily. He knew it would be a while before Mac stopped fighting, but now that theyíd given in once, it would get easier for both of them.

"Yeah, well," Mac mumbled, a slight blush staining his cheeks. "Sometimes you got reason to be."

"A compliment?" Vic grinned as he stood up, stretching. He was still hard, but he would wait until that night when he could have exactly what he wanted. Which was everything.

"Yeah, well, donít get used to it. Itís not gonna happen all that often," Mac replied, buttoning his shirt again and tucking himself back into his jockeys before doing up his trousers. "Iím lousy at them. So, what sorta cover are we gonna use to get out of here?"

"None at all. Itís not the Director out there, you know. Theyíre not going to ask questions," Vic pointed out. "Weíll just get the costumes, get them back to the Agency, decorate the place, and go have dinner. The only real question is whose place we end up at."

"You still wanna decorate?" Mac asked in disbelief. "Okay, but weíre in and out, and we lock the door so the girls donít come in to Ďgive us a handí with their advice. If they do, weíll never get out of there!"

"Of course I donít want to decorate," Vic retorted, "but do you really want the Director and Li Ann, not to mention Jackie and Dobrinsky, after us?" He shuddered. "I want to have something left to fuck you with."

"Good point. Theyíd all try and take a chunk, wouldnít they?" Mac winced.

Vic nodded vigorously. "So weíll do our assigned tasks, and then we make a break for it."

"And pray that no one sneaks up on us. Which leads me to the next question. Do we want anyone to find out?"

"I wasnít planning to sneak around as if I was ashamed of what weíre doing if thatís what you mean," Vic replied. "And I donít share," he added fiercely. "So if you have a problem with that, say so now."

"Share? Hey, the only one you gotta worry about is the Director. Sheís the only one who sneaks into my bedroom at night. And if you want to take her on, let me know. Iíll sell tickets."

Vic shuddered. "No thanks. I just meant no more marriage proposals to terrorists Ďtil we see where this goes."

"Yeah, well, no saving the Ďwounded dovesí from your past either. Or falling for mob bossesí daughters. Youíre not one to be pointing fingers, Mansfield. Youíre not exactly sainted yourself," Mac groused.

"Okay, okay, I wasnít trying to point fingers. I just wanted to let you know that I donít do the fuck buddies thing. Itís not me. Iím not declaring undying love or anything, but if Iím with someone, Iím with him. Or her, as the case may be."

"You know itís going to drive me crazy trying to figure out who this mystery guy is that you keep teasing me about. I swear if itís one of the Cleaners or Nathan, you are never getting anywhere near my ass."

"Thatís sick!" Vic pulled a face and made gagging noises. "Iíd rather fuck the Director! I did have a life before the Agency, you know."

"Oh man, you slept with a cop? How low can you sink, Mansfield!" Mac bemoaned dramatically. "Gah, I think Iím gonna be sick."

"You just got sucked off by an ex-cop," Vic pointed out.

"Ex being the operative adjective. I do have my standards, after all," Mac sniffed as he opened the dressing room door and headed to the front for the suits.

Vic rolled his eyes behind Macís back but decided that it would be easier in the long run to let Mac have the last word this time.

Mac looked around the office a little nervously. Vic was stringing the last of the snowflakes from the overhead rafters, and then they would be done, the normally sterile and tomblike room now transformed into a veritable winter wonderland. Which meant the decorating part of the evening was over. Which meant that very soon heíd officially be on a date with Victor Mansfield.

What the fuck was he doing? Was he out of his mind? Macís mind raced in circles. There was no denying he was attracted to the older, handsome andóthough Mac was loathe to admit itóauthoritative man. He had been from the beginning, but for the longest time theyíd had a common bone of contention, namely Li Ann. The bone was now buried, and Mac was left without a means of plausible deniability.

So he was hot for Vic. The man was something to look at, dark brown hair, gorgeous green eyes, a body like Atlas... Macís eyes closed, and he shuddered in arousal. All that aside, he and Vic were polar opposites. Vic was law abiding, noble, honest, protective, Ďlarge and in chargeí and dependable. Mac was irresponsible, irreverent, sarcastic, in it for himself, a rule breaker, a risk taker, as undependable as they got and a five star brat to boot. What the hell was he thinking?

That was the problem; he wasnít thinking. Then again it had never been his strong suit; Li Ann had been the brains, Michael the muscle, and heíd been the eye candy with a terrifying array of illegal skills. But Vic, he deserved more, and he wanted it too. The other man was all about setting up house, getting comfy and cozy, putting down roots and growing old together. Mac was barely out of his adolescence despite his physical years. Were they making the biggest mistake of their lives?

Opening his eyes, Mac came eyes to butt with the glory that was Victor Mansfieldís posterior as the other man came down the ladder, and his higher functions were told to shut the hell up by his libido, but it didnít get rid of the ball of nervous energy that had taken up residence in his gut.

"Are you going to take a bite out of my ass?" Vic asked with amusement as he peered over his shoulder at the younger man. Heíd asked Mac twice to pass him some tape, and when he hadnít gotten a response, heíd looked down to find Mac practically drooling on him. Not that he minded.

"What?" Mac mumbled and then looked up at Vicís face and flushed slightly. "Youíre so funny, Mansfield, hah! You slay me," the younger man growled, fighting the urge to whip the tape as hard as he could at the very thing heíd been ogling. Would serve the asshole right if he couldnít sit on it.

Vic snickered as he went back up the ladder to fix a sagging bit of streamer, then stepped down and nodded with satisfaction. "All done. Iím sure Li Anníll find something we missed, but screw it. I think it looks good."

He slid an arm around Macís waist and drew him toward the door. "Dinner now. Decided where you want to go?"

"You expect me to think after shaking that ass in my face for the past hour?" Mac asked in disbelief. "Just for that, I want sashimi, damnit!"

Vic shuddered and shook his head. "How Ďbout something we both can eat?" he suggested. "Steak? Seafood? Someplace North American?" he practically begged.

"Chinatown, Peking duck, and Iíll even let you order something without a head still attached to it," Mac countered gleefully.

Vic groaned but it was a reasonable compromise. "Tomorrow we have steak," he warned direly.

"God, youíre going to make me do the compromise thing, arenít you?" Mac groaned. "I foresee food wars ahead, somehow. Well, at least itís not bison or anything weird like that."

"There will be the first time you try to make me eat eels!"

"Hey, Iíll have you know that unagi is a delicacy in Japan," Mac replied sotto voce. "And very good with a little wasabi and soy sauce."

Grinning maniacally at the sound of retching, Mac sauntered out of the room just as the girls and Dobrinsky were heading in. "Have fun decking the halls and fa-la-la-ing. Vicís taking me on a date," he informed them, waggling his eyebrows and leaving a collective look of disbelief in his wake.

Vic made sure not to glance back as he followed Mac out, not wanting to deal with the reactions to Macís little revelation. He could hear Jackie exclaiming, "Did he say a date?!" and he snickered.

"You enjoyed that, didnít you?" he challenged, grinning at Mac. If the ex-thiefís intent had been to drive him away, he was going to find out that it took a lot more than that when Vic wanted something. And he wanted Mac.

Besides, it had been funny.

"Yeah," Mac replied, looking like a cat that had just eaten the canary and then washed it down with cream. "Guess what topic of conversation is going to dominate the party tomorrow night," he all but purred as he slid into the passenger seat of the truck.

"And weíre stopping at my place to change vehicles. No way Iím gonna be seen in Chinatown in a truck. I do have my standards, you know."

"Poor baby, having to slum with me." Vic rolled his eyes. "I think youíd survive, but since I donít want to traumatize you, fine, we can get your car. But we go back to my place. The Director has a habit of showing up at yours, and I really donít think we need a third tonight."

"Why, Victor, the hidden depths of depravity that Iím getting to see tonight. Whoíd have thought youíd be such a kink monster? Public sex and now exhibitionism? But if youíre wanting complete privacy, I think weíd better get a hotel room. You know sheís got all of our apartments bugged, right?"

"First of all, I said I didnít want a third, so thatís the opposite of exhibitionism. Secondly, going to a hotel would just make it a challenge, so weíre better off just going home. Sheís more likely to leave us alone when she knows where we are. Otherwise sheíll come up with some emergency to drag us back in." Vic had to stop at a red light, and without warning, he suddenly leaned over and kissed Mac hard.

"I was referring to you sucking me off in the change room, actually." Mac had to laugh when the blare of a horn behind them forced Vic to let his lips go with a muttered curse. "Unless, of course, you think that the salesclerks didnít eavesdrop and there werenít customers in the other change stalls. But Iíll be good and let you keep your illusions. For now."

Vic shook his head, deciding it wasnít worth the effort to point out that he hadnít denied the charge of enjoying public sex. "Weíre having two completely different conversations. What a shock," he said dryly. "Are you sure you wouldnít rather order in?" he suggested after an appreciative glance at the long-limbed man sprawled in the seat next to him.

"That depends. Do I get to use you as a dinner plate?"

Surprised into a chuckle, Vic glanced sidelong at Mac. "I think Iím afraid now. I was thinking of using you as a serving platter, which was why I suggested it. But Iím versatile. Iím perfectly willing to wear the food."

"What you are is easy and desperately wanting to get some, so youíre willing to do almost anything to ensure that happens. Good thing Iím so irresistible," Mac smirked. "And weíll compromise. Weíll get take away from my favorite Chinese place on Spadina. They donít deliver, but theyíre worth the extra time. The crispy pork is to die for."

"Fine, but you can find someplace to park. Itís damn near impossible in Chinatown. Sounds good though. That kind of Chinese we can agree on."

"In other words I shouldnít order the fish with its eyes still in its head, even if it is cooked," Mac laughed, noticing Vic turn slightly green. "Poor baby, I make life so hard, donít I?"

"Hard has its place. I prefer that it not be dinner."

"Hunh?" Mac shook his head to clear it. "You were talking; I heard the words coming out; but that last part didnít make any sense at all."

Vic didnít bother explaining. If Mac couldnít figure that out on his own, it was a waste of time trying. "Just let me know when weíre getting close so I can keep an eye out for a parking spot."

"Still giving me orders. When will you ever learn?" Mac sighed but nonetheless kept an eye out.

"If youíre going to take every sentence as an order, this is going to be a very long night," Vic muttered.

"I thought that was the plan," Mac snickered, pointing out a spot being vacated.

Vic sped into the space before anyone else could take it. Once the truck was parked, he turned and curled a hand around the nape of Macís neck to pull him into a kiss.

Moaning, Mac responded enthusiastically for long moments before pushing Vic away. "I thought we were here to get food, Mansfield, not create liquid protein."

"Any reason why we canít do both?" Vic slid out of the truck and walked around the sidewalk, narrowly missing being knocked over by a very determined elderly Asian woman who seemed to think he was invisible. With a shake of his head, he sidestepped and moved to Macís side. "So which way? Which restaurant?"

"Oh, I donít know; how about not wanting to get arrested for public indecency and spend the night incarcerated? You know sheíd leave us there just for the hell of it, right?" Mac replied sotto voce as he easily weaved his way through the crowd, finding all the empty spots to slide into with no difficulty at all as he headed for the small restaurant with what he considered the best food in Chinatown.

"What a baby. Weíre not going to get arrested for a kiss." Vic followed Mac through the crowds, pulling a face when he saw the ducks and pigs hanging in the front window of the small restaurant that Mac entered. "This better be good," he hissed, making sure no one else could hear him.

"What a baby," Mac rejoined with a slight smirk on his face. "And a wimpy one at that. You realize that you get bacon from the same place, right? Pig is pig no matter how," Mac snickered, "you slice it."

"Yes, I know my bacon, ham and pork come from a pig. I donít normally use the body as part of the decor though!" Vic growled.

A cute little waitressís face lit up as she recognized Mac and quickly came over to greet him with a smile and a quick bow. Mac smiled back and launched into a torrent of Chinese, and soon the two were chatting and laughing even as the waitress wrote on a piece of paper and handed it to another girl to take to the kitchen.

Mac walked over to the display cabinet and critically examined the meat in the window, pointing to the pieces he wanted. These two were whisked away to be cut and prepared. Moving to a small table next to the cash, Mac sat down and motioned for Vic to join him as a pot of green tea appeared with two cups. "There, order done, now we take a load off and enjoy the complimentary tea while it cooks," he grinned at the older man as he poured into the little cups with no handles for both of them.

"I hope you got rice or noodles or something to go with that," Vic said as he picked up one of the cups and sipped tentatively. "Not bad," he decided, taking another mouthful.

"Youíll have to wait and see," Mac smirked as he downed his own cup and refilled it. "Oh suck it up," Mac laughed at the look on Vicís face, a combination of trepidation and fear.

"So?" Mac asked from where he was sprawled, naked and sticky from sauce, food and being licked, on Vicís living room floor with the owner of said floor naked and sticky next to him. "Best damned Chinese you ever had, right?"

"The food was good; the presentation was better." Vic grinned wickedly as he leaned over and licked a bit of sauce that heíd missed from Macís chest. "But now I think itís time for dessert." He shifted to kneel straddling Mac, hands lightly braced on the lanky thiefís chest, their erections lying side by side between them.

"Iím surprised you managed to restrain yourself as long as you did considering youíve been... frustrated... for the better part of the day. So is this where your freakish control snaps and you ravage poor, innocent me?" Mac teased on a breathy moan, his hands coming up to clamp onto Vicís hips, whether to hold Vic still or goad him on Mac wasnít quite sure.

"Poor, innocent you?" Vic repeated in disbelief. "Maybe in a previous life!" He leaned forward to kiss Mac, deciding to silence him before anything even less believable came from his lips.

Biting down hard on Vicís lower lip in retaliation, Mac bucked upwards, rubbing their cocks together enticingly before squirming out from underneath the older man. "Youíre gonna have to do better than that if you want my ass, Mansfield. I think I need to take a shower and get all the stickiness off," Mac teased as he stood and sauntered towards the bathroom.

The idea of a shower appealed to Vic as well, especially with a wet, naked, slick Mac sharing it. He followed Mac, stopping long enough to grab a fresh towel from the linen closet as he passed, and crowded up behind his partner under the hot spray. "Good idea," he praised, hands holding Macís hips.

"Horn dog," Mac chuckled mildly as he reached for the soap before turning around to face Vic. Lathering up his hands, he handed the cake to the other man and then began to wash Vicís rather fine-looking chest.

"You realize weíre giving her one helluva show," he had to say as he began to flick his thumbs back and forth over rapidly firming nipples. "Kinda pisses me off. Not even this is private, you know? Iíd like just once to be able to enjoy a Ďfirst timeí without being watched."

"I know," Vic nodded. "But if I let myself think about it, starts to drive me crazy. I refuse to let her take over any more of my life, and if that means ignoring her invasion of my privacy, so be it. Iím not going to stop living because Iím on fucking candid camera." He ran his soapy hands over Macís hips and ass, kneading the firm globes as he urged Mac closer.

Mac decided to heed Vicís pseudo-advice for the moment. Besides, he could always break in and steal the tape if sheíd made one. He hadnít been one of the best thieves in the Tang family for nothing, after all.

Smiling at the slightly shorter man, Mac purred seductively, "I hope youíre intending to do more than just feel up the merchandise, Mansfield. And try not to bruise the buns; Iíd like to be able to sit down at the party tomorrow night."

"If you canít sit down, it wonít be because I bruised your ass," Vic snickered.

"Asshole," Mac snorted. "If thatís supposed to seduce me into letting you get a piece of ass, you really need to work on your technique."

"Mac, youíre naked in my shower. I think weíre long past the seduction stage and into the raw fucking stage." Vic yanked him closer and kissed Mac hard, their erections sliding together easily between their soap- and water-slicked bodies.

Not willing to give in quite so easily, Mac slid one hand away and reached between their grinding cocks to cup Vicís, squeezing it and stroking it playfully.

"Mmmm, skillful thiefís hands," Vic murmured, arching his back to press into the nimble fingers while his own rubbed lightly at Macís opening.

Mac couldnít resist. "And youíre obviously from law enforcement; after all, you seem to know the quickest way to do a full cavity search."

"Oh, Iím just getting started. I know you criminal types. I need to be thorough." Vic pushed harder until a fingertip slid inside Mac. He nibbled a path along Macís throat, nipping and laving the small hurts with light strokes of his tongue, while thrusting into Macís hand.

"Is this where you say up against the wall and spread Ďem?" Mac moaned, head falling forward to rest on Vicís shoulder even as his own hand squeezed a little tighter and began to twist as it slid back and forth along Vicís cock.

Vic groaned. "I really need to fuck you unconscious." Taking Macís suggestion, he spun the younger man around to face the wall. "Brace yourself," he warned an instant before his cock was nudging against Macís hole.

"Police brutality," Mac groaned. "God, I love it!" Resting his forehead against the cool tile of the shower wall, Mac clenched his fists and his back arched as he relaxed into Vicís thrust, taking the older man inside with a heated groan.

"I think you can expect a long sentence," Vic rasped, his own forehead pressed to Macís shoulder as he slid deeper and deeper until he couldnít go any farther. "Fuck, youíre tight," he panted, fingers gripping Macís hips hard enough to bruise as he fought to remain still until Mac grew accustomed to him.

"Been a while," Mac panted, his fists slowly unclenching and spreading so that he could brace himself more effectively against the wall. "Since I hooked up with the Director and you two, actually.

"And I think I can handle a long sentence, provided itís hard labor. Think you can keep me in line?"

Vic snorted a laugh. "Itíll be hard," he murmured against Macís ear just before nibbling on the soft lobe. "But I think I can handle it." One hand slid forward over Macís hip to curl around his cock and start to jerk him in counterpoint to Vicís thrusts.

Mac managed a chuckled groan as their conversation played over in his head. "You realize we sound like a really bad gay porn movie?" he snorted, breath coming in soft pants.

"Well, we have to give the Director her moneyís worth," Vic retorted. "Audio to go with the video." He increased the strength of his thrusts, his hand tightening around Macís cock.

"Just so long as we donít end up on the local porn store," Mac grunted. Bracing his arms more firmly against the tile, he began to thrust his body backwards, meeting Vic slam for slam. "Oh God, yeah," he groaned before dissolving into broken Chinese as his prostate was stimulated with each thrust of their bodies.

Vic simply drove into Mac, gasping when Macís orgasm made him clench down on Vicís cock. He kept moving, his hand still stroking Macís sensitive cock, until he came as well, groaning his pleasure into Macís ear. He slumped against his partner, chest heaving as he gasped for air.

After a moment, Vic snickered. "Damn, I made you speak in tongues!"

Mac snarled pathetically, knocking his head back to connect with Vicís forehead. "Asshole," he muttered. "You make me speak in tongues more than I care to admit, and I wouldnít exactly call what I say polite! But keep living in your deluded little world. Youíre kind of adorable when you do that."

Vic only chuckled. "Whatever you say, Mac. We both know you came hard enough to see stars. And I donít know about you, but Iím looking forward to repeating the experience. Often."

Mac quirked an eyebrow. "So does that mean weíre going steady now? Kindly get yourself out of and off of my ass so I can clean up and get to bed. Iím exhausted."

Carefully withdrawing, Vic backed away and quickly cleaned himself up. "This mean youíre going to stick around for breakfast?"

"Looks that way." Mac grinned, stepping under the spray to rinse off. Shutting off the tap, he stepped out and followed Vic into the bedroom, snickering when he saw the sheets on the bed.

"Those look kind of familiar," he chuckled. "I seem to recall lying on them once before. Of course, you werenít real impressed to have me in your bed then. My, how times change." And with that, Mac slid between the sheets and made himself comfortable.

About to slide into bed as well, Vic paused when the phone rang. He glared at it and leaned over to pull the plug out of the wall. "Forget it," he snarled, with a dirty look up at the ceiling fixture. "Weíre going to sleep now. Weíll be at work in the morning, on time." He flicked the light off, vaguely wondering about night vision cameras but too tired and relaxed to really care.

He slid in behind Mac, spooning up against him with a contented sigh. "I always knew it was better to be naughty than nice," he murmured.

Mac laughed quietly. "Could have told you that a long time ago."

Pressing a kiss to the back of Macís neck, Vic chuckled. "I had to wait for the right lump of coal that I was sure would turn into a diamond."

"My ass wasnít that tight, Victor," Mac snickered. "But the thoughtís nice."

At that point, Vic gave up. "Good night, Mac," he half groaned, simply drawing Mac closer as he settled down for the night.

"Good night, Vic," Mac chuckled. "And merry Christmas."


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