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Tulips Christmas Interlude:
Getting Away from It All


December 2003

Disclaimer: If they were mine, OaT would still be on the air and Vic and Mac would live in that little house with the picket fence.

"You want me to do what?" Vic stared at Mac in disbelief, wondering if he was hallucinating.

"You heard me. We should take a family trip."

"Nathan is not family!" Vic yelled.

"Nathan is my choice!" Allegra yelled as she came in the front door in time to hear her brotherís comment. "Get over yourself, Moose!"

"Heís a freak!"

"So are you!"

Mac rolled his eyes and sat down, knowing from experience that it was futile to try to get a word in edgewise when the Mansfield siblings were yelling at each other. He looked up as a noise caught his attention, and he bit back a groan when he saw Nathan creeping in behind Allegra, trying to keep his distance from the combatants.

"Donít knock the tree over!" Mac suddenly yelped when Allegra, who was gesticulating wildly, got a little too close to the decorated tree in front of the living room window.

Nathan shot a scared look over his shoulder, apparently wondering if he was about to be flattened by a falling tree, and scurried to Macís side. "I tried to tell her," he whispered to Mac, "I donít even know how to ski!"

Mac started to laugh. "Just like her brother, isnít she? Once either of them has an idea in those pretty but stubborn heads, nothing distracts them, not even facts."

"I heard that," Vic growled before yelling at Allegra again.

"You should be dating a man, not a mouse! Hell, a woman would be better!"

"Do I interfere in what you and Mac do?" Allegra yelled right back. "No! So leave me and Nathan alone. Youíre not my mother!"

"I can vouch for that," Mac muttered sotto voce.

"You are not helping," Vic snarled at his hapless lover while Nathan cringed behind Mac.

"Youíre acting like an ass, Vic," Mac retorted. "Allegraís an adult, and she can date whomever she pleases." He gave Nathan a wry glance, in truth no more impressed with Allegraís choice than Vic was though it didnít inspire him to the same, near-homicidal frenzy.

Vic snarled again and stomped upstairs to the bedroom, slamming the door hard enough to make the walls vibrate.

Sighing, Mac shook his head. "Your bags in your car?" When they nodded, he said, "Give me a few minutes to calm him down and then weíll go. You might as well wait in the car so he doesnít start all over again when we come down."

Once Mac had disappeared upstairs, Nathan tried again to reason with his girlfriend. "Maybe this isnít such a good idea," he started only to be cut off.

"Weíve been looking forward to this trip, and weíre not going to let my brotherís idiocy ruin it for us," she snapped.

Nathan wondered if there would be any point to reminding her that sheíd only told him about the trip the night before and heíd told her that heíd never skied in his life, but seeing the expression in her eyes, he knew it would be a waste of breath. "Yes, Allegra," he sighed, bending to pick up the two bags, presumably Vic and Macís, that waited by the door, hoping that being helpful would prevent Vic from killing him.

It had taken Mac a little longer than heíd anticipated to calm Vic down and coax him back out of the bedroom, but they were finally on their way, and Vic had even let him drive his beloved truck. The other couple was following them in Allegraís car, none of them eager to spend the trip crammed together into one vehicle.

"Is Nathan really so terrible?" Mac asked gently after several minutes of silence.

"He thinks Iím a Prince of the Universe or some such nonsense! Heís insane, Mac! Alice deserves better."

"But she wants him. And the more you try to change her mind, the more sheís going to dig her heels in, Vic. Sheís just as stubborn as you are."

"I am not stubborn!"

Mac just looked at him.

"Iím not," Vic repeated, practically pouting.

"Uh huh. Look, grit your teeth and be nice to the guy. It wonít kill you, and it may prevent Allegra from killing you. And if weíre really lucky, once you stop giving her an authority figure to defy, sheíll lose interest in the fruitcake."


"Are you sure I canít push him off the side of the mountain?" Vic growled to Mac.

"I doubt heíll make it up the mountain!" Mac retorted, watching Allegra patiently explain yet again what Nathan should be doing. "Weíre going to go take a run," he called over, waiting till Allegra raised a hand in acknowledgement to tug Vic toward the ski lift.

"Címon, theyíre never going to get off the kiddy slope. I want to ski. What harm could they come to there?"

Vic reluctantly followed, admitting that Mac had a point. And he wanted to do some skiing as much as Mac did. "We check on them after each run."

"Sure," Mac shrugged. "Iím willing to bet they havenít moved an inch. How long do you think Allegraíll hold out before they go back inside and sit by the fire?"

"Could be a while. She really does like to ski, but I donít think sheís going to get Nathan down a slope anytime in this lifetime. But she hates to give up."

"Like someone else I could mention."

Vic glared at him until Mac leaned over and kissed him breathless, pulling back just in time for them to get off the lift at the top. He smirked when Vic wobbled a bit as they moved toward the top of the run.

"Nice to see I still make your knees go weak."

"So does the flu!"

"Oh, so now Iím a disease? Nice there, Vic." Mac stuck his lower lip out slightly, mentally counting.

"I am not that much of a pushover." Vic eyed the fake pout, reminding himself that only a sap would give in that easily.

The lip trembled slightly.

"Shit!" Vic pulled Mac into his arms and kissed him, starting with a nip at that temptingly outthrust lip. "Why donít we go back to the cabin for a while?"

"What about Allegra and Nathan?" Mac couldnít resist teasing.

Vic hesitated and then shrugged. "Theyíll be fine on their own for a while," he replied, voice throaty as he stared hungrily at Mac.

"Smart man." Mac kissed him quickly before suddenly pushing off, heading down the slope, his laughter trailing behind him.

"Brat," Vic chuckled as he followed, chasing his partner all the way back to the cabin.

Once inside, Vic pounced, shoving Mac against the wall and ravishing his mouth while their hands moved frantically, unzipping and peeling away their outerwear.

"Bedroom," Mac panted between kisses. "Donít want the kiddies to walk in on us."

Vic shuddered at the thought of Nathan interrupting them, but not even that was enough to distract him from a half-naked Mac. "Yes," he agreed, backing toward their room, never letting go of his lover. "Want you." He nuzzled against Macís chest, biting at his nipples before straightening up and stepping into the room.

"You have me." Mac watched him undress as he followed Vic into the room, shutting and locking the door behind him. As Vicís sweater and turtleneck hit the floor, he moved closer, a thumb going to Vicís chest to flick the pierced nipple, rubbing lightly over one of the Ms at the ends of the barbell. "And youíre mine too."

"Sap," Vic chuckled. "Who knew there was a closet romantic under that annoying, bratty exterior?" Finally naked, he yanked the covers down and crawled onto the bed, sprawling in the center as he lazily stroked himself.

"Say that again and Iíll have to shoot you."

"A bulletís not what I want piercing me."

Mac stopped in his tracks and gaped at Vic. "What? Have you been reading off that Internet porn site again?"

"Yup," Vic replied before giving into his laughter. "Oh God, your face!" he howled, arms wrapped around his middle as he nearly cried with mirth.

"Hey, thereís only room for one smart ass in this relationship!" Mac shed the rest of his clothes and slid onto the bed, spooning up behind Vic. "Youíre supposed to be the mature one, remember?"

"Oh yeah," Vic murmured, back arching to thrust his ass back against Macís erection. "You gonna punish me now?"

Chuckling, Mac bit the nape of Vicís neck while his thumb again flicked Vicís nipple piercing. "Nope, just gonna fuck you till you canít talk anymore."

"Oh good." Vicís hand rose to cover Macís, pressing it to his chest while he writhed against the hot length nestled between his cheeks. "Want you, Mac, please," he panted.

"Right here, babe," Mac replied, reaching over to the nightstand for the tube theyíd put in the drawer as soon as they arrived. Neither man had the patience for foreplay, both suddenly starved for each other, and it was the work of moments to prepare Vic and slide inside him, wrenching deep groans of satisfaction from both.

Vic lay pressed against Mac, motionless aside from his chest heaving as he panted for air and his inner muscles clenching and relaxing around the shaft impaling him. "Feel so good," he moaned, eyes closing as he concentrated on the sensations filling him.

"Yeah, you do," Mac agreed, withdrawing the tiniest bit and pushing forward again, only to repeat the movement again and again, withdrawing farther each time until he was driving nearly his full length in and out of Vicís body with every stroke. He felt Vic reach for his own cock and caught a wrist in each hand, drawing Vicís hands back up to his chest. He peered over Vicís shoulder, smiling smugly when he saw Vic twist and tug at his nipples and heard the soft whimpers. He absolutely loved how sensitive Vicís nipples were, sometimes making him come from nipple play alone, loving how wild Vic got before he was finally able to climax.

He could see the pre-come dripping from Vicís neglected erection, feel the tremors wracking the muscular body wrapped in his embrace, and he groaned, slamming harder into Vic. "Come," he started to chant, needing to make Vic come first before he could stop fighting to hold on to his own control.

"Oh God, fuck, more!" Vic wailed, trembling on the brink of climax, desperate for it, both loving and hating how well Mac knew his body and how he could play him. Suddenly he felt Macís teeth on the back of his neck again, the slight pain making him cry out and clench around Macís cock as he came, semen covering his stomach as his body spasmed.

Mac groaned Vicís name through his teeth, riding the rippling convulsions of his loverís climax, continuing to drive in and out of Vic ever faster until he came as well, buried in Vicís clinging heat.

They lay together, neither wanting to move, breathing slowly resuming a calmer rhythm. "Merry Christmas, babe," Mac finally murmured. "Love you."

Too tired to speak, Vic rumbled a wordless assent, drawing Macís arms more tightly around himself, not even caring when he heard Allegra and Nathan coming into the cabin. Mac made even that bearable. He fell asleep with a smile on his face.




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