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Pigeon Genetics

Frank Mosca
Blue bar (wild-type) racing homer male









      blue bar or wild-type racing homer 
(Photo from Bud Hubert, bird bred by F. Mosca)

Raven Head - Chinese Nasal Tuft with "bean eyes"

            Beak-crested Raven-head Chinese Nasal Tuft.  
Photo and bird by Chinese fancier

For pigeon breeders and those who love pigeons.

Wild Type: our standard Basic Pigeon Information Basic Pigeon Care
The Pigments Red Brown
Pigeon Patterns Ash-red series pics Brown Series Pics
Blue Series Pics Recessive Red More Brown Pigeons
Spread Sex Linkage White
Grizzle Indigo-Andalusian Recessive white pics
Almond, Faded, Qualmond Pitfalls in the Genetic Classification of Colors: Maser and Pencil - At Axel Sell's site Dominant White - At Axel Sell's page
Almond in 3 Steps Various Mutations Twin Embryo Shots
Non-classical almond. Recessive opal Dom & rec opal pictures
Mutation Combos Unusual Genetics stuff Dilution & Pale
Web Foot Genetics Symbols Show mutations
Theoretical - Spread Albino Expected results
Theoretical - Indigo Theoretical - dilute Who Am I?
Ember at Ron Huntley's site Biosynthesis of Eumelanin & Phaelmelanine -Mangile's site Chalky at R. Mangile's site
Genetics Symbols- R. Mangile's site Some pigeon myths W. F. Hollander: Z-locus hypothesis
Recommended Reading Joe Quinn's "Pigeon Breeders Notebook" (downloadable)Ron Huntley's site Selected Definitions

Care of Lost Pigeons How to Handle Pigeons Hand Feeding
Basic Pigeon Care at  Isom's site EMERGENCY FEED OF PIGEON BABIES  (off site)

Show pigeon pictures
Feral Pigeons 1 Feral Pigeons 2 Feral Pigeons 3
Feral Pigeons 4 Feral Pigeons 5 Wild Cousins of Domestic Pigeons

Common Names for Pigeon Colors - 1  (NEW)
Common Names for Pigeon Colors - 2 (NEW)
Common Names for Pigeon Colors - 3 (NEW)

Indian Fantail Pictures Wild Pigeon & Doves Feather Evolution Readings

Links 1 Links 2 Links 3
Links 4 (Non-U.S.)
Links 5 Links 6: Non-Pigeon
Expected Breeding Results
My Young Adult Novels on Kindle

Kung Fu Links
Pigeon Pie Recipe Just For Fun

Me and Friends Worldwide Racing Pigeon Orgs.
UNIQUE Pigeon Pattern
Pigeon Contacts
Chinese Nasal Tuft Standard Short Story by F. Mosca
Chinese Nasal Tuft, Spot Standard

California Color Pigeon Standard

California Color Pigeon pics


Links here take you off-site. Use your back key to return.
Richard Dawkins -The Genius of Charles Darwin: Part 1: Life, Darwin & Everything
Evolution Talk Origins -Great Site
Horseman Thief Pouters
U.K. National Pigeon Asso.
List of Pigeon Genetic Traits @ Axel Sell's site
Flying Oriental Roller Society
(NEW)PigeonGenetics.com is a collaborative Wiki that you are welcome to contribute to.
Chinese Nasal Tuft Standard of Perfection
Reduced & Rubella at Ron Huntley's site

You're welcome to download, print and/or translate articles from my own site for use in pigeon magazines or club bulletins free of charge on the following conditions:  The following notice (or its translation) must be included:  Used by Permission of Frank Mosca  No alterations may be made to the text and/or pictures without prior consent. Naturally, if an article is translated to another language, it should be done idiomatically to make it understandable and not stilted and such alteration is acceptable to me.  Any copywrite notices must remain.

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